Friday, March 31, 2006

Fast Eddys

There are only a few places that open up 24 hours around the clock for drinks and chills, one of the favourites is Fast Eddys. There are several Fast Eddys around Perth, and the gang of friends and I went there for a drink after a night spent at the South Perth OCF public meet.

I have been here before, and the last time I was here we settled at the other side of Fast Eddys, which is the take-away section. We didnt know back then there is this dine-in section, better-decorated and supposingly having better services. The place serves a wide range of food and drinks, burgers, pancakes, fish and chips: wines, beverages, beer, and liquor as well. Of course, the price is undoubtedly hiked from the ordinary range, but still reasonable for such place.

So this time we went to the dine-in place, and to my surprise, I actually really enjoyed the feel of the entire designed interior. The decorations were simply random and interesting, and every corner you turn to there is something new to expect. May it be a picture, or a poster, or a display item. Everything is just so unexpectedly sophisticated, and each and everyone of them is unique in its own way. They have items like bicycle and weird machines hanging on the ceiling as well. Too bad I could not take pictures of them because people were sitting right benneath the hanging items, and I was one hell of a weird photographer shooting everything I saw there. Luckily the waitors and waitresses were too busy with their work to bother about me. I tell you, the place runs like a bee hive.

Ok, I seriously do not know what some of those framed pictures mean. Maybe they do not mean anything at all, maybe they were results from some completely randomised artistic work. I do not know, but hey, I just could not find connections to the Fast Eddy or whatsoever. Weird some may say, but I say COOL stuff there.

I ordered my favourite of all, at anytime, anyplace, Iced Chocolate with Ice-cream and cream. Yuuummmmmyyy....

And guess what Jonathan and Jae-Ann had, pancakes !!! Served with syrup and cream.

Everything looks good, until they decided to earn extra creativity points and mixed everything on the pancakes, turning something so beautiful in the beginning to complete ugliness.

Me, Pam and Andrea

And of course, showing such good time we had, Jae Ann, Jonathan and me me meeeee....

Just before we left the place, I noticed an old traditional cashier machine !!! I wonder if it still works. This is a pure antique, being abandoned in my era, replaced by electronic machines. I was so eager to try it on, and wanting so desperately to hear the sound "KA-CHING KA-CHING"......

Ok, that shall be in my fantasies only...

I had a great time, though the iced-chocolate was not that great. I need to get out, I need to get free, from the treacherous world of engineering. In this time and in this place, I forget about engineering life. Reality bites, we run from it sometimes.

Yeah, iced chocolate is a less harmful alternative to beer. No?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Of Penis Vs Equations

There is one thing in Engineering that scares the shit out of everyone: the complexity of the mathematical formulae. I do not know why, but most of the time, we miserable students would encounter incredibly long equations that may require more than the space across of the entire paper !! Not to mention this poor fellow writing this blog understands very little if nothing at all about those formulae and equations. Darn, Engineering sucks.

Can you imagine how many equations we need to remember for the examinations? Huh? Uncountable !!! Can you imagine how many brain cells are being burned in the process of memorizing the equations?? Uncountable !!!

My dear friend Kang Wei (click) suggested to me once, about the golden trick on memorizing the equations.

"If the length of the equation or formula is shorter than your penis, no need to memorize the equation. If your penis is shorter than the equation or formula, then you must memorize them."

and so I measured the length of all the equations with my penis Man. I am gonna have a lot of trouble. It appears that I do not have to memorize any of it at all !! Now should I really apply the rule?

If only all the examinations are open book... my life would be much easier. We engineering students would suffer permanent mental damage if we go on like this, memorizing all those screwed up equations blindly, unless of course, we inject a constant supply of "vitality booster" into our system. Go figure what the vitality booster actually is.

Those bottles of refreshingly revitalising juice, sent from heaven down for us, is crucial at times of maximum stress and frustration over work. They are the main reasons why most engineers are still alive. Now who says alcohol is bad for your health?

Side note: No I am not an alcoholic. I drink occasionally, heck, that is what Engineers do anyway.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Of Old School Flame burning

I have just got tagged again, this time by Saykhia, a fellow schoolmate back in those glorious days. The tag is on a meme something about school. Coincidentally I have been wanting to blog about my old schools in a while, but had been hesitant and lazy to do so. I have so much to say about my time back there, and many would give anything in the world to be able to relive those precious moments again !!

Here goes nothing.

How many schools did I go to?

Primary: SRK Song Kheng Hai

Background and description:
Just an ordinary school with a mixture of both the Malay Stream and the Chinese Stream.

Good points:
Near zero

Bad points:
Near infinity. I could ramble on and on about the horrible things I experienced in the school, but I guess that beats the purpose of this meme. Cut the whole story short, the school hired blood-sucking man flesh eating monsters as teachers, who seemed to have biological disorder of daily PMS, added with super-charged voice that never failed to scream at any student at any given time of the day. I do not know why, but everything about that school is demoralizing. They discourage students to do better, there is no sense of competition nor inspiration being raised in that school. All you get is "your class is the worst I have ever seen, all of you are like ghosts !!! How can you all be so stupid, why are you all retarts?" Imagine listening to those words everyday in school, one may subconsciously be submitted to mental trauma.

Secondary: SMB St Thomas

Background and description:
St Thomas is the first school in entire land of Borneo, built in the year 1848. The school has survived a lot, and is currently considered as one of the good schools in town. It is an all boys school, and settled on a hill. Our rival is of course, St Joseph, Booooooooo !!!

good points:
Near infinity !! Wonderful teachers, awesome friends, great time, good academic life, many extra-curriculor activities, everything was just near perfect !!

Bad points:
No girls in the school (except the upper secondary classes) Miserable rules and system. (more on this later on)

Was I the studious nerd or the last-minute hero?

I have always considered myself a last minute hero. I guess I am one of those guys out there that would produce splendid results under the pressure of the eleventh hour. However, my results would never surpass some fellow classmates who seemed to have studied 24/7 before the examinations. Fair game you call it, and I agree with you. Heck, as long as my results are satisfactory to my own standards, and I am happy about it, who cares? The kiasuness in me has died long ago, when I learned that there is so much more in life than just school, books and examinations. I am not going to waste it all away just for the sake of studies.

Was I the class Tai Ko or the teacher's pet?

All the teachers know me, even those who did not teach my class. I believe I was one of the popular ones back then. How did I become popular? Easy, when you see a teacher, just greet !!! Whoever that teacher is, just say hi, or good morning/afternoon/night whatever. That is a harmless, and the least kiasu way to get noticed. Teachers love it, I believe it somehow makes them feel superior and important. Well, just do my little part in respecting elders which not many other students would do, I earned myself a reputation. Cool? No?

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?

Oh boy, where I came from, the rules are impossibly irregular. In the beginning, I was the scared little boy, who would obey every single command in the merit and demerit system, set by the school, trying my best to avoid demerit points. As time goes by, I learned that those rules are meaningless, realising I was being so helplessly slaved by the system, I have evolved. In the end, no, I did not turn into a mutant I was more of the rebelious kind of student, challenging the system and the authorities. Yeah, call me a bad-ass, but I am proud of what I am, and what I did.

Here are some examples of the incredibly sickening rules in the school (note that the translation in English may not be accurate, heck, what is the fun in it if it is?)

Tali leher senget sebelah (Wearing your neck tie upside down) --> 5 demerit

Stoking berwarna-warni (Wearing rainbow-colourful socks) --> 5 demerit

Lupa cuci tangan selepas melancap di tandas (Not washing hands clean after masturbarting in the toilet) --> 10 demerit

Berkelakuan tidak senonoh di dalam kelas (Not behaving well in class, for example, throwing condoms around or something) --> 25 demerit

Berkelakuan kasar (Being rude and rough, like punching a school prefect in their balls) --> 50 demerit


Menjerit KNNCCB di hadapan muka Pengetua Sekolah (Shouting F*** U in front of the School Principal) --> Terus Kenak Buang Sekolah/Suspended Indefinitely

Ok, I self-invented the rules listed above, but hey, those are just to give you a rough idea on how ridiculously out-of-place the rules in the school can be.

What is the biggest rule I have broken so far? It all happened in a series of events.

First rule broken !! Ponteng Sekolah
My Grandpa died in 2001, and I skipped school for an entire week, my mum called and asked permission, but was not granted. I was also sick later of the week, so yeah, self declared holiday.

Second rule broken !! Ponteng Gotong-Royong
The following week, I was still sick. There was this school compulsary activity, gotong royong, and I skipped it

Third Rule Broken !! Berbincang secara terbuka dengan Pengetua Sekolah
I was called to the principal's office to explain why I didnt turn up for the gotong royong. i was damned tulan that time, because my physics teacher was doing a very important revision on the preparation for the coming mock exams. I was not in a good mood. He asked me to be rescheduled to another gotong royong session. I refused his proposal. Bad move. He also tried to figure out ways to punish my absense in the previous week.

Fourth rule broken !!
The vice principal, who was also present at the principal's office, came after me and lectured me on how rude I was back there. And so we had our very own episode of "discussion". Suddenly, he snapped !!! He threatened to expel me from school. And he shouted "Bullshit" !! Man, I must have pissed him off big time.

Fifth Rule Broken !! Membunuh Timbalan Pengetua
I was damned furious, so I took out a knife from my pocket and visciously stabbed the vice principal in his vital area repeatedly until blood was spilled everywhere and he was lying on the floor motionless. Muahahha muahaha muhahahahahahhaaa

Sixth Rule Broken !! Membunuh Pengetua
I planted a bomb in the principal's office during lunch time, and as he walked in after lunch, the bomb exploded right in front of his face. Muahahahahahhahahaa....

Alright, the last two rules are my poor attempts in exaggerating the story. What really happened was I skipped school for one week (Grandpa died mah, and some unforeseen circumstances), skipped gotong royong and had a hell of a chit chat with the principal and later on, the vice principal. I was told that if I skipped the gotong royong, I would be "awarded" 5 demerit points ONLY, but WTF, I didnt know they require me to redo the whole thing. I told them I was sick, and the mock exam was coming soon, and I really just want to skip the gotong royong. I was fine with the 5 demerit points. But those idiots keep wanting to get back one me.

Something interesting happened though. Go back to fourth rule broken. The vice principal did say Bullshit, 3 times !!! No kidding !! And just like that tables turned, and a in truth, a little more chit chat happened, nothing dramatic happened, and it all ended happily ever after. Wanna know the ending?

The vice principal offered his hand, and apologized to me. You read that right. he apologized.

I felt so victorious. I believed the vice-principal had his balls shrinked to the size of raisins when he realised his mistake of uttering bullshit, and knowing the REAL bullshit he will be buried in if I ever used that against him. I feel so wicked now, muahahahhahahaaa....

3 subjects I enjoyed:

English: This is the most informal class I have been to. Not much thinking, no equations, no theories, just plain language flexibility and creativity. I see art in language.

Arts: I ace in this subject, though my artistic skills may not be anywhere near those you can consider good, but still, I did better than most of my classmates. Such a cheap trick to earn extra marks and a little push right up the ladder of the academic ranking system in the class. Too bad, I ended up in science stream since form 4.

errmm, biology?? Yeah, since I was in the science stream, of all the horrible subjects, I find biology less troublesome. Less concepts to understand, less formulae and equations to remember. Little calculations. All you need is photocopying what you read into the answer sheet. I am a good photocopying machine. Correction, I "was". My photocopying machine seems dysfunctional nowadays in uni days.

3 teachers that inspired me:

If you ask me to list the good teachers I have encountered, the list goes on endlessly. I believe the good thing about St Thomas is the fantastic batch of teaching staff, not only in teaching but in person and character. However, if you ask me to list the teachers that truly inspired me, I could only name only one.

Puan Cynthia

My form 3 English teacher. This is the BEST BEST BEST teacher ever !!! No one could ever asked for more. Not only is her English superbly flawless, she communicates with the students in a way that not even parents can reach their children. Serious !! She knows her way around the students, and very often she speaks right to the heart. She is so full of Charisma, never failed to crack laughters in the class in her lessons. I have admired her personality, such wonderful person, and a good listener. She is more than a teacher. She is a friend to us all !!

There, I have relived some of the old school flames typing this entry. On the whole, I really think the best of my life so far (well, the best is always yet to come) would be my time in SMB ST Thomas. Ask any Thomians, they would strongly agree with me on that. The most beautiful part of all, I have met some incredible people, who have become the best of friends in my life. I also have lived some irreplacable sweet memories back then. Those, are the things that made me proud to be a Thomian.

To the fellow Thomians, let the flame burn brighter !!

To the fellow ex-Thomians, keep the flame alive, and pass it on !!!

To the useless idiotic morons Josephians, we shall burn your sorry asses alive with our flames !!

Side note: There is another person who has inspired me in school, Miss Chong Choi Ling, the School Counsellor. Since she is not a teacher, I shall not describe her in this entry.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Of Clocks Ticking Away

Before I came to Perth, I have always marvelled at the promotional photograph of the University of Western Australia. No, not because of the architectural appeal. No, not the historical attributes and breathtaking surrounding landscape. No, there are no hot chicks with big boobies on the promotional photos. It is actually the clock tower on the Winthrop Hall. Yes, the clock tower. Why on earth would anyone construct the main building, with a clock tower on it? Something rather rare in Malaysia.

When I was in Perth, I noticed that the University was not the only place with the clock prominently displayed on the main building. Clocks are everywhere !! As freaky as this sounds, you may not need to have a watch with you, in case you need to check the time, just walk around, you may bump into one of the many clocks situated all around the place !!

I personally think that this indicates how strongly the Australians feel about time, and its significance. Punctuality is undoubtedly a norm here, being late for anything is a big no-no. Unlike me, coming from Kuching, where lateness is a routine that if you ever make it early to any occasion, people will start to think you are from a distant planet called the Seventh Mile. Regardless of that, I have always made attempts to be early for most of the occasions, big and small. I said I made attempts. I did not say I succeeded. As it turned out unfortunately, I failed all the attempts thriumphantly, being a normal Malaysian, late for everything At least I try, ok?

This habit seems to drag on until present day. Lectures, parties, dinners, meetings, whatever, you name it, I am never early. I would not consider myself that bad, I may only be a little late, like 5 minutes maybe, but the point is, I am seldom punctual. Until today. Something terribly freaky happened. I felt the sky was gonna fall down....

I was the first on to arrive in the class before lecture !!! And I managed to snap the picture of the empty classroom as a proof. Freaky right? Apparently I was early, but not THAT early. Strangely everyone else was later than usual. Something was not right. Maybe the world is ending, I do not know.

What day is it,
and in what month,
this clock never seems so alive,
I can't keep up,
and I can't back down,
I've been losing so much time....

(You and Me - Lifehouse)

The words above strongly reflect what I feel now. How I wish time can be stretched to 36 hours a day. How I wish time can be reversed, so I could mend what I have broken.

I guess the above wishes are empty wishes. It just seems to me that time is never on my side, and it often runs out, and runs way faster when I need it the most. Oh please, do not start with the time management bullcrap, time management simply means prioritizing your work in acordance to urgency. Well, at the end of the day, you still have to complete all your work including computer games, watching pornography, msn chatting, internet surfing regardless the urgency. When you have so much to do, with so little time in hand, you just feel so helplessly hopeless, yet you still try to accomplish as much as you can. Life can never be any more cruel than this. Most people who have come across this situation barely survived, and a few actually crashed and burned miserably. I have seen quite a number of those unfortunate cases, and the sight was not pretty. They have come to a point to think that they belong to a distant planet called the Seventh Mile.

Whatever has happened, is considered the past, and whatever is gone, shall never be recovered. We are trained to look forward, and plan for the future. Yes, it may be unwise to dwell in the past, getting stuck in a moment, refusing to move on. It may also be fatal hanging on to the old guilt and pain.

I believe the past is the key to the future. We must not just let our lives slip by meaninglessly. To me, I stop myself from time to time, take a deep look into my life that passes by so quickly, and try to study it carefully. Many times, unexpected things reveal themselves, and those are the lessons in life that may very well save my huge heavy ass in the future. If we just walk on and on without reflecting on it, many details will be missed, and sadly forgotten.

Time is precious, time is running, and time is the limit. The question is, have you made the best out of your time? As for me, what the hell, I will be playing DOTA after this....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

For the love of toilet...

Side note: Here comes the toilet meme, tagged by Arth. This is my first time being tagged, man.. I am getting pulled by the gravity of blogging !!!

There are many descriptions for the toilet. Some say "washroom". Some say loo. Some say "the zone". Some call it the "gents", or the "ladies room". Engineers call it w/c. Sisuahlai would call it "Jamban". I call it, simply just... toilet. What do you expect?

I have never given much thought about toilet and the stuff related to it. What I understand is that it carries the function to collect human waste and dispose of it in a hygienic manner. What else is there to think about? Hmm?

What are your favorite activities while conducting business in the toilet?

Since I was small, I would like to spend time in the toilet, usually more than 10 minutes in there conducting my business. While I sit on the toilet bowl letting my S**t slowly flow out of my anus, I would let my imagination run wild. I have imagines all sorts of things, harmless and carefree fantasies, being a small kid back then, I would picture myself as a superhero or something, and start running the story and actions in my mind. Power Rangers was one of them, you call it silly, but that was part of me growing up back then. When I grew older, I start to think of more realistic things, like if I have 1 billion dollars, what would I do that sort of thing. The toilet time is the only time I have to imagine freely besides my dreams in my sleep.

Your favorite toilet?

Well, back in Kuching, I used to love my home toilet, because mummy is always keeping it clean. lazy lazy Robin The public toilets would require you to pay 20cents for access, with no toilet paper included. Not to mention the public toilets there are of horrible sight. S**t sprayed all over the toilet bowl, seats, floors, walls, sometimes, even the ceiling !!!! Do not ask me how, but it happened, and anything is possible in a toilet. Not to mention the vandalism case is extremely critical everywhere, out of 5 toilets, maybe only one or two would be flushable. Some of the conditions are so unbearable that I personally think flies can even faint at the sight of it. Therefore, home toilet was my favourite in Kuching.
But, when I came to Perth, WHOAHH !!! Culture SHOCK !! All the public toilets are SUPERBLY clean !!! Got fragrance some more !! Got supply of toilet rolls, and really really look like hotel-standard !!! Being a lazy guy as usual, my house toilet here is not kept clean constantly... so I would prefer to use the toilets outside my house. Strange eh?

Most interesting toilet bowls you’ve used

I have not come across any unusual toilets yet. So far pretty much all the toilets I use are the conventional ones. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Any no toilet experience?

I guess I seldom get this type of experience though, maybe because wherever I go there are toilets everywhere, and I do not drink too much water. Could not remember the last time it happened, maybe it was during my primary school where some ridiculously insane bitchy monsters teachers would ban the poor innocent students like me from going to toilet during class period, and whoever asks for a go to the loo would get few strokes of ROTAN !!! Yeeeaaaaouuuuuucccchhh !!! Come to think of it, the teachers I have back in my younger school days were really mean and evil. I mean it.

Do you prefer the old school (squat) or the modern (sit) toilet?

Honestly I would prefer squat. I do not know why, but the s**t seems to come out much more fluently and faster. Thats just me I guess. But nowadays, especially in Perth, you do not find squat toilets anymore. Basically everywhere you get sit-on toilet bowls. However, I just hate it when I have to rest my huge heavy ass on the FREAKING FREEZING ICY COLD toilet seat in winter nights and mornings !!!! I tell you, the feeling on the butt skin when it touches the seat is near BURNING sensation of boiling water !!! I just hate it when its cold. I bet Kenny Sia's coconut balls would shrink to the size of raisins when he used the toilet seats during his times back in Perth.

Wash or wipe?

I personally think wiping is a better option than washing. Using water may cause unwanted incidents like accidentally spraying on other parts of your body other than your anus. You do not want others to think that you have more than ordinary business happening in the toilet, do you? Wet patches at the wrong places can cause wrong assumptions by the wrong people anytime.

There, I am done on my first meme ever. I shall minimise my photos for this entry. Anything related to Toilet is not something that would strongly promote. So what is your say on toilets?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday Toh

I have just got tagged by Arth on the toilet meme. Man... I have never thought I would have to put up something so awfully unhygienic on my blog before. I guess I just have to squeeze the sporty part of me out for the meme. For now, I have more important event to blog about, a good friend's birthday dinner. I shall come back to that toilet meme soon.

On 21st March, last Tuesday, when everyone was busy with whatever stuff they were busy with, suddenly my housemate Thiam has nothing better to do and killed his time on friendster. He noticed his birthday reminder flashing on Toh, which was on that very day !!! How on earth could everyone else missed out his important day, was still a mystery. I personally felt awful for not anticipating the birthday in advance, but hey, after Thiam saw the friendster reminder, we pretty much gathered everyone together, and off we planned a dinner at the usual place in Northbridge.

This time, we tried a quite unusual place. This restaurant has just been recently opened, and the owner of the place is, Jeng Jeng Jeng...... a Sarawakian. You can tell by the items in the menu which are strictly Sarawakian delicacies. It is very very interesting to find Kolok Mee, Nasi Goreng, and OMFG.... Teh C Peng in Perth !! However, the pricing on the menu did not help my ever-expanding appetite at all, who on Earth would want to have a AUD7.50 kolok mee, where we can get pure authentic beautiful Kolok Mee back in Kuching for only RM2.50? And who would go for AUD3.00 Teh C Peng?? Well, of course me lah.. who else, just for the fun of it, the first and probably the last time, why not give it a try?

And here comes the Teh C Peng, looks pretty much like it, but tastes NOTHING like it. Horrible to say the least. Should have known better.

Ok, lets go to the appetite satisfying part. We ordered 5 dishes, to go along with rice. Please note that, we ordered only FIVE dishes. And the following pictures are taken right before the food was attacked by 8 viscously hunger striken vultures. I guess everyone was pretty annoyed by me taking the pictures of the food, while they all cant wait to have a piece of it. Patience my friends, for a moment there, the food was immortalised in the pictures below.

Sizzling Tofu in VERY thick Soya Sauce

Sweet and Sour Fish Cutlets

Stir Fry Kankung with Sambal

Pork Ribs in God Knows what weird sour sauce.

Diced chicken in VERY thick Soya sauce

Fried Diced Chicken, in a little bit of Soya sauce.

Sweet and Sour Fish.

Well, putting the fact that the food did look good, and tasted considerably well ignoring the gigantic amount of MSG and soya sauce used, something peculiar happened. We ordered only 5 dishes, but go back up and count the plates of different dishes. Came SEVEN dishes !!! The extra dishes were the Sweet and Sour fish cutlets and the Chicken in very THICK soya sauce. We were completely clueless on what really happened, but when we asked the waitress there, she said, they made a mistake, and we could have those extra dishes FOR FREE !!!! Now we know that the restaurant is new and all, but hey, when there is something Sarawakian in us, we always welcome whatever that is free. What a perfect timing. Things could not have gone any better than this.

From L-R: Alvin, David, Toh the Birthday Boy and Wei Thien.

From L-R, Kang Wei, Gan, Jonathan and Me me me me...

Here are more pictures of Toh, the talk cock king birthday boy.

Toh, may your wishes and dreams come true in your life, and I sincerely hope that you will be filled with joy and contentment in years to come. You have always been a great friend, tremendously enjoyed your talk cock sessions great working together with you and I just wish that I can return the favours that you have done for me.

Happy Belated Birthday Toh !!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Of Planes Crashing in Perth Sunset

I know I have been away for a couple of days, leaving this blog untouched. Since I got my laptop returned from repair, I had spent most of my time catching up the lost episode of pornornographic drama series rushing a design project which is due this afternoon, which I am required to produce a 100 page report for it. Much sleep was lost, meals skipped, and finally the project was completed, not to perfection, but I believe that it shall suffice the requirements and standards. Having done that, now I have some spare room to breathe for a while, not saying I have nothing left to do, (my final year thesis and usual school homework, assignment, bla bla bla) but I feel strongly there is a need to come back to my blog. I feel guilty being away for so long.

On weekends, I would usually go to the park, or down to the beach, and sometimes, just to the river nearby for a brief walk. Breathing some fresh air, looking at the blueness of the water, listening to the birds chirp (ok, I actually hate the bird screaming part, yeah, they scream, they do not chirp), feeling the rush of soft wind brushing your hair and face..... man, I am starting to think I am one with the earth. No, I am not that kind of a nature loving person, but what the Mathilda Bay in Perth can offer is truly something I need to tone down my stress level when it comes to the boiling point. This is definitely a good alternative to the Cottesloe Beach (click).

Birds of many kinds, sea gulls, crows, ducks, even black swans flock the Mathilda Bay everyday. People of many kinds, young, old, beautiful, ugly, sexy, fat... flock the place mainly on weekends. Party, picnic, or just plain walking around the bay is common among the people here. The water is shallow and clean enough for a swim, and kids love it. This is the happening spot in Perth, and not only the view is fantastic, but there are open spaces for soccer, clean tables and benches around, even BBQ pits with free gas and electricity provided. Such beautiful place for family outings.

For me, I chose a nice spot in the lawn, placed my heavy ass on it, and just tried to empty my mind if that is possible. And suddenly....

They are supermen... No !!!!
They are birds... No.. !!!
They are UFOs... No !!!

They are.. they are.. aeroplanes !!!!! YES !!

5 planes, God knows what type, flew pass the sky above us, and going on the direction to the city center. The planes flew in synchronised manner, and I thought they would actually started firing missiles or shooting laser beams towards the city. These thoughts came into my mind:

1) There is a giant monster in the city, and usually before Ultraman appears to viscously slaughter destroys the monster, there would be a special squad of air force to hold down the monster and minimize the damage.

2) Al-Qaeda has a new target, the humble city of Perth !!! The terrorist is upon us !!! Die !!

3) Ok... I cant think of anything else.....

As the planes approached the city sky, one of them flew out of the formation, and the other four basically flew out of the scene rightaway. The one "left behind" plane started to emit reddish brownish dusty looking smoke from its tail, polluting the air in the sky. Again, thoughts come into my mind:

1) The plane is gonna write something in the sky !! Maybe something like "Robin is handsome".

2) The plane is releasing some bio-chemical weapon !!! Maybe a type of lethal virus or something... once inhaled by human, will cause serious health hazard. Woo-hooo...

3) The plane is gonna crash !!! Maybe the engine is burning !!

4) The suicide bomber is getting ready for a target !!!

Apparently, nothing that interesting happened. The plane just flew pass the city, twice, leaving the trail of reddish smoke behind it. The buildings are still standing still. How dramatic can a sunset in Perth be, viewing from the river?