Friday, December 01, 2006

Who Needs Coconuts?

Iwan, a fellow Blogger from Singapore made an interesting comment on my photographs lately. He said that I looked boring, since most of my poses for pictures are the same !! I flipped back my set of pictures, and I noticed I could prove him so wrong.

Here Iwan, and for all the desperate females out there...

Well, who needs coconuts like Kenny Sia when you have something like...

THIS !!!!!

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Now if anyone can say that is boring, I don't know what is interesting anymore. Maybe years of engineering has clouded my flow of creativity.

Side note: I edited this picture on my laptop at work, and a GUY colleague walked pass and noticed that picture on full screen preview. I think he SCREAMED. No kidding.


  1. oh my gudness!!!!! *fainted*

  2. hey ben,
    aaahhaha shocking yeah?

    hey wuching,
    its a beauty of nature!! what freak?

  3. hey hong,
    it turned u on huh baby?

  4. hey cynthia,
    well, guys and gays have the same "thing" in common, so yeah... and so do i.

  5. wahlau wei! scared me only when i open the thing. tot i had opened a porn site by mistake....hahaha

    good one tho :P