Thursday, December 07, 2006

Talking about Life @ HK Noodle House

It was after the Meet with Sue that me, Naomi and Ivan decided to grab some dinner before we head home. It took quite some time to brainstorm (eating also needs thinking, you know) and discuss on where we want to go and what we want to have for dinner. At last we settled for Chinese food at Hong Kong Noodle House at Padungan, which is a new branch opened just not too long ago. This was my first time going to that new branch, and the interior itself is much larger than the original Hong Kong Noodle House at Saberkas.

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Inside the restaurant, with the refreshing d├ęcor and lighting, I felt a rush of “gold”. There was something at the presence of the place that made me think of gold, and somehow, loving the presence of it. Just look at the wall…

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And so we had food…

Ivan had Stewed Beef Noodle

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Naomi had BBQ Pork Noodle

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And I had Fried Noodle in Hong Kong Style

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Oh, and I have to tell you guys this, the fried noodles was AWESOME !!!

And washing down all those oily noodles with Chinese Tea...

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Throughout dinner, we have talked and talked about a lot of things, topics ranging from life to education and career. Ivan ranted that he is not happy where we was, feeling the pressure on going far and achieving something huge, rather than wasting time in the university studying useless stuff just to get a paper. Frankly, I felt the same, maybe it’s because I can relate since we both are in engineering, and interestingly we both hate engineering. When I was in uni, it just feels that whatever I have acquired, no matter how much knowledge, they do not add up and impose on each other to yield a greater result. All those years, felt like a waste. In order just to get a degree, which by today’s standards is something extremely significant for career security, years have been sacrificed, and time is sadly irreversible. Have we missed out on what we really wanted to do? Are we moving forward, or simply staying stagnant and not developing much further on who we truly are?


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I guess it should not be fair comparing ourselves with other people who have achieved great things, great money, at the same age or younger. I do not complain about the path I have chosen, and I understand things could have gotten much worse. I do not regret the decision I have made, it seemed to be the best and most plausible choice at that moment, but now I do not exactly feel too happy about it. I have come along this far. And I shall keep walking on. Whatever I have missed, all those opportunities, they may not come back, but if they do, I shall pounce on them at all costs.

It is strongly indicated in various statistics that most working people (both male and female, maybe including everything in between too) are not happy or satisfied with whatever they are doing in their life, career wise. It is getting rarer to find people who actually love what they are doing, and living a career of their own passion and desire. Most people ended up doing something not of their own choice. I am seeing myself falling into that majority now, and unless I do something to change it, it is on the verge of becoming reality. Nevertheless, I am not entirely fussy about that. I may not be thrilled about the idea of leading a boring and dragging career life, but hey, at least I know I will have a career. That fact, no matter how sad it may be, at least, is an achievement which may not be so great, but also definitely something to be proud of. I am a mediocre kind of person. I am, an ordinary boy.

Who knows, one day I shall strike a million dollar lotto and everything turned around. I think I can only dream. No matter how broken my dreams may be, I still need to dream on. Dream is the only thing that keeps me going, and feeling alive. I may be just an ordinary boy, but I always look to the sky.

Side note: I am revealing much of who I really am, and the meaning of my header taglines.. Just a boy, just an ordinary boy, but he was looking to the sky. And in the new header (which is not so new), it seems that I have lost the direction of the sky. Some people may think the design is lame, but they are just too shallow and could not see further into the meanings behind it.


  1. Hi Robin,
    I suppose its a process everyone has to go through.. if you want to stand a chance in the wild wild world out there. Be grateful that you have the chance to pursue your tertiary education overseas.. some people may not be that fortunate.

    Whilst I cannot say that I love my job to bits, I can safely say that I find my job challenging and interesting enough to keep me going. Ideally everyone wants to clinch that dream job with the dream pay, but in reality we do have to compromise on certain things.

    Don't worry too much Robin. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!

  2. hey miracle8,
    thanks for the words of encouragement. I am doing quite ok i guess, no worries bout me. I am not expecting much, but sometimes we just cant help but wish things would get better, don't we?

  3. Never did like hong kong noodle house. always tot the food there is crap hahaha

  4. hey merv,
    i know their food is not so authentic lar... but got some good dishes leh !!

  5. umm the fried noodles is ok la. the other noodles nothin special. the food is not standardized...sometimes its gd sometimes no quality...mayb thats y they giv the discount card to attract ppl..i oso got myself one. hmmmm well i think most of all money is the cause for everything in life. if we have money, we can do the things we love choose the path we's so materialistic isnt it...

  6. hey frank,
    yeah, i know, sometimes good sometimes not so good, i guess it is due to different cooks...
    anyway, it is true, but saddening fact that money controls most things nowadays, its not true that money cant buy health, or life, but it sure can make life or health a much better one !!

  7. hi robin
    Do u have room one more comment. I just stumble on your blog.

    Looks like you need a jab of motivation.

    Read "if you want to be happy and rich don;t go to school" by kiyosaki.

    This is my own advice. Do not follow kiyosaki to the sentence. And literally do not follow "don;t go to school". U need to start earning before u can build your EMPIRE.

    Good luck from a bird with similar feathers !!!!

  8. hey bird with similar feathers,
    glad to have someone who can connect. well, it is true that we need money before we can start of something of our own, basically almost everything will require quite sum of money to begin with.
    Maybe I just want to be happy, you know, rich is of course, an additional plus, but steady income, and happy.
    im not one of the greedy power-lustful persons who would do anything to get on top of the world. I just want to lead a decent life, and be happy with what I am doing, thst is all.
    And honestly I do not see that happening.