Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sweet Birthday

Oh dear, I hope I did not bore anyone to death in my previous unintended super long entry. I only realized it was that long, after I hit the publish button and re-read my own entry, and by then I was too tired to make any more changes. I know I should have broken it up into two separate entries for easier and simpler view. Mistake made, and learned, and shall not be repeated in the future.

If you guys think that the celebration ends there in the previous entry, think again. Christmas may be over, but the following day was Boxing Day. So some may say, what is the big deal with Boxing Day? It is not even a recognized holiday in Malaysia, since “you know who” has stripped the status off the national public holiday list !! Let me tell you something, Boxing Day is an extremely special day for me, it could be very well more special than the main Christmas and even New Year itself.

Boxing day, is actually, my BIRTHDAY.

Screw the gahmen for taking the holiday away from me. Alas, this is another good reason why I should consider moving out and work away from this nation. Boxing Day, my birthday is actually a well celebrated and respected event everywhere, elsewhere, from Malaysia.

How was my birthday celebrated?

With a group of friends from college/university, we had a simple and stomach filling dinner at Hai Pa Wang, one of the famous seafood restaurant situated not too far from the “happening” district, Travillion. The entire dinner was a treat from those generous friends, and we enjoyed the food while shooting endless rockets (verbally attacking each other with half-jokingly sarcasm) and recollecting some old memories. The group was kept small, celebration made simple. It was indeed something I strongly prefer over anything else.

The food that we had..

Fried Noodles in Tomato Sauce

To replace the typical must have birthday dinner tradition: Long life noodles..

SharkfinFish Lip and Crab Meat Soup

Crispy Lemon Chicken

Tofu in Dunno what sauce/style

And Sizzling Stir-fry Deer Meat.

There was another one dish I did not photograph because I was obviously too hungry to think or take any more pictures. I live to eat, in case you have not noticed.

This was my first visit to that restaurant, and I would definitely say that the place is enormous, housing loads and loads of people in two-level indoor and open-space dining area. All the waiters and waitresses seem to be in such a rush that we were never able to complete our request/orders each time we got one of them to our table. The speed of food preparation was indeed slow, and could not catch up with the huge demand of the large crowd. There was one family, who arrived before us, and obviously they have placed their food order and unwillingly waited for quite a while. They gave up waiting and stormed out of the restaurant, leaving their half finished Chinese Tea behind. I believe the restaurant kitchen was seriously shorthanded. Other than that, I think the place was awesome, and the food was rather delicious.

For the friends who made it there and gave me such a wonderful treat, I give you my sincere thanks.





After dinner, we headed to the Living Room, a new café opened recently, situated next to Havana and not too far from Bla Bla Bla Café. And so the conversation and rocket shooting session continued on from there. This was my second visit to the Living Room, and I shall blog more about the place in the coming entry, so do come back soon.

As usual, birthday is the time of the year for me to reflect and look back on the incidents that happened one year ago since my previous birthday, and of course the fact that my birthday is actually at the end of the year, nearing the New Year celebration made this even more an appropriate time for gathering reminiscence. How far have I traveled? How much have I grown? Who or what have I become? What have I achieved? What failures were there? What are my blessings? Birthday is the time for much spontaneous heavy thinking and all the time, it ended with a long, satisfying smile.

Here is a short list to summarize the events that took place since my last birthday…

I have successfully completed my first level tertiary education, and managed a much sought after Distinction for my Final Year Thesis.

I have taken blogging seriously, and made plenty of new and real friends from Perth, and also in Kuching.

I have found even more friends when I joined Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) in WA, whom I have shared much joy and pain with, and learned a great deal about Christianity. I have grown significantly in faith.

It was my first time, to have a friend who baked a cake for me with my name on it, for my farewell.

I went to SEXPO Perth 2006, oh yeah, how could I miss that out? And there was a short-lived email exchange with one of the hot sexy pole dancer.

I fell in and out of love, which I have never mentioned in this blog before, or to anyone else, even those who are close to me. This is still a sensitive issue which shall remain silent, and I know I will recover in time. Don’t worry, I am doing well.

For the first time in many years, I felt that I have real friends. I shall do more to appreciate this blessing.

And the most important part of all, I am no longer left behind.

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes, smses, handshakes, gifts, and treats. I truly appreciate them all. This time it has been a good one, and I am indeed happy.

And I still accept belated wishes and presents. Better late than never right? So, what are you waiting for?


  1. Let me be the first to wish you here...Happy Birthday, Rob!

    & gosh, you didn't even tell me about it! Haha...glad that you enjoy yourself yesterday on Boxing Day.

    Anyway, wish you luck in your upcoming career. God bless!

  2. Happy Birthday, Robin!

    May you have many more birthdays to come filled with joy and love.


  3. hey kenjj,
    thanks dude, ahhahaha I did enjoy myself...

    hey naomi,
    thanks !!we should all catch up soon or something...

  4. robin!


    belated birthday wishes!

    may you be blessed with joy, prosperity and good health in the coming year and many, many more years to come!


  5. oh!! happy belated boxing birthday Robin!

  6. hey aaron,
    thanks thanks.. when are u back to kuching? we must catch up soon !!

  7. happy b'day sikui Robin!!!!1111!!!!!11!1!!

  8. hey sikui tan,
    thanks thanks.. u run away leh !! should treat me pizza or hartz mah !!

  9. that tofu looks good lol

  10. hey GT,
    actually hor, the tofu is the least touched item, because it came last, and we were stuffed with other dishes already..