Friday, December 29, 2006

The Living Room

Rewind one week back, when my university friends decided to gather up suddenly and chill out at some where fresh and new. We went to the Living Room, a recently opened place not too far from Bla Bla Bla, but and next to Havana that has not sparked much reputation yet, but thanks to Wei Thien, I knew the place and been there twice already, once in this initial meet, and another on my birthday treat which I have blogged earlier. This place is a must-go-and-see and there is much to be desired than hate when you have actually already been there.

At the entrance, many have missed the prominent sign-board, that oddly hanged not on top of the main ancient wooden doors that seem like they would fall off any minute, but at the ceiling over-head the walk in area. Maybe they were trying too hard to stand out of the crowd stereotyping the usual sign conventions, but to me this method of distinguishing themselves is rather, unattractive. Yes, they are different and unique, but how many people have missed the sign? Thankfully, for a boy who looks up to the sky, I looked up the ceiling and noticed the words. Hahhahaa, pun intended.

The entire place was stretched quite a remarkable length from the front to the backyard, where a pool of water with mini-waterfalls and funky lighting fill the much needed space. I seriously do not know what is up with Kuching folks and the rising trend of having water in café/restaurants, they just do not make sense ! Alright, they look good, but I do not expect to see water every single new café/restaurant I walk into !! Name it, Bing, Tao, Bla Bla Bla, and now the Living Room… some even have fish swimming in it. Perhaps all these were designed for Feng Shui purposes, but too much practice of it defeats the original uniqueness and wonder.

I genuinely think that the atmosphere Living Room produces is somewhat not too far apart from preceding similar themes places. Very, very dim lighting, with candles doing the minimal lighting, comfortable furnishings with many, many soft pillows and cushions, and expensively priced drinks. It is a place to go to if you want to stay long and have a lengthy conversation over the whole evening. There was even a platform, first in Kuching places I think, to mimic the Japanese sitting/dining style, with shoes being left out of the platform. There was certainly comfort in the ambience, and maybe I was just being overly tired and worn out, it made me kinda sleepy. I tell you I could sleep right there and then, if not for my wonderful friends.

From Left to Right....


Chun Chow
Whom I think you guys have heard and seen too much in this blog.

The girl who generously cooks laksa in Perth for us, and she claims herself to be a promiscuous girl. Hmmm.. What a bold claim, but who was I to disagree?

Wei Thien
The guy who first taught me how to play DOTA, and we played much ever since, even more during especially stressed out times in Uni. (I miss bored aussies) He asked me a very, very disturbing question.

WeiThien: So, you have met Kenny Sia?
Robin: Yes, I went to his birthday thingy not too long ago..
WeiThien: Ahh I see… so, is Kenny F A T T E R than you?
Robin: Say…WHAT??!!

I almost chocked to death on my watermelon juice.

Click here to see for yourself. Jesus, I need to lose weight.

Another Photo of us before we left....

If any of you reading this from Kuching have not been to the Living Room, you should give it a try. There was nothing over-ly special about the drinks, and I really think they were overpriced, like other newly opened similar places as well. Nevertheless, you go to these places and you pay for their atmosphere, and I can say I enjoyed myself there.

But seriously, what Wei Thien said earlier….

Cannot sleep can die dot com.


  1. Re. ur previous post, belated birthday greetings, but u Foochow, how come no eat mee sua??? Tat place, got fried mee sua quite nice!!
    P.S. Umm...nice place! I go Kuching, u take me there can? HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO YOU AND UR FAMILY!!

  2. hey suituapui,
    ahhaha, thanks for the birthday greetings...
    ermm errmmm... my other friends not foochow mar... and it was their treat... so ahhahahhhaa....
    anyway, when are u coming to kuching?

  3. Oh forgot.. Happy New Year to you and ur family too !!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Eh...damn it. Why I deleted my own comment. I said, "I saw you there, at the Living Room. I was there sitting at the next table. The longggg table with many people" lol.

  6. hey leenmafia..
    arrrghhh.. u saw me and u didnt come and say hi !!! how could you !!!!

  7. I wanted to. But I scared wrong guy mar. Paiseh only. LOL. Anyway... HI!

  8. hey leenmafia..
    aiyaaa.. where got paiseh one..aaahhahaha...

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