Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Guy That Looks Like Me

Since secondary school years which seemed to be ages ago (5 years is not exactly a short period of time), my identity has been mistakenly confused with another fellow, my junior by just one year with a very, very different name. There have been countless encounters when strangers whom I have not even talked too both from school and outside came to me and call me by something not of my name, or people shouting crazily and waving their hands up in the air like mad when they saw me from a distance. I could only try my best to convince them that I was not the person they thought I was, and I had difficult time doing just that !! I even took off my spectacles and asking them to listen to me speak with my voice, which was rather distinctive by itself, but to no help at all. The confusion went on from secondary years, dragging on many years following after.

The unique part is, I know this guy who looked (as if) like me considerably well. We were in the prefects (afternoon session) and we did plenty of activities to make the school proud (cough cough cough). He tried so hard to defeat me in chess when he was younger, he was already so good and I won ALL the time just by mere luck, but eventually he got so much better and creamed me during later years. He was also one of the loveable guys, which made him rather well known throughout the school. And people start mistaking me for him during later secondary years. I would not say I was annoyed or anything, but it was definitely not something I look forward to either. People thought we are brothers, or at least closely related.

All those incidents keep happening from time to time that I have somewhat become used to being called another name. Until one day, something more than ordinary happened. The time was already post-college era, I was away in Perth doing my degree for quite some time. The fellow that looked like me was also studying abroad, doing his first year in Melbourne and moved to Sydney after that. When I got back to Kuching at the end of the year much earlier than he did, I visited my old school. I guess I should have worn a Hawaiian Hat, sunglasses and Phua Chu Kang boots or something to distinguish myself more clearly, but I did not. And there was this group of people standing at quite a distance (across the road if I am not mistaken) from me, screaming “Bryan !!!!”. Not able to reply, since they were so far away, I just smiled and waved, and smiled and waved, and smiled and waved.

Bad decision.

Bryan returned. And he gave me a phone call.

Bryan: Robin, did you know what you have done?
Robin: ???
Bryan: There has been rumours going around saying that I was back in Kuching since last month, and people have been seeing me on the streets.
Robin: Ok, that is not surprising….
Bryan: And you know what, they tried calling my house to get in touch with me. My mum told them that I was still away…
Robin: Alright, so?
Bryan: Then there was another rumour around, people said my mum was lying. All thanks to you, Robin !
Robin: !!!!!!!!!!

I think that incident happened more than a year or two ago, and ever since, nothing of such happened (thank God). Bryan got back from Australia, and asked me and some friends out for a drink last week. He was only in Kuching for a few days before he left to Singapore.

And so we went out and had an all-kuching style yum cha session at Jalan Song Experts.

The people present at the yum cha session…

EHON from

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My first time meeting Ehon in person…


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Another fellow Thomian and Kuching blogger…

IVAN from

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Yeah, this one needs not an intro.

Here are the pictures of me and Bryan…

This is BRYAN….

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This is ROBIN…

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To be honest, I don’t see much of a resemblance. Maybe not in those photos, and we would have looked more alike years back, with longer hairs and we are both quite tall too. But heck there will always be one thing that makes the difference.

Of course, needless to say, I look so much better. Muahahahahahahaaaaaa….

*syok sendiri*

Ok, I know that was lame but true

But seriously guys, I still don’t know what all the confusion was about.

Side note: As usual, the conversations had been altered to add spice and oomph in the story, but not too far off from what happened.


  1. hahahaha i guess there COULD be a resemblance about a (hundred) miles away.

    hehe. optimism bahhhh~

  2. he looks as tho he could have been your brother! tsk tsk poor thing having to be mistaken and the blamed for it ;p

  3. chey! u look nothing like ur evil twin! ur more hansem than him la!

  4. There's a vague resemblance - but you look even more gay!

    Peace! Robin - just kidding! ;) hehee! can joke right? hahaha!

    You both look fine!

  5. haha.. u look more handsome!! *CHEERS

  6. hey aaron,
    ahahahaa, a hundred miles eh?? wow, thats really far...

    hey san,
    yeah, it would be nice to have a brother too, ahaahhahaa

    hey wuching,
    Tankiu tankiu.. my hidung kembang liaw..

  7. hey fh2o,
    aahahahhaa gay is the "in thing" nowadays.. everyone is trying to be one !!

    hey frank,
    LOL but of course !!

  8. LOL the story is so funny! Fancy thinking that something like that can happen. I don't really see the similarities between the two of you except for the fact that you're both wearing glasses. Hehe. Then again, like you said, it was a few years ago.

  9. hey leenmafia,
    yeah, it has been some time ago, but I could still laugh my head off when I think of it sometimes.
    I guess when we wore the same school uniform, things could get confusing. too bad no photos of us from back then...

  10. hmmm... from a completely objective third party with no interest whatsoever in the matter's view, both of you don't look like long lost twins. So you can be assured that I won't be calling you Bryan anytime soon. :D

  11. I tell the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth...! Nope! U don't look like Bryan! He's handsome!!! (Note the absence of "more"!!! LOL!!!) U Foochow? Cos u look like one!!!

  12. hey miracle8,
    ahahahhaa, it doesnt happen anymore, and we actually become quite different now... no more confusion, which is a good thing. But we are good friends, and having people confused over us... is actually quite an interesting thing !

  13. hey suituapui,
    yeah, I am foochow, proud to be one, but I know not how to speak their tongue !!! Gaaarrrhhh...
    not too late to learn right? right?

  14. HAR?!! Look so different leh wei!! Like day and night, earth and heaven... you get the idea lah!

    Well, needless to say I won't mistake you for Bryan. :)

  15. hey luxferi,
    well, there is something I forgot to add in the entry...
    People who know me, wont mistake me for bryan...
    but people who know bryan, mistake me for bryan !!! And all those confused people are his friends !!!
    So it means that, people who know me, know me well !!! ahahahhhaa

  16. You know Bryan?! It's been awhile since I last met the guy. I definitely know Bela Chan Horny Yee Hon. Ivan looks familiar. Boy.. What a small world.. =)

  17. hey arlyne,
    ahahahaa, u know bryan as well? small world indeed. Horny yee hon?? LOL LOL LOL

  18. Yeah.. It's Horny Hon or Horny for short. Call him that and he'll prolly recognise where it came from.. Hehe. Blessed Christmas by the way. =^:^=

  19. hey arlyne...
    aahhaha ok i shall ask him horny hon the next time i see him !! You have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too !!