Thursday, December 21, 2006

Castle in the Country

Side Note: I know I have been overly elaborate and “loh soh” (Hokkien: too fussy and lengthy in describing something) in my previous few entries with loads of photos, and heavy reading. I am sorry if this has become a burden for some readers (especially those with snail connections), but I felt there was a need to cover the events in more detail, particularly the special ones. In compensation to that, I shall keep this entry as short and simple as possible. actually I am just lazing off lately, hence the rare and short update

It was right after the recent Bloggers’ Meet (click) that me, Ivan and Mike went off to this Chinese Restaurant nearby, called Country De Castle, or was it Castle De Country? Hmmm… I was so tired and hungry that I would not bother much about the name of the place. We checked out the menu at the fore front prior to entrance, to make sure that the restaurant is not like one of those places that sell a bowl of laksa for RM18. Sure enough, a plate of something decent with plain rice averaged RM4, agreeably reasonable, hence we went in.


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There was nothing particularly striking about the place, simple and straight to the point design, with warm lighting and lots and lots of window panels. Very roomy, but surprisingly not many people were dining that night, though it was Saturday. The place was considered smaller than normal standard Kuching Chinese Restaurants, but the interior was nothing less than what would ordinarily be expected in general.


I had Buttered Chicken

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Mike had Black Pepper Beef

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Ivan had Mixed Vegetable

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I am not too sure about the other two dishes, but I did enjoy my own plate of buttered chicken with rice. The chicken, however was only a chicken wing, carefully chopped into smaller chunks, being deep fried and showered with buttery sauce on the top.

It was indeed a nice place to wrap up the day, after 4 solid hours of bloggers meet at Bing earlier. I would not say anything stood out prominently from that restaurant, but I know I might have future visits there again. After all, this is Kuching, and a bowl of laksa or kolok me will do just fine anytime, anywhere.


  1. I like the way they present the food. nice n neat. but not much vege.

  2. eh, try the butter chicken rice at Naruwan near BDC roundabout there. that i feel is possibly the best in Kuching. =D

  3. hey cynthia,
    well, this is kuching, and most places people would choose to leave out vegies...

    hey akho..
    aahhh never tried that, should go there some time ya...

  4. robin! yes kl does have borders. the one i went to is at The Curve about 1 Utama's area. back in kch since tonight. c u around soon ;)

  5. hey sam,
    welcome back to kuching, i supposed the KL trip was fun? Ahhh.. borders... I need to get to know KL better..
    yeah, we should catch up soon !!

  6. hi there~where is this place country de castle? @_@

  7. hey diana,
    it is actually at song thian cheok road/ban hock road area, near the old upwell... same row of shops with Jade Pot and Hidden treasures.
    Hmm... need more clues?

  8. yeap,got it,will go there some day. thanks lots there. one of ur regular reader here,keep up the good work :)

  9. the name a bit too canggih for the place..tsk tsk :P gonna go check the place out tomorrow night or smth~

  10. hey diana,
    wahh.. u read my blog ahh? thanks thanks.. I am honored... but dun believe everything i say lah.. i can be very one sided and narrow minded at times... ahahhaha....

    hey san,
    I know I know, the name sounds like a cool fancy place, but inside, looks nothing more than an ordinary chinese restaurant.
    should go try something expensive if u have the cash, I was a little broke, so i went for the cheapest of the menu