Monday, November 20, 2006

Sights of Lovely Kuching

When I have some free time over the weekends, I took along my faithful camera out of the house and walked all around this hometown of mine, Kuching. It isn’t that difficult to get around really, though the public transport may be as unreliable as the local weather can be. Under the bright scorching sun beaming over this land of cats, I have enjoyed myself tremendously photographing the familiar scenes of Kuching.

So people who have not been to Kuching, or worse, have not seen photographs or even heard of Kuching before (especially those of you blardy ignorant west-Malaysians who believe blindly that we Sarawakians still live on trees and have no roads and airports), I hope this entry shall open up your eyes a little. Not that the views are excitingly breathtaking, but I believe Kuching is a unique place like no other. It is, after all, my dear home, and I love it very much.

What is there in Kuching you may ask?

We have…

Plenty of Open Free Spaces..

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Long, High, Mountains and Hills..

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Rivers, lots of Rivers..

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A few of not so tall buildings sprouting out of no where…

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Many Old Shops..

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And of course, not to be missed…

Lots and Lots…

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And lots and lots..

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I love cats. People who know me know that I love cats. But I have to say, those statues are quite… unpretty.

Actually there are MORE nicer places around Kuching lar, maybe I will blog next time after I have the chance to photograph them properly. Chun Chow (click), shall we find a day out for photography?

Somehow, having a camera now (my camera is dying.. I can feel it), I look at Kuching in a different way. I never paid attention until I took my time to stand still and frame each snapshots. It may not be the most beautiful city in the world (cannot even make it lah come on) but somehow I managed to perceive it in various new perspectives now. The arrangement of the buildings and roads are so random, mostly being scattered and the planning has never been near anything systematic in comparison to other places in the world. Somewhere along the randomness, there is a hidden beauty that lives through the changes of time. I doubt there will be any serious change in Kuching for the next 10-20 years, and I seriously hope whatever development soon to happen, shall not alter the original distinctive beauty in it.

For my friends (some long lost ones too) returning to Kuching, welcome back !! I look forward to meeting all you people soon. MEOW !!

Side note: I noticed that I posted quite a number of entries with Kuching sceneries lately. Hmmm.. I need to blog something else soon, or people will get bored of Kuching.


  1. OMG Robin bro!

    Its nicE!! I have never been to Kucing but now i know how it looks like.. lolz!!

    And I DIDNT KNOW KUCING HAS AN AIRPORT OF THEIR OWN!! According to ur entry lah..


  2. hey iwan..
    WAD WAD WAD !!! Kuching airport is INTERNATIONAL airport WEEEIi !!! ahahahahahaa but the quality not international at all.. shesssshhhh....

  3. How nice of you to blog about Kuching. I'm from Kota Kinabalu and I've been to Kuching 4 times. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kuching. ;) I'm going back there for Xmas and New Years! :D

  4. hey dee,
    glad you love kuching !!! I wanna go kk though.. never had the chance yet.. hmmmmm.. one day.. one day..
    i heard its pretty nice there too...

  5. robin!!
    let's go to kk together! hahaha~ i WILL be going there, it's just a matter of when and how much $$ i have. :D

    i'll be following your footsteps in snapping photos of kuching. there still ARE people who think we use the sampan as a mode of transport and that we live in the jungle.


  6. hey silveraven..
    yeah.. should take pictures of kuching ya, ahahhahaahaa, and promote our dear beloved hometown !!!!
    I know wad u mean, those ignorant people, they should get a whack from a sampan paddle... seriously

  7. when i get there i'm gonna camwhore with those cat statures..especially the whilte one in the last picture! i''l let it pat my head since it oredi had its paw ready! hahahahaha!

  8. Take pictures of the following:-

    Kueh Chap, Sarawak Laksa, Kolo Mee and Tomato Kuey Teow! Shioknya!

  9. omg. fantastic.

    i myself was getting sick and tired of the ignorance.

    i mean, even if we DID live on trees, we'd have installed elevators on them. and if we did walk around in loincloths (!) and have thick unruly curly hair (!!!) we'd all have hot bods and.. i dont know, flat irons? ah nvm.

    i was thinking of doing one too.. but i'm gonna do miri when i get back la. heh. good job dude. ey, lama la tak jumpa you. :) sup?

  10. hey wuching,
    just be careful not getting urself swallowed by the cat... ahahahahaa

    hey pablopabla,
    Kolok mee.. check
    Tomato kuey tiaw, check,
    Sarawak laksa, check..
    keup chap.. errmm the only one missed out.
    I think i almost blogged everything about kuching already

    hey aaron,
    ahahahaa thanks dude, yeah go do one with miri !! Ive not been there yet... one day one day...
    anyway.. i thought we last met few days ago?? ahahahaa so fast miss me ah?

  11. ohh.. ya kah? hehe. saturday kan? my bad. my memory ada gila sikit.

  12. hey aaron, ahahaha but it does felt quite long eh? probably time passes slower for the past few days..

  13. hey medusa..
    Of course, of course...

  14. lols~ that time i posted a sarcastic post about that too~ lols in my old blog that is :P

  15. hey ahben,
    ahahahhaa, i think many kuching bloggers have done so as well, and still same thing keeps happening now and then. Man... I blame it on the media and sarawak tourism for promoting the wrong image of us east malaysians...

  16. Hello Robin
    I happen to do a search for tomato kuay teow and came across your your blogg, which I must say was very well articulated and photos were well captured. Stirred up many wonderful and sentimental memories when I read your blogg. Kuching may not be the most beautiful city in the world, but it is the most beautiful city in mine and your world!
    It still is the same old wonderful town i grew up in...except for all these new and mode coffee outlets.
    I really must make it a point to go back home this year. Believe it or not, thanks to you (and your enthusiasm and love for this city) that made me decide to go back this year.

  17. hey diane,
    could you be one of the many dianes that I know?? hmmmm...
    anyway, i feel glad that you find my blog interesting... ehehhee *blushing..
    do come back to kuching !! How could you not miss the tomato kuey tiaw, kolok mee and sarawak laksa ????

  18. When ones been living abroad for so long, one learns to sharpen their cooking skills...of course, there's always mum and dad to send the Laksa paste right ;)