Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reflections on the water

Few days ago, as I walked my way along the waterfront Kuching, I knew I had to stop and snap a few shots.

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As unclean and murky looking the water was, somehow it was all hidden with the disappearing of sun ray over the evening. I was not entirely thrilled and amazed by the scenic view over the river, but somehow the beauty has got my tired and worn out brain thinking a little. Back in the older days, I used to walk my way home from school everyday and along the journey home I would walk pass this portion of the riverside. I have seen the river a little more than a millionth time, though years passed by, but still, this particular time, it got me thinking. The river looked the same, the water as dirty and uninviting as ever. Everything appeared to be the indifferent.

Now the question is.. am I still the same?

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The river water stirred a lot of past memories. Some, I have tried so hard to hide away and never look back again. Some, I wish every single day that I could relive those moments again. Throughout the lives that have flashed by so rapidly, deep down inside, I know, despite all the uncertainties and doubts that I have been immersed with, I fucking well know that..

I am still me. I am who I am. I am the same boy I was back then, walking along the Waterfront.

I am still a boy, I am looking to the sky, and the reflection of the sky in the waters.

Side note:

A little update on what I’ve done lately (for the past week or so) during my supposing unofficial break from blogging:

1) I read two books, Salem’s Lot – Stephen King and Angels and Demons – Dan Brown. I preferred King, and the way he described how a boy vampire sucking off his living mothers tits was awesomely gruesome.
2) Accidentally switched my blog from traditional Blogger to Blogger 2.0 Beta !! Don’t ask how, it was an accident.
3) I have stalkers, for real !! To 666 and robinadmirer, you guys have made my life a hint more colourful. Do check the chatterbox history on the side bar.
4) There have been too many birthdays, too many for the month of November…. Happy Birthday to Ivan (12th Nov) and Mike (15th Nov).
5) I am currently addicted to Sexy Back from Timberlake. “I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave…. Yeah !!”
6) I am putting on weight. Pants feel much tighter, and this is not good. How can this be? I eat less and walk more in Kuching than I did in Perth…
7) More and more people asked me, why am I still single? Good question.

I think this is the longest side note I have made, could have gone into an entirely separate blog entry by itself eh?


  1. cynical-idealist11/15/2006 07:10:00 PM

    LoL, good question indeed. Was I one of the askers? We must promote you more!

    And nice pics btw.

  2. Yo Bro,
    Nice pics yeah!!

    Why single ar??
    Maybe haven meet the rite one bah...

    Soon ok soon...


  3. hey cynical idealist,
    yeah, u were one, but not one of those recently that I refered to... duno why suddenly so many people ask nowadays... kinda makes me asking myself too.. ahahaha

    hey iwan,
    thanks !! u gonna intro some hot singaporean chick to me?? ahahhahaa

  4. Hi Robin,

    I am just regular reader of your bwesite. After all, you blog occassionally and I read your happening entries of kuching, for my free time. Hope you keep it up, after all, I am down for having to fly to New South Wales, Australia soon for working in the branch under my HQ of kuching. 3 months of stay in small rural area!!!! A hell workloads yet dull life as well as dying place!! No choice, as it's boss's intruction with finance manager's suggestion. Darn. Hated them. I prefer to work in Malaysia rather than overseas. Gonna miss Kuching by then.

  5. hey kel_kuching,
    heeeeyy, thanks for reading my blog, its always a pleasure knowing people do read what I write.
    Well, looking at the bright side, it will only be 3 months in NSW, and im sure it couldnt be that bad !! Yeah, Kuching is unique, and it rocks in its own ways..
    no worries, this blog shall be active for a long long time...