Thursday, November 16, 2006

Many Faces of Robin

It is all in the facial expression. If you can project the right expression at the right time and place, people will connect to you better, reading the unspoken messages, written all over the face. I do not know why, but I think I am one of those retarded guys who portray all the wrong kinds of signals through my unconventional body language. I do not know how, but things just happened, and there are times they got so messy that I would bang my own face flat on the brick wall for projecting the wrong kind of expressions.

The usual me…

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The serious me..

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I am one of the very, very smiley person. I smile a lot, I smile wide, I reveal a lot of my not so white teeth. I guess this is just a habit, whether I am with my close friends or just anyone new, I would smile like I am asking for sex candy or ice-cream. Some people find my regular smile rather heart warming and charming. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of people who think that I smile too much and because of that, I am branded a weirdo to some extent. Those people would come up to me and shoot right at me “Oii, why are you smiling so much ah? So excited for what? Sheeessshh Gila..….”… Celaka.. smile also kenak snapped at…

On the other hand, when I do not smile, which is a very rare occasion, it does not necessarily mean I am in a bad mood or unhappy!! Maybe it is because I smile so often and casually that people start to think if I do not smile I must have slept at the wrong side of bed or swallowed a spoon or something. Come on people, give me a break, there are times that I could be too tired or sleepy.. yes it shows, but it does not mean I have problems or issues like I will die if I do not smile in the next couple of minutes.

Some people think its hard reading my emotions, since I have the same smiling expression on most of the times. Misleading as this can be.. allow me to share some tips if you want to understand me by my appearance.

This is me..being CHEERFUL

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This is me.. STRESSING OUT

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This is me.. DOWN and SAD

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This is me.. BORED and DAYDREAMING

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This is me.. errrmm.. errmm..

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Never mind..

Why do I smile always? Simply because I know most people would smile back at me if I smile at them first. I find simple and plain joy in seeing other people smile. Smile can mean so many things. It can be a welcome, or a gratitude, or simply showing delight and joy of seeing and being with another person, or a mask to seal away all the sorrow and pain deep inside. Whatever the reasons and purposes of a smile may be for any person, smile makes that person hundred times more beautiful.

So guys, keep that wide smile on alright? You shine when you smile.

Side Note: Alright, obviously I was very bored at work today, nothing better to do but camwhore. Something did happen however, when I loaded the last picture of me sucking my finger.. one of my work-mates walked by and accidentally saw it on the screen. I swear her eyes popped out and her jaws dropped clear down the floor.


  1. HAHAHAHA!! Your collegue must think that you're a narcissistic pervert now.

    Eh, btw, safe or not to blog at work?

  2. yes i know..ur still veli hensem!

  3. hey cynical idealist..
    I know !!! that was not supposed to be seen by anyone at my workplace !!! Accident !!

    hey wuching,
    thanks thanks... ahememmmmmmm

  4. Eh, what you work as? I want your job hahaha

  5. u look more handsome when u are daydreaming and bored ... = P

  6. hey merv,
    ahahhahaa, im a trainee still.. boring engineering company..

    hey dragon city,
    thanks.. :-)


  8. I also smile alot one leh. to electrify cute guy? =) hahahah


    as if i can.. *sigh*

  9. hey hong....

    hey cynthia..
    ahahhahaha smile wider.. sure suddenly the elctricity will come out one...

  10. Ur workmate must be thinking u're a real good SUCKER!! Well, that's human nature! We have different faces for different occasions, different places, for different people etc...! "The false face hides what the false heart doth know"! (Shakespeare)

  11. Hi Robin bro,

    Actually, i am also like you..

    I LOVE TO SMILE to an extent whereby tot i am crazy lah..

    Buy hey smiling makes u younger, it is cheap, and it can liven up any intense situations or moments...

    So same like you, when we stopped smiling, ppl ASSUME that we are either sad , down or facing some problem..


    I like this entry..

    Can i blog the same topic?? Lolz!!!!

  12. hey suituapui,
    waaahh... shakespear.... interesting.. ahhahaha
    yeah, but sometimes its so hard to put on the right faces..

    hey iwan,
    i guess u can relate with me eh? people do think something is wrong when we stop smiling.. but for goodness sake.. we have the right not to smile at times !!
    yeah, go ahead and blog bout it, no worries, ahahahhaa

  13. Robin, I like the last pic. Someone got sensual sucking is own fingers. OOO! HaHa nice one there.

  14. hey sam,
    thanks, ahahhhaa.. would have done more interesting stuff if I wasnt in the office.. but need to have the mood to kick in u know...

  15. lol, im very impressed, you must have taken a long time taking those pictures haah

  16. hey simmonette..
    thanks.. but why would i need to take that much time? those are just random pictures anyway..

  17. 'aaron, you're not smiling. are u mad at us?'


    'you're mad at us, aren't you?'


    'then why aren't you smiling?? you're mad la kan?'

    'i said NO, NO LAH.' do u WANT me to be.. ' <- okay that was getting irrelevant.

    point is, a smile is so natural on *ahem* cute faces such as ours that when we stop smiling - i mean c'mon, lets face it.. it gets painful if u smile too wide too long - people think we're pissed or something, when were actually not. oh well, i don't care. i still like smiling! hee.. :)

    oh. heh. it's also great to know that i'm not the only vain manwhore around. la di da di daa~

  18. hey aaron..
    yeah... u got that right.. smile is natural.. keep on smiliing dude, u have a very good sparkling one !!
    Hahahahaa.. well, who says guys cant camwhore huh? who made that ruling??

  19. i nearly died laughing!!! wakakakaka!!!

  20. hey silveraven
    ahhahhaa, glad I almost killed you with only the look on my faces !!! ahahahahaa...