Thursday, November 30, 2006

Before Kenny Sia's Birthday Party

It was on Sunday night, and before the huge awesomest party by the famous blogger Kenny Sia, I had my great chance of reuniting with some of my good friends from old college days. Chun Chow and Wendy both just got back from KL recently, and it was the right time to have a night out together, dinner, deserts, and last but not least, the much anticipated celebration of Kenny's birthday at Links Bar which I have blogged elaborately here(click).

We met up at Westwood for dinner. Chun Chow missed his lamb shank pretty much, while Wendy had Fish and Chips, and I had Chicken Chop which is the cheapest in the menu. I have blogged about Westwood before, and I shall not go much into details and photographs here. Introducing some of my coolest friends I have met in this lifetime...


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and this needs no introduction... but I just want to mention my own name over and over again. I never get bored doing that anyway, since Robin is such a beautiful name.


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Full from the dinner at Westwood, we hopped over to Scoops Gelato Bar, the newly opened ice-cream/desert cafe located just opposite one and only Hilton Kuching. Although the cafe was newly established, it has earned quite some reputation, and some people have given their recommendations. We were all eager to try out the freshly made daily ice-creams, and it was my promise to treat Wendy to the desert there even before she returned from KL. It was just after dinner, craving for something soft, sweet and refreshing made scoops look like the place to be. Hot Malaysian weather demands cold icy deserts.

The Front Bar

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I have my first encounter with gelato at Perth, which I have blogged here and here. There was even this PENIS SHAPED ice-cream, no kidding !!!! However, I shall not make comparisons with the gelato standards in Perth, since this was just the first gelato in Kuching (first, I think so) and the comparison itself is irrelevant to some degree. Trying out the place for the first time, I got to say, looking from the selection of flavours, there were not enough. Popular choices such as chocolate and vanilla were missing that night, and I had a feeling that the choices of flavours may vary from day to day. Chocolate was my favourite, and ferrero rocher was Chun Chow's favourite from Perth Gelato. I heard from other friends they served ferero rocher before, and it was not spotted the night we were there.

Not that I complain much about the more prominently oustanding flavours like fruit sorbets, but its just my personal preference of something wholy creamy, and full rather than juicy and tangy in taste.

Here were the choices we made.

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Mango, Raisin Rum and Passionfruit.

I think they tasted ok. Nothing extra-ordinary. But ok.

The pricing was somewhat a touch too expensive for Kuching standards (which is loosely defined by me anyway). I think somehow people here nowadays are more oepend to new concepts and more willing to fork out their cash for the changes.

I find the interior setup of the place being very homely-oriented, with the fuzzy sense of comfort at every corner. Soft-cushion sofa, widely spaced coffee table, warm, not so dim lighting, all made up to cater appropriately for most occasions. It could be a place for friends hanging out, or just as suitable for family to spend a night together away from home. There were plentiful of mini pillows to hug and cuddle while enjoying your ice-cream. I think I really like the place.

There was this particular body-length mirror with words printed on it. Words I find rather amusing, and silly at the same time. In case the jagged reflection of me affects the visibility..

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Here are the printed words...

No Bullshitting
No Smoking
No Backstabbing
No Gossiping
No Spitting
No Farting
No Nothing
No Life
No Sex
Only Robin, Just Robin

I was having a great time myself, enjoying my sweet ice-creams over long and craze-filled conversations with my dear friends. It was good to catch up on the lost times, sharing collected stories on respective sides, recalling some old memories, bursting out a great deal of laughters and just being ourelves, around our friends. I have lived the past few months of so being rather lonely since everyone is scattered everywhere, and no where near Kuching. I need to have people around me, or I will get all depressed and low. Now people are returning one by one, I felt that my pace in life is picking up faster and faster, and this is truly a great feeling. I need joy and warmth, and I find those around the people I hang out with. I need imspiration. Everyone does.

We talked cock, we camwhored, and we had ice-cream. We gossiped, and we had more ice-cream. It was effetive killing time while waiting for Kenny's Birthday.

Chun Chow and Wendy Enjoying their Scoops

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Me licking off the spoon.. slurrp

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Before we left the place, we found this large, wall-sized mirror, and we took one perpectual picture of ourselves.

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Man, I need to slim down, or else my pants wont fit anymore.


  1. Gelatos!!!

    I am wanting!!!

  2. hey arth,
    i heard there is this similar ice-cream place at miri too... is that true?

  3. oi oi... where's the bolster picture?? =P

  4. hey chun chow,
    I have BIGGER plans for that picture

  5. oh in malaysia is just calling for me to come back!

    love all the pictures of food on ur blog :)

  6. hey kristine,
    ahhaha, miss malaysia food eh?come back !!! and come to kuching, we go makan together !!