Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back to Blogspot

I have been using dot TK for a while now...

Everything was fine until today...

When I loaded my blog.. and the stupid promo header and TWO, I repeat... TWO pop up windows appear out of nowhere invading my computer space. I hated the blogger original navigational header bar, I hacked it somehow. I do not need another header bar which is equally if not more ugly looking. And the pop ups.. this is what I really call KECELAKAAN.

Now back to same good old brand new And it shall stay that way for some time from now on.

I have finally realized that I have blogged for more than a year now, excluding my journal entries on friendster, which was more like a diary writing rather than blogging. I started on blogger in November 2005.. and now.. this is my first anniversary. There have been plenty of joy and fulfilling moments throughout the entire year, and I have wonderful readers and supporters to thank for. For all you awesome cool sexy people out there, thanks so much, and I do wonder why some of you still come back here, since this place has been rather "less vibrant" lately...
But anyway, cheers people, and without you readers out there, this blog is nothing.

I have made friends, real friends through blogging. Now I seriously miss my blogger buddies from Perth. You all know who you are, and I can't wait to get back to Perth and catch up with you guys.

Alright folks, I shall take a rest from blogging for a while, maybe a few days, maybe a week, maybe few weeks. I do not know, I just feel like taking a break, and I want to do it. Hey, don;t give me that stare, blogging is hard work ok? After a year of hard work I deserve some vacation. But it does not mean I wont update at all, I will just do it more casually and less often. Meanwhile, I shall take my time, to read through all my entries from day one of blogging till this very one.. and I am gonna take all the time of the world to slowly enjoy my previous work.

So boys and girls, stay tuned to

And feel free to comment on what you think about this blog so far.


  1. happy resting

  2. Heh heh heh. That's why I never changed your URL. The popups were bound to get annoying sooner or later.


    :D Twas great getting to know you through this blog.

  3. hey wuching,
    you were my very first few readers.. and u are still here now !!!!! Happy to have u here...

    hey cynical-idealist...
    It was soooooo great knowing you !!! Luckily you saw the entry of me on the same flight with you, ahahahahaa..
    miss you people in perth dearly. wiching i could just teleport there now..

  4. like how you teleported to KFC?

  5. Blogging break? Noooo! Haha well, don't go away too long man. Btw, did I mention I'll be back next month? Will holler you up

  6. haha i din change ur link. Lol guess that paid off. haha

  7. Lets celebrate with a cup of coffee!!!

    .....maybe next time.....

  8. hey hong...


    hey merv...
    yea. come back quick... ahhahhaa, we must meet up...

    hey ivan,
    in fact, no one did change the link at all,only some new links to my tk.. none of the old links got changed.

    hey kenjj...
    yeah why not?? coffee sounds perfect !!!

  9. Welcome back my loveeeee. Told you liao tak boleh guna wan. hehe..