Saturday, October 21, 2006

What happens if Malaysians try to be Australians?

You see, Australia and Malaysia are two extremely different countries. I know, because I was raised in Malaysia, and had my tertiary education in Australia. Being there for many years now, I realize there are some Australian living styles and culture that will never blend in Malaysia. I would say the same goes vice versa.

Allow me to illustrate.

In Australia, you go up the bus, you say hi to the driver, same as you leave the bus, you say thanks or cheers or bye. You meet someone in the park, random people at all, you say hi, and nothing wrong to spark a conversation spot on. You smile wherever you go. Walk up to the cashier at any stores, they will greet you like their friends and talk to you in a way that you feel like you are the most auspicious person in the world.

In Malaysia, you go up the bus, you say hi to the driver, everyone will blardy stare at you one kind, and if you say thanks or bye leaving the bus, people will label you insane. If you are an incredibly sexy girl jogging in the park and saying hi and spark a conversation with a random guy, high chances you will get raped in the end, because the guy will most probably think you are leading him on and wanting to have sex. If you smile, at anywhere at all, you smile alone. And if you ever tried being nice and chatty with the cashier at any place, you will feel sudden rush of coldness as if the temperature dropped to minus 35 degrees and hear a growl of hungry lion if you are unlucky enough.

The list can go on in other terms, even politically and many more. Nevertheless, all this can so clearly be observed on the roads.

In Australia, cars will stop if anyone, or anything, I reiterate, anyone, or anything at all crossing the road. Pedestrians have such respect, and I genuinely admire the courtesy and very pleasing attitude of the road users in Australia.

And so you ask: What happens if a Malaysian tries to be an Australian?

Same thing that happens to cats and dogs in Kuching. Sadly.

Poor mate. Some things will just never make it in Malaysia. NEVER. No wonder Kenny Sia (click) wants to return to Perth.

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  1. hahah good one mate! yea tat's true.. like the cust service in aussie eg safeway is just better. msians..well.. u get the idea. btw i haf a rather similar pic of tat bird i took in richmond :D

  2. Poor birdie, but it's hilarious to see the way you potray it that way.

    You got the point, mate.

  3. hey alex,
    thanks a lot !! yeah, the customer service generally in aus is waaaayyy better than malaysia, and they do prioritize customers all the time.

    hey kenjj,
    thanks mate, and yeah, poor birdie..

  4. this is what we call cutural shock lah.

    that's why..i die die wanna marry i can have an excuse no need to go back Msia. Haha

    if you dont want to go back to Msia (next time)..u can find a gf here..marry to Australand. and then..'marry' your parents over here.

    sound funnier if you see the way i talk to you. =)

    wah sai..i miss you. *cough*...twice

  5. hey cynthia,
    hahaha, marry in aussie? wow u sure look far far ahead.. as for me, those things would have to wait, I have so many to see through first before thinking about staying in aus.
    Miss you too, lots, aheeemm.. but hey, only few more months, and I shall be in perth, and this time I shall be there for a loooong time.

  6. did u kill tat bird, robin?

  7. hey jason,
    robin is incapable of murder..

  8. some malaysians are to blardy proud for their own good. hahahahaa~ i mean, what's wrong with smiling and being nice to people? is it too much to do? can die ah smile? when you're nice to people, people like you. when you're mean people don't like you. so simple. and to think malaysians like to be liked. *rolls eyes* thank god i'm nice. :P am i nice robin??

  9. hey aaron,
    yeah, agree with u on that, but i think somehow it has something to do with the weather.. hot sweaty crazy weather = hot tempered crazy minded people..

  10. Hey mate!!

    Yup, a very good one indeed!!
    I agree every single word...

    The point is that we asians are being to reserve with people...
    I have to sat NOT only australians are friendly, it applies to Americans and the Europeans..

    Its thta, they can tlak andsmile to cleaners and treat them like and old friends..

    They don really discriminate people...

    Asians?? Haiz...


    Nonetheless, Hooroo!!!

    Do u know whats Hooroo??


  11. hey iwan,
    hooroo?? apa itu??
    anyway, yeah, glad to see that you share the same view as me, people here need to change, but then, that seems like almost impossible, dont you think?

  12. You got the point. But what to do? Smile at the right place loo. Sik Kuan Tu Ho.

  13. hey wilson,
    thanks. then again, there would never seemed to be the right place here..

  14. i say the bird deserved it. always painting my car with it's poop....