Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Vanishing Kuching

Everyone loves Kuching. It is such a lovable and beautiful city. The city may not be that much developed like other gigantic cities yet, but it is definitely going the right direction. There are places to go to, sights to see, and things to do. Having been brought up and spent all my childhood in this adorable city, I must say, nothing is sweeter than home. Like what Unker Francis' tagline says, Kuching is more than just a city with good food and ugly cat statues. There is indeed a lot more.

There is... the Reservoir Park.

Situated behind my high school (St Thomas) this place boasts of beautiful scenery complete with the greens and waters. The entire place is enveloped with lush green trees and bushes, and the huge lake at its heart makes the place a frequent visit for evening walk or fitness feats like jogging. That place, is reputed to have fresh air, suitable for outdoor activities.

I wonder, how fresh the air is looking from a distance...

There is.... the Kuching Civic Exhibition Center.

This place is the center of all the happenings and events, from large to small, drawing attention of everyone. The building has unique architectural accent to it, and the whiteness of the entire structure blends well with the surrounding landscape. The view from the top of the tower is indeed breathtaking. You can see most of the Kuching as far as the horizon stretches from the top level. Probably that is the reason why Civic center is the most popular spot for suicide. Yes, people die jumping down from the building.

I wonder, if people would still jump, if they cant see the ground from the top??

The Kuching Business District....

This is the heart of Kuching, with a few sky scrappers (if they qualify the category) standing proudly out from the flat low cheap looking old shops surrounding the area. Almost everything is centered in the business district, and the place would be flooded with people and the roads be jammed with vehicles from God-knows where.

Hmm.. wait.. Im sure there is more than just two buildings !!! Where is Hilton?? Where is Tun Jugah?? *gasp*

The Lim Fah San Temple..

This is one of the famous temples in Kuching, boasting of its giant sized white Guan Yin Statue at the front greeting everyone passing by the road. The temple is the largest and longest (and probably best looking) temple in Kuching.

But, where did the Guan Yin Statue go?? Can't see it???

Slowly and steadily, the sights of Kuching is fading away into the blurriness and whiteness of haze. Yes, the haze problem in this humble city is growing troublesome and annoying to many extends. The city is disappearing, literally. People everywhere already start wearing masks. as if that would help much Somehow, the problem has gotten so much worse, with the absence of rain for over a week. Soon, very soon, all you will see is this....

Maybe after that, then the Gahmen will start to think.. and say....

"Hmmm.. ok... we probably should do something about this...."

.... while the ministers and their executing committee are elsewhere in the world enjoying the sandy beaches discussing the matter over beer.

And also, maybe the next Nescafe Advertisement will look something like this....

(Idea STOLEN from Wei Thien)

Man, air pollution sucks !!

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  1. if u blow hard enuff, u can blow the haze away..

  2. dude. i STILL can't breathe. and whenever i sing in the shower, the cats outside scream in agony. hate hate hate the haze.

  3. wow...look like kuching haze is worst that kl..

  4. hey wuching,
    wow, if i suck enough, i might even swallow all the haze !!

    hey aaron,
    yeah, same here.. breathing difficulty too..

    hey dragon city,
    i believe its much worse, fires coming from kalimantan..

  5. haze builds character.

  6. holy crap! now i'm thinking twice about coming home

  7. Hey Robin, only through your photos, i get to know Kch is in such big trouble. Gosh!!!

  8. I'm sad looking at our Kuching that's becoming nothing more than a milk cow for the gahmen. The gahmen is too busy checking out adverts, finding mistakes in the BM and giving out fines to ppl who wrote "Kedai jual babi" instead of "pusat perdagangan khinzir" and couldn't care less about the haze. Hey, if the tax kept flowing in and the oil kept pumping, why bother, rite?

    Hey, on the other hand, mayb they should clear the haze, i mean, how they could look at adverts for wrong words in the haze?
    This problem is occuring for 10 year already iinm but nothing had been done, sad. All they care abt is their "mat cemerlang" and stuff.

  9. Every year, kuching is the first to be hit by the haze. That is really bad, man!!!

  10. hey hong,
    hmm, never knew haze affected you soo "ddeply"...

    hey merv,
    yeah, don't come back now, you will regret it...

    hey hie ming,
    the haze is actually much worse than what the news reported, duno lar, really scary going outside.. see all white

  11. hey tyw,
    ahhahaaa, well, what can we do bout the situation? blardy nothing.. sadness about the gahmen and its situation now, all the energy is focused on the unnecessary stuff.
    Well, malaysia boleh !!!

    hey hijackqueen,
    Oh well, sarawak boleh !!

  12. Dear Robin
    I am an ex thomian of many years. Currently in Brisbane.
    Saw your pictures of KCH.
    Sad to see how man made pollution has made the City very ugly.

  13. hey alfick,
    I am an ex thomian of many years too !!
    I know, its a very sad sight indeed.. but it will clear up once rain kicks in...