Monday, October 16, 2006

Stroking the Balls

Like I have repeatedly mentioned before, Kuching is not exactly the ideal place for night entertainment, and there are very limited activities to do or places to go for a group of friends who have nothing better to do and trying hard to kill time. Though I primarily believe that the people is the major fun factor setting everything else aside, but the restrictions in Kuching slowly creep their way into the sad lives of Kuching people, and somehow, at times, it could be rather dull here. Its a small town anyway, nothing similar in comparison to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. It is after all a place where crocodiles still walk along the roadside and we keep monkeys as pets.

It was Saturday night, my friends and I just run out of idea of things to do, besides sitting at the coffee shop whole night feeding our precious blood to the ever-hungry and annoyingly present mosquitoes out in the haze polluted air. Not a very good suggestion, but we are not the group of people who would spend hundreds of cash on meaningless alcohol just to get high in a club and puke everything out in the end. Man, Kuching can be darn boring on Saturday nights if one choses not to join the wild crazy party down at the clubs and pubs. Even those places got raid so very often, and now is so near the Hari Raya, the precise time of the year when some "officers" would do "over-time" work earning some "extra-cash" for the coming celebration. Them being hardworking means us being miserable. Not that we are not miserable enough.

And Moses suggested something.

Lets go Tuk Bola. (Poke Balls)

It was not like there was anything else we could do, and we have not played pool or snooker for quite some time. Snooker or pool used to be like our weekly activities few years back, and somehow since everyone has been gone the routine kinda stopped. So we went down to Watana, one of our favourite spots for snooker and had a few rounds of pool.

Here are the ball strokers, I believe they are all featured in this blog for the first time.




And of course, yours truly.. ROBIN.. Muahahahhaa...

I played two rounds, and stopped to take pictures. Hey, a blogger has to do what a blogger has got to do, ok?

It was a night of fun, simple joy of hitting and stroking the balls. I am not overly crazy on snooker or anything, but the sensation of forcing the ball into the pocket with a loud slam can just be the perfect therapy when I get really stressed out at anything. Sometimes, I do not care so much of pocketing the balls or playing with strategies at all, I just want to "feel" the ball pounding the edges of the table and somehow it just feels good. I do not know how or why, they just feel darn good. Thats why I like pool or snooker so much.

Moses, using the HUGE LONG stick to poke the ball..

I may not be a pro, but I sure can play. So anyone in Kuching wanna play with me?? Find me, anytime.

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  1. oi! dun tell me there's nothing to do in kuching, now i dun wanna go liao!

  2. Hmmm...
    A blogger gotta what he's supposed to do ar??


    Hmmm... It must be an enjoyable and good time i bet...

    Have u been to singapore???

  3. hey wuching,
    ahahahaa, u must come to kuching !!! Then we can camwhore together !!!!

    hey iwan,
    yeah, we bloggers take darn hell lot of photos !!!
    Ive never been to singapore, would love to go there some day !!!

  4. hello~!
    The pictures are nice.
    are those guys taken already?

  5. whoa.. everyone looked damn cool there ;)

  6. hey cynthia,
    thanks !! I believe they are all available now..

    hey sam,
    yeah, natural shots, they did not pose, I took those photos as they aim for the balls...