Saturday, October 28, 2006

Of Hari Raya and Friends

As promised earlier on, this entry shall be dedicated to the handsome and hunky lads I know and had the chance to meet and catch up with during the Hari Raya house hopping sessions few days ago. The next best thing after food during the festive season would definitely be people. I have such privilege to know and made friends with this wonderful group of Malay folks, and yeah, over the years, many things have changed, people got married, some made babies, some grown rounder, some have gotten themselves cars, and some just, well, disappeared. Nonetheless, it was Raya, the most auspicious celebration for the Muslims, and this was just the right time being back in Kuching, and meeting them after my absence for such a long time, it was truly refreshing and warm to the heart.

Selamat Hari Raya People !!!!

ALAN, a dear friend whom I went visiting with...

I guess almost everyone was equally shocked or surprised to see me, since I have been away for years, and some of them may have last seen me since 2002/2003 when I was still studying in Kuching. I miss many of my friends back in Kuching of course, maybe not as much as the food and hot chicksbut yeah, I find my own little surprises here and there too seeing everyone again. Most of those friends I have known from my high school time, many of them being my classmates, and spending so many years together somehow gave us the chance to know each other so well, that no matter how much we have changed over the years, we still recognize the inner parts of each other that developed during the years of growing up together. Smiles of familiar faces and sincere innocent laughters filling the atmosphere of the wild celebration were truly something therapeutic and soothing at the same time.

On the second day of raya, me and my dear friend Alan met up and throughout the entire afternoon till night, we visited a total of 7 houses. We could have gone for more the following day, but heck, my holiday has run out, and I need to resume working, Man, how tempting it was for me to just call in sick and go on out with my friends having once in a year fun, but I believe that to be rather unethical and would bring me undesired consequences should anyone from my work place find that out. Yeah... it sucks.

Here are the photos of the handsome and hunky guys I have visited during the Raya house hopping. Why no girls? I come from an all-boys school. St Thomas Secondary school. Go figure.


Nasrul holding his nephew and Alan trying to make him cry.


The shy guy (act shy only lar, konon) who refused to be taken any of his photos. I took this silently, hehehehehehe, he doesn't know, ssssshhhh


The bald guy, who smiles with a dazzle.


Another good friend, whom I have lost contact over the years.


Hitam manis (dark and sweet), just like chocolate.

And finally, FIZZY..

The guy who think himself being overly charming. Right.

It was so great meeting each and everyone of them again. Everyone had so much fun, indulging in good food together, and sharing lost experiences like we have not seen each other for 10 years. Of course, we do gossip about others, and yeah, who doesnt?

Some random shots of the people dining...

And finally, fitting almost everyone in the frame...

It was indeed a day well spent. I was extremely worn out, and boy was it difficult to find Fizzy's house. It was worthwhile, and somehow there was a hint of regret not continuing on the visits the following day. I just could not help it, I was new to the job, and asking for leave may just leave a bad impression. For the friends whom I could not make it for visit this time, I am terribly sorry, I tried my best, and hopefully I shall patch things up the next Raya round. I wish you all the happiest of celebration and the coming joy of life !!!

Anyway, I shall end this entry with few snaps of kids playing with fireworks at Fizzy's house. Man, a celebration feels more real with bright lights and colors.

Observing those children, it reminded me of my own childhood, during Chinese New Year times. Man, I am getting old, and now I understand why people would give anything to be young again.

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  1.'re using that cushion to hide your stiffy isn't it?

  2. hey wuching,
    not even that cushion can hide my stiffy.

  3. Wah Robin,

    Its refreshing to know a chinese guy like u who have tons of GOOD malay friends...


    Seriously, i think celebrating Hari raya in Malaysia is waaayyy better than in Singapore...

    Just my 2cents..


  4. hey iwan
    yeah, im not sure bout other parts of malaysia, but yeah, raya in kuching rocks !!

  5. hot hunky guys!! omg. do u realise how even the most ordinary guys turn hot whenever they slip on a baju melayu? simply baffling. i'm gonna get me a baju melayu, i dont care! :D

  6. raya in kuching memang best. its just so different from other places. lol zaki looks like a Datuk and Hazry looks like a star and comment hahaha

  7. hey aaron,
    so when will u get ur baju melayu dress in it, and camwhore on ur blog ah??

    hey ivan.
    man, how we all wish were back here for the visiting, everyone asking bout u lar.. aahahahha..
    zaki looks like datuk???? LOL LOL LOL.. true also hoh, the certs and awards at the back wall.. ahahhaha didnt think of that...

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