Thursday, October 26, 2006

Of Hari Raya and Food

Sorry for the late update, been tied up with some "stuff" lately. Anyway, this will be a picture overloaded entry, which I shall try to avoid doing again in the future.

It was refreshing to have Hari Raya being celebrated here in Malaysia, the outcome being extra a couple of days holidays for me, and this was my very much needed break from work. I myself have a group of Malay friends, mostly from my high school times, and much to my surprise their network is still very active, and almost everyone within the Malay circle of friends still keep in contact till this very day. Undoubtedly everyone is scattered everywhere in Malaysia, some possibly out of the nation, but one thing is for sure, when it is Hari Raya Puasa (Muslim's largest celebration) everyone would come back at once to their family, mainly to their hometown, and this is the right time of the year for huge gatherings and do some catching up.

Alan my dear friend, enjoying his food.

Of course, like I mentioned countless times before, where there is great celebrations, there is great food. Besides meeting up old buddies and asking if anyone has already gotten married and made babies, I for one would definitely attack the specially made food for the very auspicious occasion, happening only once a year. This entry, is particularly dedicated for the food I ate only, and there shall be another entry on my friends which I choose to blog separately, for the reasons of too many photographs taken, and undeniably, prioritizing food over anything else !! You all should know me by now. I said I live to eat, remember? Ok, I admit, I am fat.. well, who cares? Alright, maybe I do, a little...

Visiting houses, hopping from one place to another, I am very amazed to find different varieties of food everywhere I go. I supposed people are getting more creative nowadays.

In ALL houses of Muslims who celebrate Hari Raya, there will be plates and plates of goodies and nibbles served on coffee table adjacent to sitting areas, such as extremely COLOURFUL cakes, cookies, biscuits, peanuts, crackers and so on. It is a combination of many elements, sweet, sour, crispy, mushy, soft, or even creamy stuff. I particularly love jam tarts, and keropok with acars. Below are the few highlights of those light servings, yet compulsary at any house, screaming the attention of anyone looking at them. They can be eaten, without sacrificing much of stomach space, since most of them come in small size and portion. One can take more if one feels that the particular food is yummy !!

All variety of cakes, you name it, they have it !!

Butter Cookies... this somehow feels so CNY..

Finger food, crispy and sweet and salty !!! Sluurrrpp... love the crunch under my teeth !!

Look at their cute sizes !!! So adorable and yet so temptingly delicious.

Usually on the first day only, of some exceptions for certain people who choose to extend their main-dish to the second or third days, there would be an array of freshly cooked Malay food served for heavier consumption. Usual yet popular dishes would be curry, rendang, fried chicken, fried noodles/rice, ketupat, satay, lemang, and so on. I do not quite understand how yet, but my stomach could automatically expand itself during these festive season, and somehow take in 3-4 times more food than I usually can without feeling overly irritable or uncomfortable. Somehow, I just felt like I have fasted for one month like normal Muslims did before the day of celebration, and deprived of good Malay food. Man, I can just eat and eat and eat and eat...

Ketupat !!!!!

Something like... lemang??


Dry kind of curry?

And oh Lorinda, you will LOVE this... SATAY.....

Closer look for you darling..

slurrrppp.... tender, juicy, freshly barbequed...beef and chicken, you can even lick the sticks clean.. OMG DELICIOUS !!!

There are however some unique homes that serve western food.

Yeah, spaghetti bolognese for Hari Raya.

Man, seriously I did not quite know how much I have eaten, but still, I gotta say I did enjoy myself tremendously. What more to say, I was with my good old friends, from good old high school, and having great food with great friends, truly equates to great moments !! (will not over-congest this entry with faces of extremely handsome lads, which will come soon anyway) I am truly glad that I am back this year in Kuching for Hari Raya. I was away last year, my useless university had the final exams that time that I just had to skip the entire celebration. Imagine doing last minute revisions while having all those thoughts and images of mouth watering food flashing through your minds, man, it was just so torturing and being away from home just never helped at all.

Me, indulging myself.... hhmm hmmmm.. *burp*

To all my dearest Muslim friends, and to all readers of, I wish you all Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri !! Maaf Zahir dan Batin...

Coming up next: Of Hari Raya and Friends.

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  1. damn it. damn it all to hell!...

  2. I'll promise not to make jokes about sarawak laksa not being a real laksa if you send some of the sweet sweet food over.. :(

  3. wah robin!!

    Nice food!! And i didnt know whats a lemang..


    U must have gained weight rite???


  4. hey rodney,
    aahhahahahaa, make all the jokes you want, but sarawak laksa is still da best !!! Sarawakians, let me hear a w00t w00t !!

    hey Iwan,
    thanks !! me gained weight?? no lar.. ahahahaha.. already so heavy liaw... gain sum more can die loh

  5. the food! damn it! looks so good...damn it!

  6. hey, i know fizzi too! haha send my regards to that guy for me

  7. hey hong,
    of course they look good.. anything on my blog looks good.. muahahahhaa..

    hey merv,
    yeah, i heard bout u from him too. they all missed u lots... met up with silas that night too..