Thursday, October 19, 2006

NOKIA Latest Model, SYOOOK !!!

I am not a huge fan of handphones or typical other electronic gadgets, I do not know why, maybe there is something wrong with me. A sexy expensive latest model handphone that comes with all the coolest designs and features, just can never quite impress me and turn me on. After all, to me, a phone is just a phone, for sms and make calls to communicate. They serve their primary functions, that is the way I see it. What for having integrated camera? I have a cheap budget digicam that fares much better than the camera built in the most expensive phone. What for having games on the phone? I can play computer games on my 14 inch LCD monitor screen, with sound connected to amplified speakers with an active woofer. What for listening to mp3 on the handphone? I own M:robe, that looks and sounds so cool, and sexy that 9 out of 10 people have mistaken it for a handphone instead of an mp3 player.

My M:robe

Alright, back to the point I am making, I do not need my phone to have all the unnecessary features and controls. I know, that is just me, and everyone has their own preferences. I can go on and on about how I hate football, and how I do not fancy cars and motorsports like normal ordinary living boys would. But thank God my dick would still erect if a sexy girl stops and flashed her boobies in front of my face. That sounded harsh, I know, but after all, I am an ordinary boy, just do not get me wrong.

Anyway, while I was doing some grocery shopping with mum in the newly open 20cent Discount store nearby my place, I came across this Nokia model. It looks, very very different and unique. It is like nothing I have ever seen before. This is surely out of the world, and would make any Nokia lovers squeeze their buttholes looking at this model.

Behold, the latest Model from Nokia, never been seen elsewhere...

Take a better look....

OMFG !!!!! It is a FREAKING SHOE !!!!


Connecting People.

Now they come in pairs.

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  1. lol imagine if nokia didn't come with a series of numbers like nokia 6101 but instead nokia 'slippers' hell yea obsessive phone owners would love to have a pair of those slippers u've taken a pic of robin ;)

  2. hey sam,
    yeah, maybe a change of style for nokia is good eh??

  3. haaa.. will nokia come in panties later ler? :P

  4. did u buy it? u should since u like nokia so much, next will be nokia underwear, socks & condoms!

  5. wah lau!!!
    wonder which ah lien is going to wear that mannnn!!

    kuching punya lah boleh! =0

  6. Robin, Robin,
    Thats was damn hilarious!!! Hehehe!!!

    And yup to me, fancy hp is useless, the primary function is till answering, making phone calls and sms...

    all those built in Function are indeed redundant....


    But the Nokia shoe???

    That was ABSURD!!!


  7. hey karen,
    will you wear a nokia panties?? hmmm..

    hey wuching !!!
    I guess u must be a supporter of nokia !!!

  8. hey cynthia,
    u want?? I buy for u as souvenier when I go perth..

    hey Iwan,
    thanks !! Glad to know there are people who do think that primary functions of phones are for calls and sms !!!

  9. wah. nokia is really diversifying their business haha!

  10. hey merv,
    yeah, serious competition nowadays...

  11. hey, if they have a good quality... then why not? lolz~ :P :P

    by the way, you m:robe is so cool~ it will be much more cool if blue light~ :P :P

  12. hey karen,
    ahahhaa so you like blue lights eh? I prefer it red, it was because of the sexy red that attacted me so much that I had to buy it when I saw it on promo....

  13. u loves red ar? then u like fire station lor means? !! :P

  14. hey karen,
    red has that distinctive look, sexy, dangerous, and alarming. btw, i thought girls have fantasies of firemen?

  15. nabeh! u never die issit? you think im one of the ah liens issit? if u buy that Nokia shoes for me....i will *kill* ya!!! =)

  16. LOL! nokia really ROOTING itself firmly.

    i loove the m:robe. and i always curi roommate punya. coz her m:robe is cool, and my Creative is cacat. =P

  17. hey cynthia,
    why not try being an ah lien?? would be cool !!!

    hey cloe,
    long time no hear from u !!!! ahahaha.. so nice to have u here again..
    btw, where did ur housemate get the mrobe???? im damned sure its not available in malaysia !!!

  18. OMG, love the m:robe.

    Don't ever meet me, cause I'll be sure to steal it :P

  19. hey skyler,
    no worries, when we meet i will leave my m:robe at home...