Friday, October 06, 2006

Moon Cake Festival @ Kuching

Since last week, there has been a celebration of a grand scale in Kuching dedicated for the multi-named Chinese festival, Mooncake/Lantern/Mid-Autumn festival. I prefer to call it the Mooncake Festival. The carnival took place at Carpenter Street, near the Kuching Post Office and the Waterfront. The Carpenter Street stretches as far as 1km (am I right? just an approximation) the road has been closed from public access/use, isolating the entire street for settings of stalls all along it. Last night I moved my huge heavy ass out of the house down to Carpenter Street to witness and experience the grandeur and majesty of the festivity season. After all, Chinese are well known to know how to throw HUGE celebrations.

The Grand Entrance

The entrance to the Carpenter Street greeted the incoming visitors with the typical and traditional looking China Town Arch spanning high up. The whole area was very well lit with strong-powered white spotlights beaming broadly everywhere creating a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. One glance at the Welcome Arch, one will feel being invited and called to go in. Furthermore, the pool of people flooding the place in and out just proved that the place was definitely worth checking out. It is just a common understanding, where there is a lot of people, there is something huge and nice happening.

Me and my friends strolled along the place and there were a few surprising spots along the walk. Generally, the place looked more like a food fair, selling more food of all kinds than anything else around there. Food ranging from BBQ delicacies, to traditional Char Kueh and Burgers... it just simply reflect the essence of any good celebrations... good food. Well, what is celebration without good food anyway... And boy, Kuching is the land of cheap and good food. Other stuff like lanterns, traditional handicrafts, mooncakes, and festival-related items are also sold prominently side by side with the food. I shall elaborate less and let the pictures do the explaining more. Do bear in mind that I own a crappy camera, and the event took place at night, thus please spare the bad comments on my photography abilities.

The PEOPLE everywhere, flooding the entire place...

Humble good old Kuching folks, it is great blending into the crowd of loud hokkien speaking community again.

Lanterns on sale..

do kids nowadays still play lantern since there are things like X-Box, PSP, Handphones, and well, computer games??

The Malay Musical Performance....

Non-Chinese are not missing out on this event...

Followed by Malay Dancers...

And they grabbed significant amount of attention from the public....

The food being prepared out in the open, aroma filling the atmosphere...

Goodness, though I just had my dinner, I got hungry looking and smelling at those food being prepared !!

Of all the weird things that we spotted like a fat lady singing a number by Jay Chow with a voice more croaked than a crow and traditional Malay musical fighting in volume blasting with adjacent Chinese Mini Orchestra, there seemed to be something extremely wrong somewhere along the street. Something that should not have happened...

Cant read the words??

Unless the moon could fall down from the sky, ham is pork. Pork is pig. Pig is unholy. At least for the "formal religion of this country". But, seriously, aren't those people cooking and preparing the food.... Muslims?? Take a closer look....

And I bought myself one of those....

just to verify the content. Yes, positive. Surprising indeed.

Of course, Burger King made it to this event too...

Errm, I mean, local burgers. Whatever...

And finally Oyster Omelet...

This was the first time in my life ever to taste an oyster omelet, though it is considered as a very popular dish locally. I just never had the chance to try it out. I am not such a big fan of Oysters, but hey, lets just give it a try, why not?

Can't see the oyster? Take a closer look...

My first Oyster Omelet, and I'm loving it. Will scoop for more soon in the future.

To all Chinese who celebrate Mooncake Festival, Happy Mooncake Festival to you !! Kids, play all the lanterns you want, coz it is probably the only time in your pathetic childhood that your parents would allow you to play with fire. Fire is hot, fire is fun. If you manage to burn something, shout out loud Yippie !!! And to the rest of the people, eat as much mooncake as you want. Lets just hope the haze will loosen a little to allow some ray of moonlight shine down from the sky.

Side Note: I played lanterns with a group of crazy friends in Perth last year. It was good being kids again. Anyone wanna play lantern with me in Kuching?

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  1. hey wuching.
    happy mooncaking to u too !!

  2. i wanna play too. happy mooncake festival!!

  3. we went..we as in Me, EC, David, Jon, Kristine, Lee Suen, and Kian..all went to Pasar Malam curtin! =) *ahem*

  4. hey ivan,
    come come we go play !!!

    hey cynthia...
    who is lee suen?? which david? yong??

  5. Hey, I like your photos!!! You're getting better and better day by day. Keep up the good work, happy lanterning!!!!!

  6. hey tyw,
    thanks, but honestly i need a better camera... sigh
    getting tired of the restrictions...

  7. aaaaaahhh! i want the food! :( i CANNOT believe i missed the monncake festival. i simply cannot.

  8. hey aaron,
    how come u didnt make it? it was on for the entire week !!

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  10. i was pretty busy. and the haze was literally making me stay home. heh. dude, was wondering if we could meet up somewhere and u could help me out with my page? my page ada gila sikit.. the sidebar's WAY down there.. and i want a new header too.. i just don't know how to get one. :) can u help me out dude?

  11. hey aaron,
    I will be most glad to help !! I have sent you an email to your yahoo mail, so please contact me from there on...