Saturday, October 14, 2006

Kuching Noodles

Kuching is indeed a place for heavenly food, and especially so for a wide variety of noodles, and all are very reasonably is not lowly priced. Many of the noodles are uniquely local, and can only be found here, with maybe slight variations there and here found at other places which may not even make it half as good as the original ones. I have repeatedly blogged about Kuching noodles, like the famous Kolok Mee, Gubak Mee, and all kinds of Fried noodles variation, again and again I express my love and affection to those noodles. Interestingly, something rather striking happened to me last week on my first day of work, that started off my series of noodles eating chain.

In a simplified version of the story (since no one is interested in the long ones anyway), I have worked previously in company A before 2 years ago, and on my first day, and my first outstation visit, my supervisor brought me to this kopitiam at Tabuan Laru, and he highly recommended me the Heng Hua Mee there, and so I was treated the lunch, and I gulped down Teh-O-Peng after finishing the noodles. The meal was fabulous, and I remembered the place for a long time, though I have not had any chances going there again, since its extremely far from my house.

However, this time around, in my first day in work in company B (I quitted company A, for many many reasons) I met up with a group of people (from other companies also) and as I was on my way back from the outstation trip, I was brought to the exact same kopitiam at Tabuan Laru, and one person recommended the Heng Hua Mee. And so the lunch was also free, and coincidentally I also ordered Teh-O-Peng. The funny thing was, I only realized that I was there before, also on the first day but at company A, after I have finished the noodles !! It is freaky in a way, I know, same pattern happening all over again, just different time, different place, history repeating itself. Is fate trying to tell me something?? Hmmm..

Anyway, back to the noodles...

On ordinary days, when the wallet is in "ordinary" conditions...

Heng Hua Mee - RM4.50

Cant see the noodles?

Black Bean and Egg Noodles - RM4.50

Cant see the noodles??

On occasions when the wallet is rather thin....

Bak Cho Mee (Brown Vinegar Noodles) - RM2.20

On even abnormal conditions, when the wallet is EXTREMELY thin,

Mee Kosong (Plain Noodles only) - RM0.80

And at times when the wallet is actually EMPTY...

Indo Mee with Egg... Free, since its home-cooked.

I gotta say, I liked the Brown Vinegar Mee the best for now, its my preference of the month kinda food, and its also not expensive. But still, Indo Mee is like student's Godsent instant food, and I gotta tell you for those who do not know, the Aussies LOVE Indo me, when we introduced the noodles to them, they kinda, got addicted to it. Well, that is another story.

To wash down all those noodles, I suggest you go with Teh-O-Peng (Iced Tea).

Now, if you have drools all over the computer screen, I am not at fault. Blame it on the food.

Note: There are so many other good noodles in Kuching, but I only blogged a few that I ate recently. After all, the other more famous ones I have blogged some time ago, and if you are hardworking enough, you may find them.

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  1. damn you to hell. now i'm hungry!

  2. Hey Hong,
    Its meant to make you hungry !! Muahahhahaa

  3. the mee kosong is taken from Petanak!! i hate that noodle. nt nice la.

    but damn the others look damn nice. i miss kolo mee

  4. the mee kosong is taken from Petanak!! i hate that noodle. nt nice la.

    but damn the others look damn nice. i miss kolo mee

  5. the mee kosong is taken from Petanak!! i hate that noodle. nt nice la.

    but damn the others look damn nice. i miss kolo mee

  6. spamming. my bad. sorry but i couldnt get thru earlier tee hee

  7. hey ivan.
    but yeah, the mee kosong sucks, ahahaha

  8. muahaha, yaya, totally agree with you~ kuching here got lots type of mee.. hahhaa

    stil got Mee Po, Handmade Mee, Green Mee, Carot Mee... omg~ hhaaa...

  9. hey karen,
    i think i've blogged about mi pok, and green noodles before, but never carrot mee.. ahahahhaa.. maybe eat that soon...

  10. i like teh-o-peng manyak manyak!

  11. hi robin hood,

    the sequence of the food is hm.. enjoyable.. haha

    for me, i like kopi peng.. but then i heard kopi not very good for our health so i change to limau ais or fruit juice..

    but sometimes still order hokkasai (kopi+milo peng).. =)

  12. hey wuching,
    same here !!! Come back we have one round of teh-0-peng !!

    Hey kerlinai linkerai !
    Thanks.. yeah, i like lime juice too, very resfreshing, aahahaaa

  13. Dude, isn't that's at Fat Cat's kopitiam? I wrote about their laksa before though. Their laksa's the best, much better than Madam Tang's laksa.

  14. hey kenjj,
    no, the noodle was from one coffee shop at bdc.. im not sure of the name but if it was fat cat it would have been obvious.

  15. Wah dude!!

    The captions are damn funny!!! Cant stop laughing!!!

    How do u survive in australia then???

    Everday noodles ar? Lolz!!!

  16. hey Iwan,
    Thanks !! When I was in aus there was one era when I had indo mee like for almost everynight...
    then i decided to stop coz i felt darn unhealthy...
    and i stopped ever since !! but i gotta tell u there is something additive in indo mee... just different from normal instant noodles...

  17. I can't believe that you never tried and raved about the imcomparable Kuching Laksa !!

  18. hey tuanton,
    I did blog about it btw, go refer to my older entries.

  19. hey alex,
    kampua belongs to sibu lah, not kuching, kampua in kuching sucks !!