Sunday, October 01, 2006

From Yellow to Red

One year ago, when I got back from Perth to Kuching during the summer holidays, when I was equally as cashless and poor as I ever would be, I have got some awesome friends (Chun Chow and Wendy) to thank for getting me a new prepaid number from Digi. Well, it was indeed really pitiful seeing this poor innocent guy not having a number at all, trying to save every single cent to maximize on expenditure for Kuching food only... At least I still have people thinking of me and not leaving me behind in this cruel world....

And so the number lasted for few months and ceased operation once I left for Perth again earlier this year. Since I have left Kuching for almost a year now, the number, sadly, expired for no one was feeding the money eating prepaid service for such a long period of time.

Almost one year later since then, I have returned to Kuching, and similarly, I was terribly broke. This time around, I have got a different prepaid number, from a different friend, and it was not Digi, but Maxis. Thanks Jack for getting me the number, I truly appreciate it.

Oh gosh, the joy of hearing my handphone ring after a month of total silence, the joy of receiving sms and typing with the finger hard piercing keypads, I was very glad that my handphone became alive once again.

To be honest, I never really cared what prepaid services I was using, and whatever benefits each of them would carry, since all prepaids are money consuming anyway. In comparison of my expenditures on prepaid mobile phone in Perth and Kuching, you will be surprised to find out that I spend so much less in Perth than Kuching. Why so you may ask? Mainly because the validity period per reload of 30 bucks will last me half a year (6 months) and I have free talk time of 300 minutes to the same prepaid which was popularly used by most of my friends there. Blardy 5 hours of free talk time, and I can call to anywhere across Australia !! In Kuching, any prepaid would be the same, RM 30 reload wont last you long, maybe not even one month for normal usage, and the maintenance of a prepaid number in a long run has never been easy on my limited cash balance. Yes, you may say that I sound extremely stingy, and hell, no one have complained about the phone services here before, but I am not wrong to tell you that Malaysian mobile phone services are considered to be relatively expensive in comparison to most other countries. No kidding mate.

So guys, if you can't get enough of and feeling a little desperate for hot and spicy and steamy chat over the phone, do not hesitate to ask for my number, call me anytime, and I will be there to tend to your needs. Of course, anything else from friendship extracted from me will not be generously free. Nothing is free anymore in this world my dear, nothing !!

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  1. Which fucking prepaid service u use in PERTH!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?

    My fucking optus eats AUD30.00 each month lar. Some more no free calls, just 18c calls (reduced from 32c).

    Blardy mahal I tell you.

  2. Robin, you see ah, Jon has plenty of money to spend one. *ahem*
    I use THREE, 49 cap plan. I use that to call everything. Home, landline, other mobile. My bill used to be 100++..since i got THREE, considered better liaw. phew. =)

  3. By the way, Kuching phone bill so expensive..why dont u come back to Perth ASAP. Haha

  4. i agree with you on the kuching-bills-freaking-expensive part. seriously. totally with you on that.

  5. hey jon,
    I am using optus prepaid with the free call plan, usually 30 bucks would last me till the day it expires.. well, 9/10 people on my phone list are using optus prepaid, so that explains the cost saving effectiveness...

    hey cynthia,
    I am thinking of taking up a 3 number too, coz many of my friends have switched to 3 recently..

    hey aaron !!!
    yalor.. and me here so poor arr... now have to feed the number month by month, can cry i tell u...

  6. i am thinking of getting a prepaid when i reach malaysia, any tips on what to get?

  7. hey wuching,
    errm, errm, to be honest I am not the best person to ask since I have been away for quite long also.. ahahhaa, but if you ask me I will definitely recommend celcom.. just my preference.

  8. hey she's jess...
    with pleasure....

  9. Ooo... Remind me to get your number before I go back to Kch. Must ask you go for lim teh.

  10. hey merv,
    sure thing !! we MUST meet and yum cha !