Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A friend indeed

It has been a while since I last blogged about a person. When I was in KL last month for my brief visit/stop there on my way back to Kuching, I managed to meet a good friend of mine whom I have not met for over the past few years. This friend I have known since the days of high school, and we have shared uncountable laughter, joy and even pain and tears. This friend has never failed to be there for me whenever I needed him, he has always been patient and kind and listened to all my rantings. We bitched about our lives to each other, we gossiped about others and of course, we had huge share of fun hanging out. We spent so much time on court that I had to admit he was my tennis buddy. This friend, is one of the most astounding, and awesome person I have met in my life.

His name is MERVYN..

(Hint: he is available)

Alright, a little intro about him. A decent guy, has strong faith in Christ, responsible in every decision he makes, and knows his stand well in any situation he is in. He probably uses his heart more that any other friends I know, he shows so much compassion and care to others. A selfless person, extremely friendly in nature. Oh ya, he is, the awesome friend. Since after high school, we went separate ways, and only met on occasions. He is now studying in Russia, as for me, I have been at Perth all these while. Our holidays never coincide, and therefore we have not seen each other for ages !!! And, there I was in KL, coming back from Perth, and there he was in KL, going away to Russia !!

When you are around your friend, you will automatically loosen yourself up. You can just talk about anything, and share your every thoughts without fearing being judged or looked in a weird sadistic way. Being around a true friend, you can be honest, and open, and well, just be yourself !! I have not sensed this comfort for so long, not since high school days. Do not get me wrong, I have met and formed many friendships over the years, and many have become extremely close and great friends, but my heart will always have a special place for people whom I have known, and trusted for over a decade. Not that they are any more special or preferable in any sort, but old friends who grow up with you, know you inside out. And friends who know you well, are the ones that understand you better. They are the ones that I find greatest comfort in.

I was so happy being able to meet Mervyn. We chatted for HOURS, non-stop, and we laughed like there was no tomorrow. Goodness, we laughed and laughed and laughed.. I swear, if there was no one around we would have rolled on the floor literally !! Mervyn is never short of humour. We can be as crazy as we can be, for we have shared crazy times. Catching up on the lost moments, hearing stories from respective places, people we have met, experiences we have encountered, each and every moment there was indeed priceless.

Ivan, another great friend (he does not want me to blog about him yet) joined us later. Too bad, Ivan could not stay long to enjoy all the sizzles and gossips. he had to leave early and make preparations for his coming exams.

It was truly a wonderful opportunity to be able to meet and catch up with Mervyn. If we did not meet this time, it would be another 3 if not 4 years again before I can meet him again !! God knows what would happen in the future, maybe Mervyn will become so successful and take the world by storm while me living on the streets fighting for food with the cats and dogs, and he wont even recognize me anymore. Well, things could happen, and we will never be able to tell. To Mervyn, whatever will be, I sincerely wish you all the best in everything, and you will always have my prayers !! I look forward for our next meeting, and I am expecting it to be a rather interesting one !!

Side Note: If you think that either of us is ghey, maybe you have not experienced true friendship before, and so you can go and pull off every single strand of hair off your head.

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  1. eh, u introduce me to ur readers lah! kekekeke

  2. Robin,
    When i read this entry of yours, it remind me of me and my good friend...
    He will be leaving to Aussie for 5 years and will we still be good friends thereafter? i just hope so...
    i am full of envy when i see you with your good friends..
    how do u maintain a good friendship?

  3. *plucks off a strand of hair*

  4. hey wuching,
    sure sure !!! which one u want me to intro to??

    hey iwan sanchez
    its not easy maintaining good friendships, but, there are a few that are extremely special to me, and i do every effort I can to hold on to those good friends. emails?? msn?? sms?? I do not know... but when we are being away from each other for so long.. we tend to look back and miss all those times.. and we will look for each other again..
    no worries dude, im sure u and ur friend will keep in touch just fine !

    hey hong,
    now pull ALL off...

  5. *pluck* *plick* *pluck* *plick* *pluck* *pluck* *pluck* *pluck* *pluck* *plcik* *owww* *pluck*

  6. hey hong,
    now did u pull off ur pubics as well?? hiak hiak hiak...