Thursday, October 12, 2006

Follow Me: Peanut Butter

I told quite a number of people of how long my hair was during my time in Perth. And the reason why I kept long hair was because I was too lazy and stingytried to save up the haircut costs for something more spending like, oh well, food !! I do not know why but people who know me find it rather difficult to believe that I have long hair, and would not even believe me when I said I have photographic evidence. They just could not imagine this poor innocent Robin having a long hair. Oh well..

I do not know why but I kinda miss my long hair. After coming back to Kuching, I had to trim them off, since it would appear decent and more "kuai" for my old folks at home. You know how nastily noisy they can get if you upset them with things seem so right and accepted in today's world, but deemed corrupt and illegal by their generation's regulation that stretched undesirably down to our, unfortunate generation. Well, it is not my choice to complain much, but heck, I do think I look good with my natural hair, without much modification. Ahem, self praise here, since this is my own blog, I have my rights to praise myself here. *clap clap clap*

Speaking of hair care.. I use all sorts of weird products, ranging from fruity shampoo to cool conditioners and hair softener.. or hardening gel, you name it, most probably I've used it. Somehow, something struck my mind and I could not get it off for obvious reasons. Take a look at this particular Follow Me product below. I am not a huge fan of Follow Me, but somehow, the hair cream gave me a very uncomfortable feeling...


Who in Malaysia does not know LADYS CHOICE ??!!

Dammit, now my hair gel smells like peanut butter. Malaysians and their creativity. Astoundingly incredible.

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  1. Ngaiti...I had longer hair than yours before.

  2. hey kenjj,
    errmm errmm.. me different mar, people just dun wanna believe me !!

  3. You need hair gel to get your hair to stay in shape? That's sad. I just tell 'em to fall in line and 'em hair or mine just falls into position

  4. i cant recall mush of lady' choice such thing meh?
    shit! sound familiar...can take more pictures n show me when u come back to perth, please? thanks

  5. hey merv,
    can you command your hair to "erect" without hair gel?

    hey cynthia,
    got ah... the tv advertisement everywhere also.. lady's choice mayonaise is not bad..

  6. I still have my long hair and it's getting longer too.

    Dont be jealous,ah??

  7. hey arth,
    yeah, its painful to cut my precious hair, but im not jealous.. ahahahaa.. but im jealous of your tattoos though !!! no way I could get that in the next five years.. sadness...

  8. is that how u get that beautiful wavy hair!

  9. ahh... now i get it. So that's the way u get girls to lick ur hair.. LOL

  10. hey wuching,
    thanks for the compliments on my beautiful wavy hair, but i hate to tell you its natural.

    hey chunchow,
    errmm.. im afraid they might chew all my hairs off !!!