Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Coffee at Tao

On one of the nights of going out and having fun with awesome people while hopping from place to place in town, there was this one particular place that I have not fully blogged about, it was Tao Padungan. I was with Hong, waiting and killing an hour over before meeting up with other cool people at Bing, another coffee place not too far away. Tao is a very cool coffee place, newly opened, and has gained popularity in such short time. Since it was just the two of us, and that night the place was not crowded, it was just the right time to take out my camera and have good snaps of the entire place, without too many eyes staring at me with that one kind weird look, as if I was an alien from Krypton or something. Geeeez, people, can't anyone take pictures with peace nowadays? Thank God I was just using a compact camera, having a D-SLR would just have more eyes popped open wide.

Tao serves an array of beverages ranging from hot to cold, fresh juices and nice blends of all other weird never seen before drinks. They have really expensive food in their menu, and most of them are extremely over-priced. This is Kuching, having something more than RM5 on a plate is considered over-priced, yeah, go figure. Atmosphere wise, the place is extremely unconventional. Though having the usual dim lighting and comfy furnishings in the sitting/dining area, what gives the place an extra edge is the entire Buddhism themed decor surrounding the whole room. Just looked at every corner, your eyes cant miss any decor suggesting Buddhism, statues, Buddha heads, coils.. paintings... anything, anywhere !!! I do not know what the motive of the interior design is, maybe to provide peace and calm to the patrons, but heck, I felt a little out of place sitting there for a while. But hey, one can just complain less and enjoy the rest of the evening, right? The place may be weird, but it was certainly unique in its own way.

Pictures of the place...




Hong had not had dinner, so he ordered a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese. My goodness, it came in such a small portion that even cannot satisfy a hungry kitten. What is with Kuching and serving food in very stingy portions.. I know Kuching is a place with all the good food, but everything comes in rather limited servings, and I never really filled my stomachs with them. Ok, maybe somethings wrong with my stomach, but heck, for Tao, and their overpriced food, does it hurt to have larger portion?

Me and my favourite Flat White. Would have gone for Latte, but Flat white is far rarer in Kuching, and I havent had one since my days in Perth. It was good, with the right strength of coffee in it. I added a lot of sugar, like usual; to blend in the aroma of caffeine. Sweetness and bitterness come together just nice.

It was a Friday night, a freakin Friday night, what was I doing at Tao? We went over to Bing later meeting other friends, and what were we doing there???


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  1. Hey Robin,
    U ended the entry quite abrubtly..
    Anyway, the ambience is cool and relaxing wor...

    But i didnt know that portion of food was freaking small!!!


    Maybe one day if u come to singapore, i will show u around.. The best coffee place that serves huge portion of servings...


  2. i'll let u buy me coffee there..

  3. At least Hong learnt his lesson (don't worry, I know him) - never order food from any coffee house.

    Btw, Tao just pulled in the best barista ever from Bing...and he's my friend. No wonder I was told recently that Tao's gaining popularity and Bing's losing its fame. He just made Tao's coffee the same taste as Bing, which is great. Man, I'm so used to Bing just because of his coffee...and now what, Tao? Sigh...

    Don't forget...by the time I come back to Kch, make sure u have lotsa cash coz coffee time is a must for us!

  4. hey iwan,
    i was doing that entry in the middle of the night... sigh.. dun even know what i was typing..
    Tao was not the best coffee place, its just new, so we went there often..

    waiting for the huge portions in singapore patiently...

    hey wuching,
    aiyoo.. you buy me lar !! I am a poor cashless little boy...

    hey kenjj,
    yeah man, waiting for you to come back.. ahahahhaa, we must have a mini bloggers gathering or something.. ahahhaa, that would be so cool...
    bing or tao is fine with me... ehehe...
    normal kopi peng also can do !!!

  5. aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ not my fault i didnt know kopi tiam food there would be so bad.

  6. hey hong...
    ahahaha, who ask u.. a bowl of kolok mee would be more satisfying