Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bright Colours of Northbridge !!

I know many people would give anything just to be able to come back home after being far away for so long, but as for me, though I have just reached home not too long ago, I am now beginning to miss Perth already !! This sounds crazy, I know, but I mostly miss the people there, and of course, as surprising as this can be even to myself, I simply love the lifestyle there. Weighing all the good and bad elements, I would say I am in favour of Perth general living, in comparison to Malaysia solely. Any particular reasons in this preference? A long list of excuses that I believe none of you would be interested in. I'm sure Kenny Sia would agree. Somehow. He bought his coconuts from Perth anyway. Go figure.

People have complained that there is no night life in Perth. People complained that the shops close very early and the entire town is deserted at night, except for Thursdays and Fridays. (shops in the city is open till late on Fridays, and shops in the sub-urbs open till late on Thursdays). Then again, what is night life? People complain that there is not enough entertainment in Perth. But, what is entertainment for you? People generalize that Perth is boring. Fortunately that is not the case for me. Why? I do not shop 24/7. I do not club 24/7. And I find entertainment in so many ways, in so many simple things. My life itself is an entertainment, and I have this blog to prove it.

People may interpret living comfort and enjoyment in a wide variety of perspectives. I simply adore photography, and those who have been around this blog for some time will see that I am a little bit over-ly crazy about photography. No, sadly I do not own any good camera. my lousy crappy cheap camera has so many limitations that sometimes I just wish I could sell myself to some desperate needy insecure souls rob the bank and buy myself a DSLR. But heck, I am a peaceful person, and I make use of what I have most of the time. And guys, I gotta tell you, photography in Perth is paradise. You just never run out of things to photograph. Anything from nature, landscapes, buildings, food, people sex and they even have very nice night scenes.

Looking back my collection of photographs I have come across an album which I have yet to publish on my blog. I guess there was one stretch of era when I was extremely busy and stressed out with so much work that I have to leave many entries behind. That particular day I was heading down to Northbridge with my camera in hand and just happyly snapped whatever nice places that sparked my eyes. Northbridge is the only place in Perth that really lives at night, and it is actually the heart of entertainment. Interesting things happen there all the time. Do not ask me what. Try and be imaginative to fill in the blanks.

If you want sandwiches, there is, Subway...

If you want Chinese Food, there is Old Shanghai...

If you want steaks here is a highly recommended award winning international steak house..

If you want to want to saturate your blood with alcohol and PAAAAARRRTTYYYYY and shake your body whole night long until something loosens and drops off... here are a few nice places...

A mistake at a glance and the above place looks like.... Viagra?? Hmm.. wonder what goes on inside viagra Varga...

And if you are desperate for some sizzling spicy extra special actions...

And I know Ivan wants to go there..

Not that I have been to all those places I photographed above, and you can safely assume that I am a very decent and ordinary kid. No kidding.

No who says there is no night life in Perth? Hmmmmphh ??

There are plenty more pictures, but I guess I will have to cut down or else this page will never complete loading. do bear with my measly connection of 1515 (the ancient dial up) that only snail will know how slow they crawl. Malaysia Boleh indeed. Those of you who are in Perth and been to any of those places published above, do feel free to drop a comment or other recommendations. Those are just random photography. Many other nice and more frequented places are not included in this entry.


  1. wth! why always say me 1???

  2. perth is OK...depend how you look at it, Art, building, colors.. I would say everywhere is NICE~! =)
    By the way.. Old Shanghai for Chinese food? eh! That's for I take u go somewhere else next time when you back. k? Cheers!

  3. Old Shanghai doesn't have the best food around, but I love its atmosohere. Especially at night.

  4. Hmm... I should do one on Singapore Nightlife. But that might be a bit erm... Whoreful.

  5. hey wuching,
    ahahaha i go out photopraph things FREE leh !!

    hey ivan,
    you seemed to be the best target..

    hey cynthia,
    Well, you have to admit, old shang hai DO serve chinese food, and I can bet there are no better looking place around...

    hey great swifty
    I never mentioned that old shanghai had best food, like i mentioned its a random photography, and I think the apprearance is nice..

    hey merv,
    why not?? let the world see and know what whore is all about in singapore !!!

  6. Who say there is no night life in Perth? Slot in some coins and violaaa!!! :D

  7. hey hijackqueen,
    indeed !!!! LOL LOL