Friday, September 29, 2006

Sudden Appearance

I have posted a blog entry on how messy and terribly disorganized certain shops in Malaysia can be and how much of an eyesore can those ignored mess be, being proudly displayed virtually everywhere. That was just before I left for Perth this year, and now I have returned, much to my disappointment, nothing much changed. In fact, things got much worse.

Have you ever felt that you needed to get something quickly and urgently, rushing to the nearest supermarket near you, walking rapidly straight to the department selling the product of your need, and when you actually arrived at that very spot, that section was being closed down for restocking/rearrangement? All you saw was the hell of a mess and junks of God-knows-what piling up everywhere, and you just could not seem to get what you were looking for so desperately !! Goodness Gracious, why can't the staff do the restocking off the office hours instead of trading hours? Why do they have to leave all those unattended junks around all over the places? And honestly the mess is not good looking at all. I have plenty of nasty pictures here but I figure it is not my place to publicize something so unique yet ugly looking.

Sometimes, things could get rather interesting. Those people can be so annoying that they can just appear in front of you so suddenly while they are doing their maintenance/rearrangement works. Serious.. they APPEAR, and they actually can beg your pardon for that. Maybe they will disappear shortly after that too.. sheeessssssshh !!!

So boys and girls, be prepared, and do not scream when you see someone suddenly appear in front of you out of the thin air. Please, excuse their appearance !!

Side note: I believe the right word for that would be "presence"? Please excuse our presence, no? If you have any better suggestions please feel free to say it.


  1. at least they have the decency to be apologetic.

  2. hay man! jedi mind trick. thay got teh force on their side.

    -these are not the maintainance workers you're looking for-

  3. Maybe they are asking you to excuse their looks (ie appearance).

    Please excuse our appearance = please excuse how messy, stinky, ugly, fugly, stupid and dirty our cheaply paid slave labour look.

    Then again, Houdini may still be alive :)

  4. hey wuching,
    oh well, the least they could do is apologize properly !!

    hey hong..
    Im not a fan of star wars, no thanks...

    hey jon,
    oh dear, thats a much more "interesting" assumption, is that not?? ahahhahaa..

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