Friday, September 22, 2006

Sio Bee

Since I have just got back home from a far away place, being away for so long, I just could not resist but to attack all the Kuching food as much as I can. Since I have limited cash while I am here, I had to refrain myself from doing anything overly crazy or go to fancy places. Thus, the only thing that could make my time pass worthily and suffice my blogging needs: cheap delicious Kuching food. I hope you guys, especially those not from Kuching, and also those from Kuching but currently away somewhere SUFFER drool over what I will be posting in my blog in coming few entries or so. It will all be nothing, but food food food, and more Kuching food, until I am sick of it, then I blog with my usual pattern. Cynthia, its pay-back time.

There are many places in Kuching worth noting for their cheap yet famous and yummy food, one of those places being the Open Air market right opposite the Elektra House. That place of course is mainly well-known for its Gubak Mee (Beef Noodles) and Sio Bee (Errmm... I have no proper translation in English). Last Tuesday night, Hong and Laksa Diaries asked me out for a round of movie at Star, but this poor soul writing this blog entry had to kindly decline the offer... RM8 for a movie is kinda heavy considering how much Kuching food I would have been able to buy and gobble down with that much amount of money !! Ok, I know its not much, but still, it seems a lot when you are poor.

And so we settled down at the Open Air, ordering their famous food: Sio Bee and Fresh Cold Soya Bean Milk drink while we all chat and chat.. well, more like talking cock with each other. Well, that's people at kopitiams are supposed to do right??? Talk Cock to each other?? No? hmmm...

The Fresh Cold Soya Bean Milk Drink.

Is it just me, or the glass of the drink seems to shrink every single time I come back from Perth?? I remember it being much taller and bigger than now.. maybe it was just me being used to larger portions of everything overseas, but somehow, it felt smaller this time !! Much smaller !!

Count the Sio Bees....

This place serves Sio Bee, selling them much faster than hot cakes. Well, seriously I do not see anything that special in the Sio Bee they produced, it is rather a little too dry, and oddly overly sweet for my liking. No, I am not saying its bad at all, just something odd, and could have been better. I'm sure you can find better Sio Bees elsewhere, but what makes the Sio Bee here so darn successful?? I am deeply puzzled...

One Sio Bee...

Oh Gosh, it does look good doesn't it? And one only costs 50 cents !!! Thats less than 20 Cents Australian in comparison... CHEAP !!

Half Sio Bee...

Have a peek of what is inside the pale white skin....

And of course, something as good as Sio Bee... Where would it end up at?

Yummy !!! Just right for supper, not too heavy, not too light either !! If it is not enough, one can always order more.

Next attack, Song Kheng Hai Food Maket... Muahahahahhahhhaa

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  1. Waaaaaaahhhhh. I miss the open air food court, and I like the sio bee there. :D

  2. hey cynical-idealist,
    waahahhaa.. no worries, i shall eat your share... syoknes...

  3. hey robin!! I miss you so much!!

    you look abit different now, or maybe i just over-observe you in the picture. :) i realise ur neck is abit shorter..hmm.. u dun eat too much sio-bee (pork dumplings)..otherwise u ll need to join my diet club.
    and attcking food in that way, putting on weight..make u not that sexy, not that attractive, not that leng chai..not that cute.

    SEE!! Jon is cuter than you now!!

    *pay back?? see who hanas?*


  4. i remember sio bee used to be very big size but u can't find those anymore!

  5. hey cynthia,
    OMG !! You actually look at my "neck" ?????
    Anyway, yeah, im getting fat nowadays, but u know wad, im not worried just yet, I live to eat, and Jon is still young, he has a long way to go before he becomes as attractive as I have become... *secretly hoping jon is not reading this*
    aahahahhaa.... miss u lots too cynthia !! NO worries, there are more food coming soon... u will love it...

    hey wuching,
    yalor, i do think that sio bees shrank significantly in size too... sigh.... everything shrinks eh? and the price is not getting any cheaper !! NO balance at all..

  6. hey! you sed you'd delexxors that pic of you giving that siobe mouth to mouth resuscitation

  7. hey hong,
    I never said I would do what I said, did I?

  8. *scrolls*scrolls*scrolls*

    bila datang KL? =P

  9. hey chloe,
    errmm errrm, not too sure worr.. will let u know ya???