Monday, September 25, 2006

robinwong [dot] TK

Tired of typing the loooooooooooooooooooooooong and troublesome URL w w w [dot] robin wong [dot] blogspot [dot] com ??

Well, save yourself some misery, and..

Why not try ....

w w w [dot] robinwong [dot] t k

I know, there are many ways for Internet users to get into my blog address via superbly convenient methods, like clicking on a link somewhere, through the Internet Explorer's favourites, through feed burner, from online services like Bloglines... but still none of those can truly compete with the true satisfaction of opening up a fresh new browser, emptying the URL bar, and using the old fashion way of getting into where you want to go.. type in manually, and hit with a sharp tap on the execute button : ENTER !!!

Alright, I know [dot] tk may not be the best looking domain name out there in comparison with [dot] com or [dot] net, but heck, it is completely unique and extremely rare. None, so far, I believe, not even one blogger I know of has used this domain name before !! I am the first in this circle of blogosphere (a rather small circle, but still a circle) to use [dot] tk. It may not be the most popular choice out there, but surely it sounds cool and uniquely intriguing. Afterall, it is FREE !!

So ladies and gentlemen, from now onwards, log on to for your latest updates and dosage of everyday blog fixes !!

Side note: The old URL of this blog, is still useable, and it remains as the original source of this blog. However, please note that I am using the new domain name as a trial for a period of time. Should any problems and difficulties arise with the new domain name, I would consider canceling it off and use the original source URL. Please feel free to comment, and report any errors or bugs.


  1. Congratulations on the domain name! Sibeh special ah?! TK somemore!

  2. hey mooiness !!
    Long time no see !!! Yeah lor.. tk.. a bit rare... but nice !! ahahahhaaaa

  3. Why TK? TK = Talk Kok? Tio Kok? Touch Kacheng? Haha

    I think I'll stick to robingwong at blogspot dot com. It's already registered into my bloglines as that anyway haha

  4. hey merv,
    ahahahhaha touch kacheng, thats a good one !!!
    yeah, if already subscribed with the old url, just leave it as it is, coz thats still the source of the blog...

    robinwong [dot] touch kacheng...

    NICE !!

  5. it's been around for quite awhile what?? my frens had been using it for 3 years already. I mean that [dot]tk thingy...

  6. hey wuching,
    yes its FREE !! Remember to disable the popups and title bar after registering, those things are very annoying..

    hey arth,
    yeah its not new, but no one I know has used it yet...

  7. Ah.... I'm using .tk during the earlier days but readers has been complaining that it takes a longer time to load and stuff. Plus you know how they work right. Go get your own domain la. With as little as RM22 per annun, why not.

  8. hey hijackqueen,
    serious meh?? they slow down loading?? It is just a domain name,and redirection service to the original source of URL, it should not slow down much though...
    I have not experienced anything unusual or bad yet, coz im still new to it.
    but so far so good...

  9. hi, got here from merv. nice url, but fingers already programmed to type blogspot lightning speed!

  10. Robin, what i mean is the redirecting. It takes more than 5 seconds sometimes. And if the .tk server down, you also gone case. Impatient ppl just can't wait. Neway, I had yours bookmark. Not a big problem!

  11. hey las momantas,
    yeah, I thought so too.. aahahaa.. type blogspot like thousands times over already.. I get what u mean...

    hey hijackqueen..
    oh really?? Hmm.. I shall give it a provisional period, if such problems occur frequently, I shall cancel the domain. NO harm trying something free out there right?