Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Of Visiting Kuala Lumpur

Since useless and over-priced Malaysian Airlines 'cleverly' cancelled direct flights from Kuching to Perth, the route I took travelling from Perth to Kuching made an interesting stop/transit at Kuala Lumpur, the heart of Malaysia. I have never really fancied that overly congested, fast paced, heavily air-polluted and busy huge city life in KL. However, since the flight does stop in KL, I arranged my following flight back to Kuching to be delayed a few days later, allowing me sufficient time to stay back and do imaginative things in KL while I am there.

Upon arrival I was greeted by two wonderful old friends, Chun Chow (click) and Wendy, whom I stayed with in the following days in KL. They have been kind to bring me around and accompany me all the time. And on top of that, it was really awesome being able to meet up with them after not seeing each other for so long, and have long chat catching up with each other over the lost times. It was refreshing to find both of them doing well, and I am happy, like usual to be with friends I care. I reached KL at very late night, and we went for a simple supper before heading back and had some rest.

Ah, my first drink back in Malaysia, Teh-Peng !!! (Iced Tea with Milk)

Came morning, and off we went to find food. If you had followed my blog, by now anyone would have known that I would prioritize food over anything else here, hence here comes the first proper meal I had in KL.. Yong Tofu !!

Ahhh... the old kopitiam (coffee shop) feeling. I love kopitiams, those are unique places in Malaysia, you do not find them in Australia. Why kopitiam stands out from the rest of the eateries?

You can just dress in Ts and shorts, as simple as it gets, to a kopitiam, nothing fancy..
You can talk as LOUDly as you intend in kopitiam...
People actually do come and serve you in kopitiam, no tipping needed, free service !! Screw those self service restaurants..
There will always be cats wondering around. the kopitiam especially the ones with outdoor settings, begging for food, I adore cats a lot.
And best of all, kopitiam hosts a variety of good local dishes, at very very cheap prices too !!

Ohh goodness, it has been years since I last had Yong Tofu..

And what better way there was but to wash down delicious breakfast with refreshing lime juice with errm.. a hint of "very healthy" herbal ingredients.

I only stayed for 4 days in Kuala Lumpur. I did not go to many places. No, I did not shop at all, though it was Mega Sale Carnival going on that time. Though time was limited, and obviously restricted cash too, I find myself having a very good time there. I shall highlight a few happenings while I was in KL in the following entries:
Meet Shaz and Gang...
Meet Mervyn and Ivan..

Thanks so much Chun Chow for letting me stay at your place, and Wendy for being so helpful on everything. Will look for you guys again the next time I travel to KL.

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  1. u have veli nice frens wor!

  2. hey wuching,
    yeah, Thank God I have !!! thats the one thing that keeps me sane all this while...

  3. Next time come to KL must announce loud-loud! Then only got chance to see my face in your blog.

  4. First time in here :)

    KL - a nice city. I would love to visit it again someday.

  5. hey hijackqueen,
    aaahh i did announce in my blog, but then i think its a bit too late and rushy that time.. anyway, will let u know the next time I am there !!!

    hey selba
    Thanks for dropping by !! Yeah, KL is a HUGE city.. shopping paradise !!