Friday, September 15, 2006

Meet Shaz and Gang

I know I may have upset a lot of people when I arrived in KL unannounced. Allow me to explain my part, and make myself clear before any more misunderstandings spread further. It was not my original plan to stop by at KL on my way home to Kuching from Perth, and it was a very last minute decision to stay back in KL, and I made the confirmations on the flight details on Thursday (24th August). I had very little time left for myself, to pack properly, to do going home shopping, to arrange and settle going away stuff, and not to mention my long episodes of farewell series !! Heck, I did not even say proper goodbyes to everyone in Perth.

I did BLOG about my return and jot down the EXACT details of my departure and arrival details beforehand (click). Of course it was such a short notice and I did not expect that to reach everyone so soon. It was such a rush that I did not have much time for myself to go online. Therefore, I have missed out many people, relatives, friends, and bloggers, some until this day may still do not know that I was there in KL for a short 4 days visit. My sincerest apology to Smashpop, Choe, Cheng Sim and Hijackqueen. Everything was rather unexpected, and I do very much desire to meet up with everyone, but given my circumstances, it seemed rather impossible, no? I am awfully sorry, and I will make amends in any way I can the next time of my visit to KL.

There was nothing much I could do, for extremely restricted time I have in KL, and not to mentioned limited cash. I would stay longer, but to be honest my wallet is literally very very thin when I arrived in KL. Thankfully I had Chun Chow who was wlling to lend this poor soul some money to survive, or else I would have all my meals eating grass by the roadside. Wait, are there any clean grasses in KL??

I have followed the blogs of the KL people, whom stood out proudly and prominently, mainly for the ever-so-popular-and-happening activities. My goodness, there seemed to be a party almost every single freaking day of the week, either for lunch meet, or dinner, or supper.. practically at any hot-spots in the big city. Some of the have become friends, and we exchange instant messages through MSN. That is one of the wonders you get in blogging, you get to connect to people. I have always admired the KL bloggers, for their interesting take and outlook on their big city lives. Practically everyday is a day to paaaarrrttyyy !!!

Thanks to my dear friend Ivan, I was given an opportunity to meet some of those wonderful big city bloggers. It was the Sunday afternoon, and everyone met up at Mid Valley. It was not very difficult looking for the giant Shaz !! And off we went to Burger King, that I prefer to call it Hungry Jacks (alternative name used in Australia). More people showed up, and we had trouble looking for enough seats for everyone.

And, here are the people, I do hope I won't mispell or worse, confuse the names with the faces...

The big guy, Shaz of (dude, sorry for the flash distortion at your chin, blame it on my crappy cam)

Kingsley of

Michel of

Vincent (sorry, I do not have the url, anyone help please??)

Asyraf of

Ivan of

Jack of and me

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I am not entirely sure if I did include everyone in the photos, if there is anyone left out I am terribly sorry.

After Burger King we went off to Starbucks for coffee. Everyone was sitting at the outdoor area, and I was sweating like a pig. It was my day two of return to Malaysia, and I still had difficulty adjusting to the humidity. I was wet all over (now do not start with the wild imaginations) and feeling rather uncomfortable. Having oily face and extremely worn look on the face is not exactly the good impression.

It was a good chance for me to have a glimpse on what bloggers in KL would usually do and I guess it was a lucky experience to see the happening life in KL. The conversations ranged from all sorts of topic, which I had a lot of difficulties to blend in (weird, because I seldom have this problem). I shall not elaborate further, maybe there was something wrong in my part, being away for so long and blending in a different environment altogether, it takes time to adjust to things. After all, I believe this is just normal, since everyone practically knew everyone else there except me, the stranger, and everything was perfectly fine. Maybe things would have been loose and easier if I have stayed longer, which by all means I wished I could, but like I said, time is limited, and I have things to do and places to go. And poor Ivan had an exam to study for !!!

Nevertheless, it was an afternoon well spent, and it is indeed always a great thing to meet other bloggers. Like I have mentioned many times before, bloggers are wonderful and interesting people. Thanks for meeting me up everyone, and I hope we do cross paths with each other again in future events.

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  1. Don't want to friend you. Merajuk liao!!!

    (Just kidding la. I know your tight schedule and don't expact you to meet up with all of us. There will be other time. Hey, we might be even meeting in Sarawak. You won't know!)