Monday, September 18, 2006

Kuching Waterfront

I was back in Kuching on the 30th August, which was the day right before the nationwide celebration of Malaysian Independence Day took place, coincidentally in the humble town of Kuching this year. As a blogger, what did I do? After long hours of flights, and tiring activities and rushing from places to places, I chose to sleep through the entire next day. Yes, the most happening, probably the largest central nation celebration which was rarely held in my hometown, I was back in time for the celebration, yet I chose my beauty sleep. Darn it, I may be a blogger, but I am no reporter. And I may be a blogger, but normal human being needs rest and sleep !!! I just have not had enough lately.

Though I may have missed the largest event held in the eve and consecutive morning of 31st in the Padang Merdeka, I sure made some time to walk around Kuching, experiencing the residues of the celebration. Since the nation-wide celebration takes place in Kuching, the city council clevely organized an array of side events all around the places to attract and entertain more tourists. One of the places that I fortunately happened to pass by was Kuching waterfront.

Well, to be honest Sarawak River has nothing to brag about. The river is not that huge, and the water cleanliness has always been an issue. The view has nothing spelled spectacular or breathtaking, but rather brownish and well, just an ordinary river with very little care poured on it. However, this did not stop the river bank which was developed into the waterfront being the place where Kuching citizens would flood into. Many happenings would take place at the waterfront, and when such events appear, miraculously people from God-knows-where would suddenly appear too.

In conjunction with the Merdeka celebration (which I did not see much connections) there were at least two major activities happening at the waterfront, namely the Sarawak Regatta and also the Traditional Handicraft Exhibition and Carnival. Not that I would exhibit much interest in the events mentioned, but since I was there, and witnessing the impossibly crowded people flooding all around the places, I decided to join in the cheer and fun. Well, just a brief walk around, and it has always been pleasurable seeing things, different things. It is not an everyday event for those happenings to happen in Kuching you know. Rare, but lively and well-celebrated.

There was even a place dedicated to educate the young kids on how-to-create-your-own clay moulds, much to my surprise the kids whom obviously either being forced by their teachers or parents to join the class somehow were very much attentive and drew deep into their mouldings. It was interesting to note that the kids did enjoy what they were doing. Well, art has always got a place in the hearts of young children.

Look at the places, goodness, people and people everywhere, and believe me, people just go there to "see" things, very few can you find them actually buying things. This is, in fact a very natural habit of people from my home place. See, touch, smell, taste, but do not buy. Just for fun. Very exciting, indeed. Woo Hoo... And I am proud to admit myself as one too.

Some of the people selling the stuff there can be very energetic and screams at the top of their lungs to get attention and finally get their items sold, whether effective or not, no one really cared. But some, would just doze off, and promote the beauty of sleep in the hot afternoon weather.

If I were in his shoes I would do the same too. Would you not?

And the event that everyone has been waiting for... err... not exactly regatta... but the racing of water motorsports. Motorboats from all over the places in the country rallied here in Sarawak River to display their talent and speed. Nothing really impressed me that much, just boats speeding and splashing water... well, enough to make the kids and some uncles and aunties went Gooo Goo Gaaa Gaaa..... I never quite understood how. But t happened, and so I witnessed.

There you go, the Sarawak River, Kuching Waterfront and its rare chains of events taking place, drawing people from all over the places. And the blardy MC of the event blasted off the loudspeakers with over-repetitive reminders like "Please do not throw rubbish into the rivers, our river is beautiful, it is our pride and it is our duty to keep it clean", as if he was talking to primary school or kindy students. My goodness, don't any of you think that people should know what they should and should not do as a citizen? I find such reminders rather annoying, maybe not overly so if it was not repeated again and again.

Kuching is the place where I grew up and spent my entire childhood at. The waterfront has a place in my heart, though it may not have blue waters, or dolphins swimming in it. Many memories worth cherishing happened there. Walking along it once again, made me feel like I am really home, at last.


  1. wuah! lots of fun in kuching!

  2. hey wuching,
    yeah, happening man !!!

  3. Im so so want to go to that Traditional Handicraft Exhibition !!! You know i love craft!! They have clay thingy as well!! OMG!!!!!!

    ROBIN!!!!!!!!you know what to do when u come back. *ahem ahem* Hahha


  4. hey cynthia,
    eh didnt know u love handycraft, or else I put MORE pictures.. muahahahahahaaa...