Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kuching Bloggers' Meet !!

Alright boys and girls, I shall disrupt my overly delayed blog entries on my farewells in Perth and my KL trip (which have been long over-due... sadness) and bring to you guys something fresher, something newer, and something more up to the beat. Something that just happened few hours ago, and the heat still remains with me as I blog this. Tonight, I have just attended my very first Bloggers' Meet in Kuching !!! Woo hooooo..... You heard that right, bloggers' meet !! Pardon me for being overly-excited, but hey, I think I deserve to be cheerful to the max considering me being away from Kuching for quite some time !!

The event was a dinner meet at the Westwood Continental Restaurant at Jalan Tabuan, and to be frank I was the one suggesting the place for the meet. It may not be the best option out there for dinner meets, but heck, I am seriously getting very very low in cash so I suggested somewhere with budget in mind. Westwood seems like a good choice, with Chicken Chop at RM6.50, it could not go wrong for my tight wallet.

Yeap, I had the cheapest stuff on the menu, Chicken chop. Blardy hell, the portion was so small that I was not even half full after I finished it, and I had to order the second plate !! Oh dear, look what Australian life has done to me.. Yeah, I ordered Chicken Chop again, because its the cheapest, again. Lame?? Cash flowing out.... sob sob..

Right after dinner, assuming everyone left with empty and satisfied stomach, (the food there can't be that bad) we went off to Tao's in Padungan for a drink. When I looked at the prices of the drinks, and I looked at my own wallet, oh goodness, I really regretted ordering the second chicken chop. Then I did not have enough money to buy anything at Tao's !!! Embarassing, but true, and sad. But hey, at least they do follow what the Aussies do in Cafes by providing free plain water !!! There goes something, at least I did not have to stay thirsty all night !!

Alright, enough talking, here are the Bloggers that attended the meet... (Note: Bloggers appearance in no particular order)

The dazzling sassy pretty HOT chicks of Kuching Blogosphere...



SAM of and



The Beautifully Charming Hunky Guys of Kuching Blogosphere...



BEN of


Look, I am taller...

URmm... actually he is taller... arrrghhhh

And of course there were some people who would wish their names, photos and blogs to be unmentioned. I shall respect that and oblige accordingly. Apologies to Naomi and Michael who came in later, I missed you guys out on photos !!!

It was a very very enjoyable evening for me, though it was the very first time I met everyone there !! It is good to see that Kuching Blogosphere is indeed growing, and knowing that there are many good fellow bloggers out there !!! We bloggers must stick together and watch out for each other !! Making new connections with cool people, well bloggers are all very cool people anyway, has been always a good experience, and thus expanding my very very very small, limited and unfortunately dying network of friends in Kuching.

And here is everyone...

Hmmm.. what we did at Tao's besides getting to know each other better, talking cock and gossiping?? Well, Samantha found a chess set that we all could play !!! Weee heeeee.. I have not touched chess since like 5 years ago in 2001 (form 5). Since I left school, I could not find anyone to really play with me on chess. I was a little rusty, but heck, luck was on my side !!! Seriously people, I was damned lucky tonight, dunno why, ahahhahahaa... usually I would do much worse.

All in all, it was a night of real fun for me, and I seriously hope it was the same for everyone else. Felicity made the meet sounded like it was "meet the Robin session", which could not be true, since more than half of the bloggers who attended the meet do not even know me or read my blog. However, meeting new people is always sweet, and being there for the first time in Kuching, I am truly honored and happy !! Thank you so much Feli for organizing such a wonderful event !!

So, when is the next meet??

Side note: Sorry for the other delayed entries, such as the bloggers meet in Perth as well as in KL, I shall get to those as soon as I can, but I just felt that there is a need to blog this Kuching meet first, no reason in particular, just that I want to post up something fresh and new. To the Kuching bloggers, if there is any mistake in the names and blog links, please notify me so I can fix them as soon as possible.

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  1. OMG.. I looked preggers in the group pic. Don't think I'd slouch in public anymore! Ahh.. Choulyin looks gorgeous ;)

  2. That was quick!

    It was nice meeting you. I think all guys with the name 'Robin' must be nice!

    Wishing you all the best Robin!

  3. Heh heh heh. Seem like almost every Kuching Bloggers meet ends up in Tao one ar.

    Looks fun! And you cut your hair!!

    Anyway, everyone's looking good. :)

    Wish I could've been there. So many people there that I haven't had the chance to meet. :(

  4. hey sam,
    dun worry, u look gorgeous too !!! Nice meeting and playing chess with ya !!! We should do this more often ya...

    hey unker !!
    SO great meeting you !!! ahahahaa of course, robins are good people.. ahhaah

    hey cynical-idealist..
    come back to kuching !! We make a meet charmaine session !! ehhehee

  5. Give me Sam's phone number if you want to live. I think she may be, ahem, interested in an acting role in my, ah, upcoming film when I return to Malaysia.

  6. hey swifty..
    har? u coming to kuching meh?

  7. hey silveraven,
    maybe u should change ur nick to darkraven !

  8. my agung head upside down!

  9. hey ah beng,
    well that is so that your head is up !! ahahhahaa

  10. eh, i oso wana go back kch lerrrr.. :(

  11. hey ehon,
    come back come back !!! Then we can meet up...

  12. Sure, to make my, er, upcoming film masterpiece, yeap.

  13. hey swifty,
    so when exactly are u coming to kuching?

  14. hmmm...SAM is quite hmmm...not bad looking...

  15. hey rudster,
    I shall tell her that... ehheheheheheee

  16. Yeah tell her! tell her! tell her i'm good looking too...haha
    after that we shall plan our next move.

  17. hey rudster
    ahahahha... visit her blog !!! and drop a message there.. ahahahaaa