Saturday, September 16, 2006

Home sweet home

It was a long journey back home from Perth, and the stopping for 4 days in KL dragged the entire never-ending trip back home even further. However, on the day before merdeka (Independance Day of Malaysia) I took a flight back to Kuching from KL, and safely touched down, and found my steps back to my family that I love so much. Somehow, there was a sense of relief reaching home, and I am happy to see that things have been good since I was away.

Nevertheless, being away for so long, one could not help but feel a little out of place returning home. I was not excluded, and it was still a little shocking for me to be home so abruptly, having plans being changed at eleventh hour. Part of my mind, even my heart still thought that I was in Perth, and refusing to leave the environment that I have started to find comfort in. Alas, home is always sweet, and it did not take long to make me realise, that I am indeed no longer in Perth, but back to Kuching. How? Just walk, and take a good look around. Nothing much changed in Kuching. Nothing apparent to say the least.

Small is small tiny

In Australia, when you order something in the size of small, it means medium, and when u order medium, it means large, and if you order large, it simply means HUGE !!! In Kuching, when you order something small, it really does mean small in literal words. No, actually, smaller than small.

"Tiny" would be the right word to describe the size of the popcorn chicken at KFC in Kuching.

Traffic jam is a norm

The roads at Saberkas will forever be packed and jammed with vehicles from God knows where...

Horrible public transport

The buses are never punctual, and the drivers and bus conductors somehow had vinegar stuffed on their faces... and whats worse, there has been a significant hike in bus fares.. WTF.. seriously, for such crappy service, they had no rights to raise their prices at all !! No wonder freaking everyone in Kuching owns a car.

Terribly confused minds

There is no logic in the pricing of the products at retail stores....

a 5 MP (kodak c340) camera selling at the price of RM499, while its brother of the lower capabilities in the category 4 MP (Kodak c330) selling at a whooping RM688.....

And ultimately, this has to convince that I am indeed in Kuching.....

The glory of trash...


and more...

Man, such decorations along the streets in Kuching, how flattering.

Ah my sweet Kuching, boy, am I glad to be home !!! Someone please throw a welcome me back party already !!!

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  1. Hey, ur bus station pics kinda reminds me of my 2ndary years! Nostalgic!

    The other day i went back for holiday, found out nth improved, only worse. Sigh, it was a depressing sight. The new airport don't do justice to Kuching..... T.T

  2. lolz...really that small meh??

  3. Sighhh, I feel homesick looking at those pictures.

    And Saberkas has become damn ugly since that repaint.

    As lasap as the place is, it's home.

  4. You went to the parish sale?

  5. hey tyw,
    oh yeah, used to take bus often back then, but the bus sevice was much better compared to now...
    yeah, the airport will mean nothing if nothing else in kuching changes...

    hey dragon city,
    yes, its not small, its tiny

    hey wuching,
    ahhahaa, i miss perth, yes, but im enjoying being back too !!

  6. hey cynical idealist,
    yeah, i gotta admit saberkas is super ulgy... sigh, prefer it all white...
    yeah, home is home, and I am glad to be home..

    hey sam,
    ahhh i thought no one could recognize the pictures !! yes i went to the parish sale, and I am from that church too...

  7. welcome back to sarawak, Rob!
    * arth throws a party for Rob in miri!(sorry,mate. not in kch! LOL) *

  8. wah lao... Kodak C340 now RM499 meh??? and cheaper than C330???? wtf??? wendy mustn't see this post la.. haha.

  9. hey arth,
    wish I am there in Miri to Party with you !!!

    hey chun chow,
    ahhaha, soon ur sony mp3 player price will drop also !!

  10.'s still rm999... not worth it ;P

  11. hey chunchow,
    ahhaha who knows maybe the sony mp3 player will drop to rm499.. wahhh syok syok

  12. I would throw you back welcome back party but I'm in Singapore. Maybe in December when I'm back haha

  13. hey merv,
    by then I would be the one throwing the welcome back party for u !! ahahhahaaaa