Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Flight Away from Perth

I consider myself fortunate to have Ruthie and Mark to drive me all the way to the Perth International Airport and see me off there. I would usually prefer to fly off alone to avoid all those unnecessary tears and heartaches, but this time around, somehow it felt different. I just need to have people around me, and knowing the fact that friends I have made in Perth are real, having them sending me off is truly an honor. Right after the dim sum lunch with the Perth bloggers (click) Charmaine drove me and Khee Hwa back to my place, and I had just enough time to take a quick shower and fix up a few last minute packing spots on my luggage.

Ruthie and Mark came to my place to fetch me and Khee hwa, and the journey to the airport this time seemed a little slower and further than usual. The less than an hour driving time felt like slightly more than two hours. Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me, with everything happening at such a sudden pace and I had not have the time to really sit down and digest things. Maybe I was not ready to leave yet. Maybe some part of me was still wishing the hope that I could still remain there in Perth, for just a few more days... maybe I did not have to fly at all...

I realized that I will have to face whatever that comes my way, whether I like it or not, and I just could not hide or run away from it. Reaching the airport, my heart raced like a horse pounding madly on the ground. I thought this could be the end, and it could be the very last time I saw that place, ever again, if I screw things up. Will I screw things up? I have fought so hard to be where I am standing at, and I have come so far, and it is just so not fair if everything just slips away and vanishes just like that. I am not ready to give up, and I am certainly not giving in. This may be the smoothest and simplest path, but if I need to travel along, I will do so. And I will get there no matter how difficult, how long, and how painful it will be. This is not goodbye. I know somehow I will return to this place once again, some day.

Thanks Ruthie and Mark...

And Khee Hwa...

Boarding the plane, I realized that there was something different with the plane. It was a 777, which was by far the second largest plane model owned by MAS. The seats were somewhat much more spacious, and the one obvious bonus being on this flight was having individual LCD screens in front of each seating positions, with full arrays of entertainments to select from, movies, games, music, etc. It comes with remote control too... really really.. cool !! My first time on 777, and I had some rights to go Oooo Aaaahh....

I sat next to this girl whom was part of a large group of Form 4 students from KL that did an exchange student programme to Perth during their one week school holiday. It was their trip back from Perth. I could not remember her name, nor have I taken any pictures of/with her. But my conversations with her throughout the flight would be a memorable one. I asked her what she thought of Perth. Like everyone else on the exchange programme, she liked it a lot, and wished she could stay longer. She said she just loved everything, the weather, the people, the culture, the places, the food... and confessing that Perth is one destination to be in strong consideration for further education right after finishing high school.

I could totally relate to her, though she was only in Perth for only one week, in comparison to me being in Perth for many years now. I started to share wonderful stories and adventures that I have stumbled upon while I was in Perth, the fun, cherish able moments with friends, the funny episodes, the bitterness of university lives, and just about anything random that could jolt out of my memory at that time. It was like a disorganized trip down memory lane, playing in no particular sequence on my time in Perth. She enjoyed my stories, (which I choose to assume than otherwise) and somehow I hope she did not notice the sadness in my tone, or the drops pf tears forming around my eyes, waiting to trip down my cheek. She was there, listening in awe of my stories that I lived, being fascinated by what will be if she takes the path to Perth in the future, but there I was, trying so hard to suppress my feeling of unwanted discomfort and unsettlement of leaving Perth at such a wrong time. I guess that added the flame to my stories.

The food served in the plane was horrible to say the least. I have never complained about the food served by MAS international flights before, but this time, it just could not make it. As sad as this sounds, the beef was just overcooked and the taste was too sour to my liking. I should be able to cook better.

Of course, my stories of Perth adventures could only last an hour or so, and after that I was pretty sure the girl next to me was already bored of it, though she did not show it. So I decided to put a full stop and dug out a book that I newly purchased via Charmaine. The book is written by Yvonne Foong, which I have blogged about not too long ago. I was hoping that the book could last me the whole 5 hours flight, unfortunately it lived for less than two hours. I enjoyed the book tremendously, there was so much passion and heart wrenching confessions made by such young lady in her battle for leaving a normal life. My neighbour who was taking her nap has been often nudged off her slumber by unexpected sudden reactions from reading the book. I shall write a review on that book on my future entries.

Like the car ride to the airport, the flight from Perth to KL felt a stretch longer than what I usually would anticipate. I had a heavy heart. But I must walk on, no matter what happens. And not everything has been bad. Upon arrival in KLIA, I took a train down to Putrajaya and I met up with two wonderful friends, Chun Chow and Wendy, and from there on begins another set of episodes which lasted 4 days, in KL, which I shall blog soon in the following entry.

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  1. oh but i can't wait to see u in kch! if u din go back then i dun think i'll see u in perth at all!

  2. back in the days, i use to look fwd to MAS food. Over the last 2 years, they have let me down!

  3. hey wuching,
    so looking forward to see u too !!!! come back quick quick, we make bloggers meet wuching session !!

    hey rudster,
    my previous flight was fantastic, the food was great... things change, sadness indeed

  4. Wakaka...777 always rawks in MAS airlines..

    the facilities is cool..but the problem is the food right when i'm hungry.,.everything taste nice..hahah...=)

  5. hey alexio,
    yeah, i guess everything tastes nice when we are hungry !!!

  6. Poor Robin,
    I remember those emotions very well too...what made it worst was leaving my then "boyfriend" in Aust and heading back to Kuching to start a new chapter. Like all books, there's a crescendo and a low point, this is just one of them....the best bits are yet to come and remember u are the author of your own life story.
    God Bless u in your paths ahead!
    p/s "Top Spot" and BDC area has pretty cheap soft shell crabs too!!

  7. hey chan gang...
    yeah... but i am looking to return to perth, back here to sort out some stuff... but it will take a while...
    whoahh.. soft shell crab in kuching... ahahahhaa not a big fan of seafood, but I shall give it a try...