Friday, September 08, 2006

Fare Thee Well 4: Dim Sum Bloggers

This event happened 2 weeks ago, on the day I depart from Perth to KL. Oh dear, I am so very lagging behind in my blogging pace, if I keep going with this turtle crawling speed my blog will be known as the blog from the yesterdays. Not good, not good at all. Nevertheless I shall try to speed things up.

However, something as special as a bloggers' meet in Perth, dedicated just for my farewell deserves a separate and unique entry in this blog !! Having blogged for almost a year now, being away from home for so long, joining the new network of blogger friends in Perth, and actually made REAL friends with the Perth bloggers, I am truly a blessed person. What was more, there was a little gathering/farewell thingy at my very last day in Perth, organized just by the bloggers !!

It was a rush for me that morning, right after the morning coffee at Tiamo (click) Charmaine came to my place to fetch me and Khee Hwa to Northbridge for Dim Sum !!! Yes, my last meal on Perth was on Dim Sum. Sluurrrrp...

Like usual, I prioritize food over people, here comes the food photos, ohh goodness, I am sure I will miss those, can't really find those in Kuching though... pure Chinese Yum Cha tradition and style..

Soft Shell Crab

Chilli Garlic Mussels

Deep Fried Squid

Har Kow

You Chiah Kueh

Chicken Feet

Siew Mai

The interesting part of all, my share of dim sum was paid for by everyone !!! Thank you people, I really appreciate it a lot !! This is my second blog entry on dim sum, for the previous entry, click here.

Here are the bloggers, no, pardon me, the good friends I have made through the Perth blogosphere..

Cynthia and Kian

Thanks so much Cynthia for organizing another wonderful bloggers event. You will soon be crowned the best bloggers' meet organizer if you keep on with this good streaks.


Thanks so much Charmaine for fetching me all the way from my place to Northbridge and back too !! That made everything more flexible and convenient !!

Jon and Cynthia

Jon, thanks for being there !! Please do not stop blogging !! You MUST blog on !! You rock, you know that?

Khee Hwa

err.. a friend, not a blogger, but never too late to start right??

Everyone was happy for that morning, oh goodness, GREAT food and AWESOME people (bloggers are all awesome anyway). It was a little bitter and sad in the end, when we all had to part ways. I knew I would miss you guys, and now only 2 weeks later, I have already missed you guys dearly. What am I going to do about it? Well, simple really, take a lot of nice tempting Kuching food and blog about them, with that everyone will be feeling hungry instead of missing me, ehhehehehe, and I will have a fun time thinking that everyone drools over the food that I ate, muaahahahahahahhahahhaa... alright, I am being cruel again. Regardless of that, trust me, this is my promise, the food entries WILL happen.

Again, thanks everyone, for making such an effort to make my farewell so special, I will remember this always. It has been really wonderful reading everyone's blogs and having my blog actually being noticed and read too !! I may not be around in Perth now, but through blogosphere, we are always in touch with each other. I look forward to the day I shall return to Perth to rock it once again !! Until then, I have Kuching to conquer.

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  1. great food photo...u make me damn hungry..but the squid look weird.. =)

  2. hey dragon city,
    actually its just squid tentacles, does that explain the weirdness??

  3. =O

    oo so many bloggers ah?..

    izzit a blogger party or gathering?..

    btw the foods looks NICE!!!

  4. hey alexio,
    ehehehe kinda like a little bit of both...

  5. miss us already? hehehe

    hey, we sorta, kinda...hmm.. miss you too. We wait for you to come back, and we hang out eh?

    that is not 'yao cha kueh' call 'za liong' =)

    u take care urself in kuching, wish u all the best!!

    cynthia and kian

  6. hey cynthia and kian,
    aahhahhaha, yeah look forward to go back to perth too...
    you chia kueh to me... dun care !!!

  7. Hehe, great pics. Take care in Kuching!

  8. hey cynical-idealist,
    u take care of urself in perth !!

  9. Kuching had tons of soft shell crab...even cheaper. Can even get at Japanese restaurants!! Enjoy Kuching!

  10. hey chan gang,
    wwaaahh, i seldom go makan seafood in kuching one.. ahahahahaa though its way cheaper and nicer here.. maybe i should go some day...