Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fare Thee Well 3: Tea or tennis?

I know my farewell entries have been dragging along, and most probably half of you who actually miraculously do follow my blog would have been somehow bored of them. However, I find it impossible to compress or even shorten those entries, for each and every one of them are unique and bears personal meaning to me. Those were my last moments in Perth, and those were my last times seeing my precious friends that I have made and treasure so much. Those, were the happy times. I want to share each and every second of it with the world.

Right after the Wine Party, I slept in at around 3am in the morning, and finding myself awake at 7am in the morning, making my way down to the recreational center in the university. Yes, as crazy as this sounds, we made plans to play tennis on the day of my departure. As insane as it can be, I could not be any more happier knowing that I have friends who do play tennis with me, and willing to play tennis with me to my very last day in Perth !!! I felt deeply honoured. Tennis has always been my passion, and having tennis as a farewell activity was truly something I would remember forever !!

And the awesome cool people that spent the morning with me instead of sleeping tightly in their warm comfy bed..




Raymond the Lemon

Everyone turned up alright, slightly later than agreed, but somehow, we all shifted from tennis to breakfast at Tiamo's. To be honest, my body was actually very exhausted from the night of drunk party with other group of friends, and not having enough sleep did not help any bit. Strenuous physical activity is out of the question. Raymond was not feeling well too, hence we cut tennis and went straight to morning tea where we can sit down, and do what we all can do best, CHAT !!!

Well, I guess the thought itself means so much to me !! Does not matter whether I really played tennis or not, we all gathered at the court, with our sports outfits, tennis rackets and equipments. My farewell is complete with the brief visit to the tennis court !!

The goodies that we had at Tiamo, a local cafe near to the university..

Hot Chocolate

Mocha Latte

Iced Chocolate

It was my last coffee session in Perth, and it was my last time being in Tiamo (yes, I do frequent that place). I will surely miss the coffee there, and of course, the people whom I usually hung out with there. To my friends who made it there that morning, thanks so much for making my last moments in Perth so special to me !! Being around with so many people, especially people that I care and love so much, just made me a very very happy person. You all have given me such a strong reason to come back to Perth the sooner I can. I shall keep you guys in prayers, always !!

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  1. Don't worry! I shall be your coffee-drinking partner when I come back to Kuching by year end.


  2. hey kenjj,
    looking forward to that !!! i so need coffee partner now !! ahahhahaaa

  3. good bye *sobs* robin! *sobs* see u *sobs* in kuching *sobs*

  4. hey wuching,
    wow, setimental wuching, very ghey !!

  5. Wow... those two chocolate drinksss... *salivating* yummy... I want!!! Sinfully irresistable!

  6. hey irene,
    lets go to coffee beans or bings !!! They have plenty of chocolate drinks too !!

  7. Man, how do they get such awesome patterns on the surface of the drinks.

  8. hey skyler,
    they look beautiful right?? and they costs quite cheap too !!! man, i miss perth already...