Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fare Thee Well 1: OCF surprise !!

There have been a series of farewells happening on my final days in Perth. Many of the occasions have been unexpected, and all were pleasant and memorable !!

Me, Ray, Steve and Mark (front)

On Friday (25th August) night, it was the AGM (annual general meeting) for the Overseas Christian Fellowship which I have been proudly participating since the beginning of this year. The AGM was of rather a long, detailed and formal procedures, with reports and agendas performed under strict business-like environment. The old local committees stepped down giving way to the new Local Committees, thus marking a new beginning for another year of OCF. The entire AGM took a few hours, and that was how I spent my last night in Perth, not partying, not clubbing, but in the AGM of OCF Perth.

Why did I make that choice? I have come to conclusion that I have met many wonderful people in OCF, though I have just joined this Christian organisation for less than a year, but I have felt that the friendship I have made through this body is real and treasurable. I have many wonderful experiences, countless laughter encounters and of course, growing in Christ and learning more about the Lord. I find my time spent with the people here very meaningful and thus, I just want to be with this group of people on my last night in Perth.

Little did I know, with such short notice, they have come up with something rather surprising !!!

There was a mini-farewell thingy for me !! I was truly shocked and happy !! This is the first time someone baked a cake for me (buying does not count), and whats more, with my blardy name on it !!!!! Look.... it spells ROBIN !! If you cant see that, find yourself a matchstick, strike it and burn your own eyes.

Thank you so MUCH Glenna, the cake meant so much for me, and I was really happy !! I still am.. for goodness sake..

Here are the people of OCF !!!

The lovely ladies....

The gorgeous guys....


A great leader of OCF, kind, passionate and responsible friend. Always there for me when I need him, and I just wanna say thanks for being such a wonderful person. Had really great fun playing tennis with you, and also thanks for being such a wonderful listener !!!

In every celebration, there must be some gay actions...


My gay partner, Aheeemmm, I mean, my bible study group leader, really good listener, very caring person, and has helped me a lot through many difficult times. Thanks bro for everything, if you ever need anything, do not hesitate to ask, I shall do in my power to help and return your unmeasurable favour !!! Stay wacky and cheerful always !!

Look, they even made me a card !! Thanks everyone for the kind words. I appreciate it. This is just a temporary goodbye, I shall come back , not only to Perth, but to OCF Perth.

Side note: I notice the pictures are getting bigger in this blog..... sigh...this is not good, since I am using dial up. Will minimize it next time. Btw, for those of the people in OCF that are not featured in this blog entry, please do not feel offended, there is nothing particular in the picture selection, and I just could not blardy fit everyone. I shall blog about others in the future entries. Sorry for now.

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  1. eeyer. i want someone to bake me a cake too. no one has ever bake me a cake before. honestly, it took me 8 secs to read the little sprinkles.

  2. glad to know steve koh is still aroudn uni!

    havent seen him in ages


  3. hey chengsim,
    you must be partially blind..... or colour blind...

    hey chrissie..
    ohh u know him?? from where?? how??

    hey wuching,
    and it tastes nice too....

  4. Wah, nice orange shirt. Can identify you straight away. I think the sprinkles left out the letter 'B' hence I can see they just wrote the 'B' on it. Correct ah? But it is still nice leh. jelous!

  5. hey hijackqueen,
    ehhehee, yea i like the orange shirt, and i am not sure if they left out the letter b.... but everything was very rush and last minute...