Thursday, September 28, 2006

Char Kueh and ABC

There are many places to choose from to go for a light tea break or before dinner/after lunch meals in Kuching, and one of my favourites has always been the Song Kheng Hai food market. I gotta tell you, truthfully, most of the food available there are the best of the best, and yet the cheapest of the cheapest you could find in Kuching. There is this stretch of shops aligned in a long row at the back of the market that only operate in the afternoons (2.30pm-5pm) only, and the entire place would be stormed by forever-hungry people from God-knows-where, everytime. It has always been difficult to find vacant seats if I were to eat there, and most of the time we ended up waiting patiently for a vacant spot, or just simply tah-pow (take away) the food and have it at home.

Just take a look at those vultures, goodness gracious...

Anyway, the famous food served in Song Kheng Hai market in the afternoon (the specific stretch of shops) include Belacan Bee Hoon, Rojak, Cuttlefish and KangKong, and of course, my all time favourite: Char Kueh and ABC Special. All the food there are lowly priced, and served in reasonably generous portion. And that goes without saying, the taste is out of the doubt, they are known to serve the best foods in Kuching !! The place being flooded is the sole evidence to justify that fact.

The forever busy people preparing delicious food...

Kuching is heaven for kids, they get all those heavenly food..

There was one Saturday afternoon, I was out with a group of friends visiting Swinburne Carnival/Open Day/Food Festival/PC Fair/and God knows what else was there. We did not find anything worth buying there (Sorry Swinburnians, but that was true) and none of the food sold screamed our attention. We left empty handed, much unexpectedly, and so I decided that we head down to Song Kheng Hai market after the Swinburne multi-fest and have a good round of decent meal to fill our ever-hungry stomachs. Yes, I have a round, and forever-growling stomach. I just do not know why, I am born this way.

So what did we have??

Of course, ABC special....

Cant see whats inside the thick crushed ice?? Here is a sneak preview... *slurp*

And of course... CHAR KUEH !!! (For the weirdest reasons, Singaporeans call it Chai Tow Kueh)

Anyone getting hungry already?? Lets go Song Kheng Hai food market now !!! I am always ready for more char kueh... yummy.

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  1. i miss abc special.

    the ones here taste like crap...even penang one taste like crap hehehe

  2. i miss abc special.

    the ones here taste like crap...even penang one taste like crap hehehe

  3. hey Ivan,
    yeah, come back kuching quick !! We go for a round of abc special... and char kueh... syok man..

  4. hmm we call that "chow lobak koh" ...

  5. hey earl-ku,
    whoahh, where are u from?? lobak is a malay word, no?? hmm.. interesting...1090

  6. KL, chinese here all call it that way ...