Monday, August 21, 2006

UWA Expo 2006

This is another one of those yearly event organized by my university to draw in more people, especially the prospective students. This is like the old school open day concept, with most of the buildings being open to public while all schools and disciplines lined up their most attractive tricks and attention grabbing materials to tell their wonderful "stories" about what they can offer to the students. People come from all sorts of places and flood the university ground, and of course, everyone working at the exhibition did a great job hiding what hellish depressing torturing and God knows how painful university stress and pressure can be. Well, is it not the university is all about pressure and stress?? That point seemed to be casually missed.

Let's see all their lies and tricks, shall we?

Computer Science

If you study computer science, you will get the chance to play with this stupid looking robotic life-less mechanically retarded dogs that sucks up batteries. Now if only someone is kind enough to traumatize the kids with the hassle and mind-boggling details of programming languages... I'm sure the dogs would look less interesting.


Now this is where the heart of actions are at. By studying physics, we will gain the power to produce and control the lightning !!! How cool is that??


By learning physics, we can turn a rubbery material into solid !!! This is what we call magic !!

Nitrogen Liquid

I recalled the similar exhibition held back in Kuching during the science fair in 2001 somewhere in Kota Samarahan, where someone dipped a fresh green leave into the nitrogen liquid, and the leave came out really crispy. That was why I said that the rubbery ball would turn crispy, though in truth it turned out brittle, and rather hard, NOT crispy !!
I was just whispering to myself, but somehow, the person heard my whisper and said it out loud !!!

Smoke Ring Cannon

This is my most favourite item of display, smoke ring cannon !!!!

Look, its so special, the cannon blasts smoke, and the smoke puffs are formed in hollow rings !!! Its genius !! See, science is interesting, physics is interesting !!!

And of course, the statue of naked man (click) with full details of balls and penis being displayed all the time throughout the exhibition. I wonder what the kids would think that means, and what they could ever learn from Physics.


You get to build your own car if you study engineering. No kidding, the motor sports project in UWA require the students to work in teams to produce the sport cars from scratch. So kids, wanna build your own care and play with it? It sure looks better than your cheap Tamiya cars, and certainly you can ride on this one. What is the catch you say? Well, just a couple of months spent with basically no life, every night going to the laboratory doing testing and tweaking and engine performance testing and trial and errors and.. well, in summary its just a LOT of STRESS and hard work involved to actually complete a prototype. If I were you, I would stick to Tamiya cars. After all, if I screw up, I could always get a new one. If I screw up the motor sports project, I could flunk and get expelled from the uni !!!


Like usual, all papers and words. No more than that. It is surprising how much the exhibition can tell about each school and discipline.

People, I have been to this university for so many years. Do not let the promotional gigs deceive you. Nothing is what it seems. The simple truth is, UWA is not any different from any other universities. The expo may seem like a lot of fun, but in fact I never recalled having any fun at all in my engineering years. It was sadly filled with over-loading stress all the time. And if you stay long enough, you may even be lucky enough to turn into a walking monster (click) !!

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  1. i actually like physic!! they do wicked stuff at expos.
    Things that makes you go 'WoAH!'

  2. use the racecar from engineering to run over the law students! we dun need anymore lawyers!

  3. oooo! i wanna build a race car too!

  4. What? Nothing from the School of Architecture?

    Nice post!

  5. hey arth,
    yeah, they are the ones with all those good stuff... but then chemistry used to have more intersting stuff, just that the entire building was demolished for reconstruction... gonna blog about that soon i hope.. ehheh

    hey wuching,
    ahahhahaa I am actually more interested in law than engineering in fact, but then i have already finished an engineering degree, sadness...

    hey merv,
    ahaha then go study mechanical engineering in UWA !

    hey fh20,
    Actually I could not cover the entire campus, there was this malaysian food festival that i was rushing to on the same day, therefore I missed out quite a bit from the expo.

  6. pttff.. when i was a student we build our own soccer robots.. not those silly aibo stuff. ;)

  7. hey rodney,
    serious?? u guys did that last time?? aahhahhaa u should blog about it though.. ahahaaa