Friday, August 18, 2006

Transport Revolution

Walking may be the most versatile and economic mode of transport, but.. don't you just hate the unpredictable rain and scorching heat of the sun? I am sure no one wants to walk a long way with inconvenient umbrella in one hand...

A car or other petrol eating vehicles may be more "advanced" mode of transport, promising speed and shelter from harsh weather.... but don't you just hate the traffic jam, the parking troubles, and ridiculous amount of money spent on ever-rising price of petrol ?? Not to mention maintenance costs etc...

Public transport? Affordable, yes, but if only the bus drivers have their watches working according to ours !!

Now.. introducing a new mode of transport....

With this...

You are sheltered from rain and excessive UV radiation...

You can travel faster than walking...

You do not use petrol...

No parking problem (can squeeze anywhere)

And the best of all, you look COOL on the streets !!


  1. Cool? i think you would look retard man! really

  2. hey rudster,
    well, it sure would not fail to turn heads would it not?

  3. thats ah pek/ah mu punya self drive wheel chair lah! u need to be certified old to be able to get a lesen to drive that one! lol!

  4. it looks cool for that old man. not me lah =) at least you dress up.. u wanna show to ppl , rite? LOL

  5. it does look cool but why do i keep laughing when i look at it???

  6. huh? no need use petrol? if no need then use what? solar power? if yes, i should really get one since we have 24-7 summer in Malaysia.

  7. hey wuching,
    i thought u qualified to drive one?

    hey cynthia,
    ahahhaa the car itself is the fashion !!

    hey arth,
    well, u cant stop laughing becaude its just too cool !!

    hey chengsim,
    use battery lar... ahhaa maybe we could invent something with solar energy ya.. but malaysian roads.. susah lar...