Thursday, August 03, 2006

Technorati Domination Movement

Alright, I got tagged again, and this time I am doing a rather unique and dissimilar meme/tag that was initiated by the great swifty. Instead of questioning and writing stuff of complete randomness, this meme does not require much of writing at all. In fact, the very purpose of this meme is to increase number of links to your blog/website, increasing your technorati favourite bookmarks and ultimately increasing your technorati ranking as well as Google Page Rank. Hence, the name of the meme, technorati domination movement. Genius idea from Swifty.

Before I move on, I would like to clarify again, that I am not one of those bloggers who are overly crazy about traffic and pagerank. This blog has always been a personal blog, and shall remain that way. So why I do this meme? Well, for one reason, it is simple, and just a little click there and here, this meme is done. And secondly, why not? I have nothing against traffic, just not overly crazy with it.

So this is what you have to do, if you are tagged....

1) If you are a Technorati member, click on this link to add simply ROBIN to your Technorati Favourites.

2) After this, I'll do the same for your blog. No questions asked. My response will be quick and immediate. If not, just leave a comment and remind me. Spam me etc.

3) Start an entry in your blog called 'The Technorati Domination Movement', offer the same thing to your readers and friends. ("you add me to Technorati favourites, I'll do the same!).

4) At the end of your entry, REFER your readers to THREE other blogs who are doing the Technorati Domination Movement. Telling your readers that if you add them to your favourites, these three bloggers will also do the same to you. Meaning that by getting involved in this meme, they will actually get not one, but FOUR new people adding you to their Technorati favourites.

(but look at it this way, as more and more people get involved in this movement, there are more options for you to add as your Technorati Favourites, and more people will add YOU to your Technorati Favourites as you sift through any of those Technorati Domination Movement-related entries)

5) In the end, everyone is happy. (after all, don't forget that in addition to having people add you as Technorati favourites, LINKS to your site will also increase, hence increasing your Technorati rankings even more)

And now I tag...

1) Ivan of
2) Kenneth of
3) Seng Foo of

So guys, come and support this interesting new breed of meme. If you do not have a Technorati account, you can always get one, its simple, its easy, its useful and its free. And best of all, it is designed for bloggers.

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