Friday, August 04, 2006

Sweet Chocolate Juice Flowing

I love Chocolates, used to be really addicted to Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bars, would love to order Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow over Latte or Cappuccino at local cafes, simply adore Hot or Iced Milo, prefer Cheese Cake with Chocolate toppings.. and any sweet desert with chocolate in or on it. The brownish texture and cocoa content just never failed to give me that tingling sensation every time I place those warm soft melting chocolates into my mouth. So sinfully delicious and tempting.

Tiamo Hot Chocolate with Marchmallow

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow from Tiamo, Nedlands.

On one fine day in Carousel (one of the largest shopping malls here in Perth) I stumbled upon something rather shocking... maybe shocking to me since this is the first time I see such thing, something that I think would bring disaster if it is placed in any shops or stores in Malaysia....

Real Chocolate Fountain !!


Ohh Good Heavens !!! CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN......


And standing at such near distance, the aroma screams for my tongue to lick it clean, and the sweetness itches my skins. I was having a "hard" time controlling myself, refraining from lifting my finger and touching it.... so delicious, so sweet, so... tempting... so liquid !!!

A video to show the flowing melted chocolate....

Alright.. call me a sua ku.. call me "katak di bawah tempurung".. but I am so desperately in need of chocolates right now.



  1. Dang your pictures! Now I have a craving too. :(

  2. they have this in Hilton KL. for rm38, u have chocolate buffet with all kinds of chocolate desserts - cakes, pralines, puddings - and a chocolate fountain which u can dip in marshmellows, dragonfruit, grapes, etc.

    And Haagen-daaz has this fantastic chocolate fondue that is to-die-for. You would love it.

    My post about it :D

  3. =/

    So I suppose you don't know that Cafe Majestic at Riverside has had a smaller version of that Chocolate Fountain during thier Japenese Buffets since last year? (The Wednesday night one I think)

    I'm not sure if it's still there, but, grapes dipped in pure dark chocolate isn't easy to imagine, so it WAS there.

  4. *droooooool*

    Oh man, that looks SO good!*DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL*

  5. Thanks a lot, Robin!


  6. hey cynical idealist...
    g get ur cadbury supply now.. at any nearest woolworths or coles !! ahhahaa

    hey iced nyior,
    I am from Kuching, no such thing there lar.. and for RM38???? whoahh.. just for chocolates certainly not worth it for me.. ahahhaa

    hey sam,
    I have been in Perth for over two years, going back only at the end of the year.. high chances are that I have missed that one out...

    hey j..
    want some more???

    hey skyler..
    go and get ur chocolate supply now !!! chocolate is good....

  7. Hey Robs,
    maybe its just me but the way you describe you craving for choc is soo like hmmm...a female! hehee..
    plus with tingling sensation and all..

  8. hey rudster,
    wad wad wad??? ahahhaa..
    but then again.... is there a more macho way to describe the chocolate feeling?
    conclusion .. chocolate is feminine !!

  9. Best thing is they say chocolate's good for the heart!!! Watch out though! Wasn't there something about Cadbury's in the UK?? One whole batch of chocs had to be recalled!

  10. *licking my monitor* slurppppp.....

    but still crave for my durian la. now durian season wat.

  11. yes, i like chocolates too!

  12. Heh, used to like chocs a lot. Since I came to KL, already sien of chocs coz ate too much liaw..hahaha. Holiday Inn kch had a choc buffet once... that was ages ago. haha. Damn, I wanna go Japanese Buffet... slurp.

  13. hey suituapui,
    lucky I am not in UK eh?? australia produce their own cadbury... safe safe...

    hey hijackqueen,
    ahhahaha I am not overly crazy over durians, I juat eat if there is...

    hey wuching,
    yeah, i think pretty much everyone loves chocoolate !!

    hey chun chow,
    wahh chocolate buffet meh.. rather go hartz buffet.. ahhahaaha...

  14. ohhhh if u ever go to melb try max brenner choccies and koko black! so yummyyyyyy


  15. hey chrissie,
    yeah... thats a very big "if" ahaaahaha if only perth is not so far away from everywhere else

  16. my friends were jz telling me about choc fountion the other day. great photos! at least now i know how it looks like. lookie who is more jakun than you now....

  17. hey ck,
    wahh whats with chocolate fountain nowadays, its like getting popular..
    but the one i saw was nothing huge.. just that it was the first that I have seen, so kinda like a big thing for me.. ahahahhaa

  18. Haiihs... another yummy blog. Muchable. Got anymore of those yummies?

  19. hey bubbly soda,
    ahaha i blog on food occasionally only... not all the time.. but do check back from time to time... glad that u find it yummy... hehehehhee

  20. It's sinfully delicious. This fountain has been around very long time already ehheh but I never seen any in kch :P Saw a video in msn about some sort of dessert convention, they feature this fountain, much bigger and nice than this, WOW... *DROOL*

  21. hey irene,
    wahh much bigger and nicer.. sounds so syok !!!