Sunday, August 06, 2006

Something Purple and Yellow

This entry shall take you on a brief tour on the "things" that live "around" my place in Perth.

Something Purple...

I shall share this one tale that happened probably a year ago, when I first moved out from the residential hall to a rented house which I have shared with 2 wonderful friends. Let's just say that from previous experience living in the hall, I have got to know some insanely beautiful Japanese girls (alright, maybe insanely is a bit of an exaggeration) and with sheer fortune they have become my friends. As they were very excited about my new place, they suddenly decided to embark on a journey of hunting me and my new place down on their own !!! How they did it was still a wonder.

If you guys are wondering what Japanese Girls I was talking about earlier in this entry, they were real, I did not invent that up.

A photo of evidence, just in case.

The following time I met the girls, the conversation went something like this...

JapChick: Hey, I know where your house is.. I have been spying on you...
Robin; ????? !!!!!!! *sweats profusely*
JapChick: Yeap.. and I have got proof...
Robin: What proof?
JapChick: There are purple flowers in front of your house...
Robin: Got meh??? Hmmm.. U sure o not??
JapChick: Yeah, very sure !!!! You do not even know you have purple flower in front of your house?? OMG !!!
Robin: Hmmm... for goodness sake.... what else did you SEE??
JapChick: *Giggle Giggle*
Robin: !!!!!!!!

Oh dear, now I know why Asians, especially Malaysians have fences up their houses, unlike my place here and many other houses in Perth being unfenced and open widely to anyone walking by. I honestly didnt know there were purple flowers blooming in the front yard of my house... until I took a closer look...

What a good engineer I am, missing out such obvious key identifier of the house. Goodness gracious, it has been proven 4 years of engineering education does more damage to the brain that I could ever estimated.

By the way, for those of you who are like me being completely clueless about what those purple flowers are at the first time I saw it, well, it is lavender. Yes, the same lavender being used popularly for aromatherapy and ever so commercialized fragrances for basically any product that requires artificial scent. The flowers are starting to bloom now as the weather is getting warmer, towards the end of winter and beginning of spring.

Chloe, I hope you love the purpleness of the flowers. No, this is not the only thing that is purple around my house, there is this another plant with purple flowers, and I have totally no idea what it is. Well, its purple, and I bet you will like it !!

Something Yellow.....

By now you should have guessed that my house has a garden of some sort, and the size being not overly small, allowing for growth of many sorts of plants that a typical Malaysian like me has never seen before. Take a look at the flower below...

Do you know what flower that is?? It grows on trees.....

On LEMON trees... yes, there are lemon trees at the back of my house.. real lemons... the one you can use to make lemonade.. and my supply of lemon never runs out throughout the year !! Fresh, sour, yellow and juicy lemon !! And I get those free from this house..

Now we all know what lemons are, and how they look like... but surely many of us have never seen the flower of the lemon tree before. I do not see any attraction ot beauty in the flowers of a lemon tree, but heck, I gotta admit for a curious boy like me, it sure is fascinating.

So there you go, something purple (for Chloe) and something yellow to brighten up the colors of your day ahead !!

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  1. Wow...your Japanese friends are cute! I mean, err...lemons! I love lemons!

    Crap, what am I talking about here.

  2. hey Kenjj,
    precisely... "lemons" are cute !! uve got that right.. ahahhaa

  3. hey, can I 'steal' the lemons from your house?


  4. looks like there's a whole garden in your yard.
    Unlike the rented house in Malaysia. their yards are mostly dodgy looking.

  5. nice, me green & red next..

  6. hey cynthia,
    sure sure !!! but now the lemons are a little over-ripe !!

    hey arth
    actually my garden is quite didgy looking.. ahhaa 3 malaysians living in the house... thats the results... but the stuff still survived.... amazingly...

    hey wuching,
    there are green grass and leaves everywhere, and the flower of lemon tree is red !!! so?? complete oledy?

  7. That is whole lots of beautiful props in your garden!!! Must visit you in perth one day.

  8. hey hijackqueen,
    if u take another look u will know i take close up shots on most things... so the background is blur.. me like any ordinary students so lazy wanna take care of the whole garden lar !! it looks like a forest around this house....