Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sarah's Birthday

The Birthday Girl

Sarah and the love of her life, Diaz

Remember a good friend of mine who cooked the infamous Laksa Sarawak, and the delicious water-chestnut desert? Her birthday is coming and her friends have gathered and planned her a wonderful celebration to commemorate this magical and glorious day for Sarah. Since we all know the fact that Sarah is overly obsessed and crazy over Japanese food, the celebration was pulled out as a dinner at one of the very renowned Japanese restaurants in Perth, Seizan.

The Place

The setting itself is ideal for any occasions involving huge group of people. I personally like the idea of bringing the Japanese culture of sitting on the floor with low raised tables that was practiced in the restaurant. This somehow promotes the feeling of as if we were dining at home. The lighting was just right, not overly dim like most other restaurants, and there were ample spaces to move around which is very important for a large group of people dining together in one long stretch of table. The decor portrays strong Japanese feel and even the waitresses wear the traditional Japanese costume called kimonos.

The Food

For the price ranging from AUD15-25 you can get basically the combo set of main dishes ranging from all sorts of Japanese cuisines. I forgot to jot down the Japanese names of the food that we ordered, but here are some of the pictures of what we had. I would not rank the food to be anything out of the ordinary. There is very little to complain about the food, but not very much to shout about either. The taste and preparation of the food in this place shall be rated moderate by me. Nevertheless I do admit that I enjoyed the meal and services provided there.

The People

Alright, time for photo overloading !!! I personally believe that birthday will never be complete without celebrating it with the circle of friends. Friends who have been there to hear your troubles and help you through those difficult times, friends who lend their ears and shoulders to cry on. Those people are the one factor that can determine the meaning and success of the celebration, regardless of the food and place. It is always good to share our happiness and joy with people around us that we care and love. Having spent bithdays with friends, I tell you it is priceless. I hope Sarah would feel the same way, for I know she has many and always been surrounded by good people !!

David and Grace

Chung Yi, Sarah and Ritz

Firman, Sarah, Chris, Jak Yew

Me, Sarah, Melissa, Wei Yi and Celine

Sharon, Sarah, Wei Yi, Grace

The normal pose...

and the acting "cute" pose..

ALL THE GIRLS !!! Wooo Hooo.....

People, I know I have overloaded the pictures on my blog again. I have tried to minimize the numbers of photos to be posted up in this entry, however, I could not exclude any more. If any of you are still using dial up, I am truly sorry for the heavy downloading from this blog. However, in occasions like birthday celebrations, only pictures can capture and convey the feelings and emotions of the people, not much of words can do. I can try to describe how beautiful a smile of an insanely sexy girl to you, but one photo of that smile would do the job much better.

Me and the Birthday Girl, Sarah !!

To Sarah, it is really great being your friend. Thanks for being there for me when I needed your help, and I continue wishing you well in whatever you do, and may Heavenly Father bless you and your life abundantly. Happy Birthday and let it be one full of cheers !!

Side Note: Sorry if I do misspell some of the names... please correct me if there is any errors.. I shall get to them immediately.

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  1. WAkakakakak..nice wor..:)

    and btw..we saw Pak lah for 2 times already and also najib..wakaka..was forced to see them for some activities and event in the uni..wakakaka

  2. hey hey,
    ahahahha u guys were forced?? sadness... were there free food or something? coz here its like.. international 5 star hotel free lunch, and of course with that we dun feel forced !!!

  3. errr...i don't think the food (based on the pics) resembles much on Japanese-type cuisine. looks very "westerners-trying-too-hard-in-making-it-a-japanese-food"

    and...and...why no pictures of the waitresses in kimonos? sigh. are all of them japanese though? or just chinese or australians in kimonos?

    yes, i did saw a picture on a group of girls. sigh. squeeze yourself in the middle lah next time. you just blew your chances in becoming an over-night pimp weh!

  4. hey cheng sim,
    ahaha i know what u picture would be sushi and sashimi, but those are also served in that restaurant. those food were fully prepared and cooked by real japanese people, even all the waitresses are real japanese !! So i can bet that the whole thing is really authentic.

  5. Free food?..WHERE GOT?...

    u think our Uni so good provide us free food ah?..they only gave 5% toekn for the event ..its used to make our grades better in the end of academics..wakaka =)

  6. hey alexio...
    ahhahahaaa kesian.... but then.. its good enough seeing them mar.. not an everyday chance right??