Thursday, August 31, 2006

Robin Returns

Screw Superman.

Screw Batman, who needs them when Robin is around? And now.... Robin has returned to Kuching !!!! Woooo Hooooo..

I have traveled far, from Perth, stopping in KL for 5 days and now finally, I have reached home, with the snail connection of 1515 blogging and reading blogs. Hah, laugh all you want, I can't even load my own blog page properly, since I have been so used to doing all those with my precious broadband back in Perth. What goes around comes around eh? Tortures whipping back to myself....

Anyway, I am still a little beaten up from all those travels and good times I had in KL. Everything has been very hectic lately, and I have not have enough time to catch my own breath. I need rest, and some time away from blogging. I know I have been absent for longer than I expected. I love this blog, I shall get right back on track when my body is finally adapted to the humid, hot, hazy and sticky weather of Malaysia and getting used to sleeping while sweating.

I have so much to blog, I have so much to tell. Here are the things that shall come here in

- Perth farewell
- Flight to KL
- KL events
- Journey Home

- from here onwards, I shall blog about Kuching instead of Perth...

Until I fully switched myself from Perth mode with a little jizz of KL into Kuching Mode, I shall recover myself and embrace into the wonders of Kuching, the place where I call home. I am glad to be back, the past weeks have been one of the most difficult times of my life, yet the happiest and uplifting at the same time. I look forward to share all those moments with you guys. Please stick with the patience, and I shall catch up with you cool bloggers in no time.

Now, if you would excuse me, I shall attack Kuching food now.

Side Note: For those of you in Kuching, please please come find me, contact my email and we can arrange something. I wanna meet up with you cool people !!!!!


  1. what about jan 29, 30 & 31? i'll be there!

  2. Welcome back to Kuching!!! Sleep through the big booms last night? Or drown them in drinks and...merdeka celebrations?
    =P Our padang is a hugeee mess.

  3. hey wuching,
    maybe wor, cant tell now, ahahhahaa

    hey sam,
    wahh sleep at home lar, so tired ah... havent had much sleep too...

  4. Oh you bastard!!!


    WHY DO YOU GET TO ENJOY GOOD FOOD :O!?!!?!?! while poor lil jon has to eat expensively priced crappy food that will never make it to the streets of Kuching....

    You should be ashamed of yourself for even blogging about kuching food when you know Jon reads ur blog and he's stuck in perthie.!!! lol

  5. hey jon,
    i just love watching u guys suffer.. mauaaaahhahahahhahhahha

  6. Jon..he is really. A. Bastard.


  7. hey cynthia,
    I. So. Love. Watching. You. Guys. Suffer.

    Mua. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha

  8. Anderson here! Welcome back to Cat Land, meow!

  9. heya~ welcome back! i'll be around till the 8th, flying back to kt on the 9th. anytime between then is ok. what do you wanna eat??

  10. hey andy,
    i heard u are in kuching now, wanna meet up some time??

    hey silveraven,
    ahhh limited time in kuching, I am free most of the days... email me directly,