Saturday, August 12, 2006

Poor Innocent Kids

I have seen many street performances in Perth, with people doing all sorts of weird and abnormal things as their effort to beg for money from the "passer-by"s. I have been to Fremantle lately, and I have seen something rather striking to me.

For those of you who are in Perth and familiar with Fremantle, probably this is nothing new. For the first time, I see children of very very young age doing street performance. Here is the video clip I shot on their performace.

I have to admit, those kids did a very good job grabbing attention from the public and impress everyone with their violin chords. And it is superbly cute seeing young people lining up in variety of height and synchronized themselves in performing music to the audience. But something just feels very wrong looking at the faces of the children. Here is one of the close shots I have on each performers.

They look perfectly normal, yes. Innocent young sweet children. However, if you take a better look at their faces again, you can detect in each and everyone of them some taste of bitterness. I sense sadness and pain when I see the expression of their face. I am not being overly sensitive or sentimental here, watching their performance was an eye opening experience, as well as the look in their eyes. Maybe I exeggerated the scenes there, but the content of my description on how I felt is true. It was as if they felt they were out of place, and being forced to do what they did. A large pang of pity hit me as I looked back at those pictures.

Many of us come from fortunate family, fortunate in the definition and sense that most if not all of our basic necessities are fully provided by our parents/caretakers without us scrapping for income by forced labor in our innocent childhood era. Maybe some of us come from more difficult and tough background from the others, maybe some can relate the suffering and pain that should not be burdened upon children of such young age. No child should be burdened with such pain.

Then again, people may shoot me with all those "what about the children in Africa" and those "children who have AIDS" crap. Oh well, lets not compare here, it may be relevant to a certain degree and made my case seem rather small here, but that does not change the fact that they are still young children, and the point I am trying to make here is, they deserve better life than this. Heck, every children in this world does. It is just not fair to have them carrying burdens of financial problems, or other issues that only haunt adults.

Alas, there is nothing if little that I could do now. I may feel in a certain urge or need to act in any way that I can, but I know I am just powerless to do anything now. There are many things in this world that may seem just so wrong, but just do what we can, and we can't possibly fix everything. Not everything can be fixed. Some things are broken for a reason, some of them are not meant to be fixed.

I can only so look into their eyes, and see the invisible tears.

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  1. hey she's jess,
    I know !!! Thats the whole point I was trying to make..
    I do feel for them...

  2. wah, kesian... at least they are better than some kids begging in Malaysia.

  3. Agree with chun chow... kids here in Malaysia are in worse condition...

  4. Hmm.. depression takes the childhood happiness away from those kids.

    Aint we are lucky for not having such an experience when we are young?

    Bagga!!! *forget the up-coming pizza trip* LOL

  5. Robin, I can tell that too.

    The only thing we can do right now is to go to Fremantle every week to give them support by donate some money to them.

  6. i will never make my kids beg in the streets. I'm working very hard now so i can provide all the luxuries and a good life for them next time.
    y'all should do the same too....

  7. they r not poor lah! u got conned!

  8. hey chun chow,
    ahhaa true, malaysian kids aretotally helpless..

    hey jess,
    thats so true..

    hey cynthia,
    Arrghh, the pizza trip must not be skipped !! must must !!

  9. hey kenjj,
    ooiii fremantle is so far far away dude.. 1 hour bus ride away from my place.. arrghhhh

    hey arth
    yeah, thats what us parents should do, provide good childhood for out kids.. thats like our core responsibilities...

    hey wuching,
    u saw their bank account isit?

  10. The life of a busker is seldom a healthy one. You take good pictures man. The expressions are captured perfectly.

    Poor kids =(. They should be out playing and having fun and stuff not making money!! =(

  11. I've got a hometown friend staying in Sydney. Her children play the cello and another one plays the flute. She does bring her children to do some street performance without the intension to get paid. But eventually if the audience like your performance, they will drop a few pennies. She & her children totally love the experience. They still do it on a bored weekend. Hope you are not exxagerating that the kids somehow had a unhappy incident in them. Maybe they too did it out of fun. Anyway, ang moh ppl very famous in street performance.

  12. Eh, I don't think they're beggers lah. You need a license to busk on Aussie streets, and they probably are doing this for practise and exposure. The kids here are more daring than back home.

    Also, it costs an arm and a leg and a head to be able to pay for music lessons as well as buy those instruments.

    Those kids really aren't beggers! They're there because they want to be.

  13. hey merv,
    ahahhaa good childhood they have eh?

    hey hijackqueen,
    yeah i guess this stuff is rather common among the people here !!

    hey cynica;-idealist,
    ahahhahaa maybe you are right, but what drove me to think that they were beggers was the impression I got from their facial expressions... you gotta admit, even from the still photographs they look really sad, as if being forced out of their will to perform !!

  14. LoL, yeah...they do look very koh lian. I hope they're really not being exploited.

  15. hey cynical-idealist
    ahhahaa.. ok maybe.. maybe the kids were faking the sad look to draw more attention and symphaty from the crowd..
    alright clearly i have been thinking too much...