Monday, August 07, 2006

Of Wide Open Court

It was an early Saturday morning, when every normal living university students would sleep in their warm cozy bed sheltering away the coldness of winter morning.... I woke up and got ready to go.

My stomach was hungry, and the house ran out of breakfast supply. With an empty stomach of growling hunger, I walked on.

It was a chilly morning, winds blowing madly, ice-cold air, gloomy weather, with a little drizzle of precious rare rain in this dry land... I walked on to the university.

My foot was hurting with blisters at the back due to over-walking around Perth city and King's Park from previous days.... but it did not dampen my spirit.

When I was there.. the breathtaking sight of something so green, something so wide open, something so majestic, just swept my feet away. I know by then, the journey and torture was indeed worthwhile.

It was... UWA Tennis Courts

Unfortunately they only have hard courts on the Crawley Campus, I would very much love to try the grass and clay surfaces. However, those other surfaces would costs significantly more, considering the higher maintenance effort and costs. There was a group of people from OCF who play tennis, and I had a wonderful time stroking the balls with them. Read carefully, I was stroking the tennis balls, not other kind of "balls".

Some kids having their coaching session on Saturday morning..

Sorry people, no pictures of me cam-whoring with a tennis racket. Just a friend who loves tennis as much as I do, making a forehand return.

Oh, by the way, guys who play tennis are HOT HOT HOT. You wanna know why? Now you see, tennis balls are bigger, rounder, more solid, and tennis racket are longer.. and harder.. so male tennis players will ultimately achieve assets looking like.... this...

Duncha' wish your boyfriend has balls like these..duncha??? Duncha???

I have always loved playing tennis. I have never been good at it, I admit my skills suck big time, any given ordinary players who have mastered the main basics of tennis would tell on the spot all my strokes are generally dissimilar and considered, unconventional. Right from the way I grip the racket to the way I swing my arms.. everything seems different from the usual tennis. But what the heck, I am playing tennis for recreational purpose, not for competition. It has always been fun playing tennis for me, it gives me this fulfilling satisfaction at the end of every game, and I believe tennis will continue to provide me with that.

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  1. My...such green balls...but I like a single and bigger ball that you can kick around....

  2. one would have serious problem with balls like those!

  3. Hey Robs,
    Thats normal size "balls" lah...what are u talking about? Are yours smaller than that?? tsk tsk tsk....shot urself in the foot there huh? hehe
    I like tennis, i know what you mean when u say u suck at it, cos thats how i feel too but i love it...I always want to try clay...macam terror je..hehe

  4. The last picture looked more like a weird insect that uh... Yeah. Hahahha

  5. hey ah mike,
    well, in tennis, we gently "stroke" the balls, I think thats more fun that having ur balls kicked... dun u think?

    hey wuching,
    ahahhaa they can grow and shrink mar !!! well at least its more reasonable than kenny sia's coconuts...

    hey rudster wudster,
    ahahhaaaa thats why I say, tennis players like u and me have that kind of.... 'assets' ahahahhaa..
    I am not good in tennis.. serious.. but im not noob either lar..

    hey merv,
    good heavens... insects.. a hell of an imagination u have there !!

  6. That reminds me of an incident my mother told me about. She asked some men whether they "had any old balls" and one of them said "we are all old balls".


  7. hey skyler,
    thats interesting, ahahahhahahaa poor mum !!! Guys will always be guys..