Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Malaysian Food in Perth

Being here in Perth for many years already, I dare say that there is not many events or festivals organized here specifically for Malaysian food. Being away for so long now, one could not help but miss the food back home dearly. Thanks to a dear friend Tzu Yen (click), I have been informed and invited to join his group of cool friends to this Malaysian Food Festival held in Queen's Park last Sunday. Coincidentally, the UWA Expo which I have just recently blogged about happened at the same day, and at the same time, hence it was really a rushy day.

I have promised my dear friend Lorinda to hunt for satays, take pictures of the delicious unique Malaysian delicacy and also some shots of myself stuffing few sticks of satays right into my mouth, munching happily away, and post those photos on my blog. But sorry to disappoint you Lorinda, by the time I arrived at the place, all the satays were GONE !!! Arrrrrrghhhhhh..... Blardy, why would they not make more satays when they know the demand was there? Sheesssshh...

Alright, lets cut to the chase. The hall utilized for this event was not that huge, and the variety of food left for us when we arrived was rather limited. This is predictable since the entire event was supposed to be organized for charity and the entire profits will go to one of those charity bodies somewhere in Malaysia. So much for community spirit, well I have done myself and the community around me some good have I not?


Fishballs on Sticks

Roti Canai (Some call it Prata)

Curry Puff

And errmm... Many more food which I was too lazy to take any picture of. *cough* *cough*

Anyway, I bought a 10 bucks coupon, which by all means I MUST spend in that event, or else the coupon would be useless and be just plain papers. It was really difficult to decide what to buy and what to eat, not because there were too many good food to choose from, but because.. because... because nothing being sold there screamed my attention. I know they were all Malaysian food, but.. I just did not find anything that interested me enough to really spend my limited cash on. Do not get me wrong, I love Malaysian food, if it makes you all feel any better, blame it on my appetite.


Fried Rice --> 5 Bucks

FishBalls and a can of Coke--> 2 bucks + 1 buck

2 Spring Rolls --> 2 Bucks

The fried rice was so and so, the fishballs was fantastic, and the spring rolls were AWESOME !!!

Tzu Yen ordered this... which I do not know the name of... but it looked delicious, and tasted really good. Ohh anything with curry gravy would taste good.


Here are the people that came along for the festival and savoured the sumptious Malaysian feast on this fine afternoon.

TzuYen and David

Yi Ting

Me and Khee Hwa..

Errmm... enjoying the food a little too much??

On the whole, I would say it was a really good event. It may not be something that would make a person go Oooohhh Aaaahhhhh or scream in tears of joy, but definitely a festival like this is extremely rare in this land and worth checking out. Afterall, contributing a little for good cause while feasting on some quality home food may just be a good combination for a lazy Sunday's lunch. Thanks Tzu Yen for inviting me and bringing me to the event !! I seriously appreciate that.

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  1. how come no sarawak kam pua ?

  2. Fried rice? Ceh! They should have Nasi Lemak...that would pump me up if i'm in Perth

  3. hey dragon city,
    aahahaa its malaysian food, not sarawakian food..

    hey rudster,
    they had nasi lemak, but i didnt buy it, coz i could find better nasi lemak elsewhere...

  4. just realised you are STILL in Perth? Thought you'd be finished and all packed to return to KCH by now...
    If you are looking for work, be brave and post your resume on the net, my husband got heaps of work/response through that. Even now that we are in SIN, he's still getting calls from recruiters..give it a try!

  5. hey chan gang,
    yeah I am still in perth, might be going back to kuching soon, but a lot of things are uncertain now. Will update on this matter soon on my blog.
    I believe it is best to seperate blogging life from working life, people would be less happy to find out aomsone is recording the events and happenings around them online and made accessible to the entire world !!

  6. Dear Robin,
    I meant that if you can find some local recruiters who has sites on the web Eg. Seek.com, Jobsearch.com etc to put your resume on, it'll help you get your name our there to ALL recruiters in Australia. You can even specify where/which city to work, overseas or otherwise. They will be calling you up within a week, esp if you are a new grad! All the best and keep us posted!

  7. hey chan gang,
    ohh sorry for the misunderstanding, i did try some of the websites, nothing seemed to worked, ahahhaaa.. but i shall keep trying, no worries..

  8. What a good documentation of the event! I shall direct some AMWA people to have a read.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  9. hey tzuyen
    thanks a lot !!