Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Makan Kuasa Dua

I have been out whole day through to the late night, for the previous five days or so, helping out a friend who has just arrived in Perth from Tasmania with his parents, and oh boy, being busy and stressful with a purpose and actually doing something good made me feel like I have finally saved the world from total destruction. Well, I feel like myself being rewarded with much joy and happiness, doing what I can though my biological battery was completely drained out along the process, preventing me from blogging on usual rhythms.

Finally on Saturday I have got some air to breathe, on very final minute I decided to meet up with Charmaine (click) and friends at the South Perth Church of Christ for a fund raising concert. There I was spending my Saturday night in a church. Where would you guys think I would be doing instead? Blogging at home? Oh I've got a better life than that. Or so I would like to think that way.

Right after the fund raising project, we went right down to this really cool place that opens till late in Victoria Park, called Makan Makan. Alright, I know most of you Malaysians and Singaporeans have probably in more than one occasion tried out that place before, but this poor soul blogging here had not much chance of travel, thus this being the first visit to Makan Makan. I had many friends who have been there before, without me. What good friends I have.. sheesssshh...

Looking at the sign, I would prefer to call it, Makan Kuasa Dua. (Makan = Eat, Kuasa Dua = Square)

Basically the place, like the name implies in Malay word, serves mainly Malaysian delicacies. There is a wide variety of Malaysian dishes to select from the menu, but nothing really stood out and screamed my name that night. Probably I was not exactly that hungry, so I decided to have just a drink. Charmaine recommended their Teh Tarik. And so I, with almost everyone else had Teh Tarik.

Charmaine and Mabeline had Sup Kambing.... slurrrrrp...

The ambience of the place was more of the fizz one would get at a local bar or music cafe, with dim lighting, funky interiors, comfortable dining furniture and utensils. This however is rather in a huge contrast with the food that is served there which was rather mamak style, which originally in Malaysia would be portrayed as open air, hawker style food environment. I guess this works just fine in Perth, and people here have this specific mind-set on dining experience and preference. Well, whatever works fine for the locals.

Me and my Tassie friend...

Charmaine (2nd right) and her soldiers !!

It was already quite late at night and people are still flooding the place. I admit I enjoyed sitting there, occasionally staring at the blankness of the ceiling, sipping my piping hot teh tarik, and of course, enjoying a company of lovely ladies. After all, this was my first time in Makan Makan, and my friend had the privilege to join me there !!

Anyone cares to invite me to Makan Makan?? Anyone??

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  1. Looks like a very chic place. Used to go to Victoria Park to eat chicken rice. The place is called Billy Lee's. Still there? Cheap but great food though.

  2. hey serene,
    yeah, its quite a nice place. I am not sure if billy lee is still in vic park, but there is a billy lee in northbridge... business there is doing quite good as well. me and my friends usually go to the other places around billy lee.. aahahhaaaa

  3. whoa.

    looks like a fabulous place. must be nice to have a bit of home away from home, uh? hee.. :)

    found your blog thru arthur's. great job!

  4. hey aaron,
    nice of ya to drop by.. yeah its kinda like a bit of home away from home, but then.. nothing beats home !!! ahhahahhahaaaaa...

    I miss food at home... sigh

  5. u spelled my name wrong, and it was sup kambing. :P

  6. hey mabeline,
    sorry about that, shall fix the errors soon.. thanks for pointing out the mistakes.