Sunday, August 20, 2006

Little Ceasars

Somewhere in Perth, a group of crazy people decided to go somewhere really far and do some really really crazy stuff. Interestingly I am included in that group of crazy people, and with two cars we drove all the way from Nedlands to Mundaring for slightly more than an hour. For what? To where?

Many people have mentioned about that place. Cynthia (click) has recommended the place. The place itself has won many national, and international awards, proudly being displayed right at the entrance. The place is...

Little Ceasars !!

They serve authentic Italian pizzas here in this little shop, and upon arrival, we could not find any free seatings left, so we had to wait for a bit. Not surprising for this fact, since it was a Saturday night, and we are not the only crazy people who would drive for more than an hour just to get to the place. We ordered our selection of pizzas, and waited for quite a bit. Interestingly, by the time the pizza came, we have already found a vacant table !! Now talk about perfect tming...

Now, is it worth traveling this far just for pizzas? When the food came, we know the answer right away from the aroma and beauty of the food...

Gosh, I was too hungry that I quickly took all the pictures and did not bother to get the names down. I tell you, so far in my life, these are the best tasting pizzas, ever, and I have to admit, they purely lived up to their reputation !! The pizzas here are not about quantity, or the excessive toppings and cheese. But, the pizzas here are prepared to near perfection in taste !! Everything about the taste was just perfect and all the ingredients blended in very well. The pizzas were never too oily and the texture of the bread was just right. I gotta tell you guys who have not tried Little Ceasars, the pizzas here are truly world class !!

We had two of their desert pizzas too. The pizzas were served with generous amount of chocolate inside and few scoops of ice-cream toppings.

Of course, good food will never be fully enjoyed without good people around. Those people are the craziest people I have met so far in Perth. Crazy that I laughed all the way, cramping my stomach while I was rigorously digesting all those yummy pizzas...

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I have blogged about Broadway Pizza before, and I have mentioned how good Broadway was. Chun Chow (click), I gotta tell you, Little Ceasars is waaaaay better.

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  1. SEE!!! I told you!!!!! =)
    You still wanna go with us?


    this is the link =)

  3. hey cynthia,
    yeah, its good.. just let me know the details !!

  4. kanasai la.. u guys so mean. here we only have pizza hut.. that's so pathetic. easy la, just dapao on your way back to kch ya?? hehehehe

  5. hey chun chow,
    ahhahahaa, yeah, pizza hut sucks !!! but then.. its the only thing available in kuching, sadness...


  7. Damn those pizzas look so bloody delicious.... you so much money hia??? =P pizza hut sux!! haha

  8. hey skyler,
    come to perth !!!

    hey chun chow,
    eh the pizza same price with broadway wor.. spent around 10 bucks for that night.. cheaper than dinner at the chinese rastaurants ah !!

  9. fyi, little ceasars is not authentic italian as they make things with odd toppings which real italians would cringe at. it is far from it, in fact the owner is greek!